Are these real Dracula movies or did we make them up?

Try to take a big vampire bite out of this quiz!

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You've probably seen multiple Dracula movies throughout your life, and there's a possibility that you still haven't seen half of the Dracula movies produced! The famous vampire has been around for decades, and almost every few years, a new film comes out with millions of fans ready to see him take a bite out of whoever crosses his path.

We've made up some Dracula movies and want to see if you can figure out which ones they are. Good luck!

  1. Movie name: Horror of Dracula
  2. Movie name: Blood of Dracula
  3. Movie name: Dracula's Family
  4. Movie name: Taste the Blood of Dracula
  5. Movie name: Dracula's Nightmare
  6. Movie name: Dracula and Castello
  7. Movie name: Dracula and Son
  8. Movie name: Dracula's Grave
  9. Movie name: Dracula Bites the Big Apple
  10. Movie name: Lost in Dracula's Eyes
  11. Movie name: Dracula's Dog
  12. Movie name: Dracula: Prince of Darkness
  13. Movie name: Dracula: The Fear of Vicious Vamps
  14. Movie name: Dracula: The Matrimony

Are these real Dracula movies or did we make them up?

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