Are these real Flintstone episode descriptions, or did we make them up?

The Flintstones and the Rubbles ruled Bedrock, but what actually happened?

There's always something happening in Bedrock, and you can bet Fred and Barney are involved. The best friends are an inseparable duo on the classic animated series, and their wives are the same. Each episode is filled with a problem, usually, some type of scheme Fred finds himself in.

If you're a Flintstones superfan, you've probably watched every episode and even have a few favorites. Are these episode descriptions real, or did we make them up?

Good luck!

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  1. Episode description: Fred and Barney encounter unexpected problems when they plan to get rich as songwriters.
  2. Episode description: The girls fail to recognize their film idol when Fred invites him over for dinner.
  3. Episode description: Wilma gets a high-paying job in another town, and Fred gets jealous, determined to get her fired.
  4. Episode description: Fred attends night classes and is drafted to be a quarterback on the school's football team.
  5. Episode description: Two undercover agents keep Fred and Barney under surveillance after they accidentally stole $500.
  6. Episode description: Fred wins a cooking competition with Barney's recipe but doesn't want to split the prize, and Barney takes him to small-claims court.
  7. Episode description: Fred becomes suspicious when Wilma insists he take out life insurance.
  8. Episode description: Wilma and Betty get modeling contracts, but their jealous husbands forbid them from accepting the offers.
  9. Episode description: A big movie star wants Barney to be her leading man in a new film, and Betty does everything she can to stop it. She even threatens to leave with Bamm-Bamm.
  10. Episode description: Jewel thieves hide a million dollars in stolen diamonds on Fred.
  11. Episode description: Fred spends the night in a spooky mansion in order to inherit his rich uncle's estate.

Are these real Flintstone episode descriptions, or did we make them up?

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vinman63 2 months ago
Number 11 did they still this idea from the 3 stooges. If a Body meets a Body.
GTStang08 2 months ago
9/11...Missed #4 and #5..."racket!...fracket!!...shracket!!!"
Coolrain 2 months ago
Here's the moment of truth. You got 11 out of 11
A score like this should give you a good night's rest. Great job!
Tresix 2 months ago
10/11. Blew the first one, but made an awesome recovery!
Link2me 2 months ago
11 out of 11 Yabba Dabba Do
KawiVulc 2 months ago
10/11. Wasn't sure about #5 & guessed wrong. Oh well.
bruceisloose 2 months ago
Rats. Pretty easy but I missed #7. Perhaps if DISH Network gave me back my MeTV I could catch that one.
TSeym22 2 months ago
9/11 I sort of surprised myself. Haven't watched the cartoon in years.
dodgebob 2 months ago
4/11, after not being able to find the town of Bedrock on Google Earth, if it wasn't for Wilma and Betty I'd kinda think the whole thing is made up, but I could be wrong.
Dugan 2 months ago
Aced it.

Timothy “Dum Dum” Dugan
Mercer4life49 2 months ago
11/11 I know my Flintstones. My favorite cartoon. Yabba Dabba Doo.
Mark 2 months ago
8 out of 11. With #3, I was thinking of the episode where Wilma gets a job as the Rockenspiel girl and does the commercial.
Wenatchee7 2 months ago
10/11 So mad I did not remember the " Dial S for Suspicion " episode.
Mark Wenatchee7 2 months ago
Don't feel bad. I don't remember it either, and I could swear I've seen every episode at least 10 times.
Wenatchee7 Mark 2 months ago
I think I've seen them close to 50 or more times.
mugens Wenatchee7 2 months ago
Same score as you and for the same reason.
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