Are these real 80s action movies, or did we make them up?

Are these reels really real?!


Can you separate explosive fact from bogus fiction?

Welcome to the ultimate test of your action movie knowledge! In this quiz, we'll provide you with a series of titles. It's up to you to figure out which ones are the real deal, and which are cleverly crafted fabrication.

Huge explosions, chiseled heroes, and one-liners make up some iconic films, but can you determine which ones are fake?

Strap in, gear up, and let the high-octane quiz begin!

  1. Bloodsport
  2. Steel Thunder
  3. Midnight Justice
  4. Streets of Fire
  5. Action Jackson
  6. Vengeance Protocol
  7. Sharky's Machine
  8. Ninja Rampage: Desert Fury
  9. Inferno City
  10. Viper Claw
  11. Raw Deal
  12. Red Heat
  13. Falcon's Revenge
  14. Cyber Slinger
  15. Black Rain

Are these real 80s action movies, or did we make them up?

Your Result...

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KellyO 3 months ago
15/15 I saw a lot of movies in the 80s.
eyegor 4 months ago
12/15 and all guesses. I had to go with what seemed likely back then.
csonka71 4 months ago
15/15. Get me to the Choppa. Guessed on a few. Very proud of my score!
WGH 4 months ago

I actually saw a lot of these real movies in the theaters. Not sure what that says about me.
Ratt1959 4 months ago
10/15 I did terrible considering I have most of the real films in my collection.
flash107 4 months ago
Hey, #15 Black Rain was a 1989 movie starring Michael Douglas.
Tresix 4 months ago
15/15. Actually seen some of those.
JeffPaul76 4 months ago
"Get to the choppa! -------You got 11 out of 15" -----Yippee-kai-yay motherquizzer!" ----I got 1, 3, 9 & 10 wrong.
JHP 4 months ago
11/15 YAHOO!!

When I watch jeopardy I cringe when there is a category of clues that have to do anything with books or movies - I stink it up fer sure
Ernie 4 months ago
Yippie kai yay mother quizzer my prayers to Bruce Willis
andrewandrewandrew 4 months ago
14-15 Get down Charlie Brown
JHP andrewandrewandrew 4 months ago
Is that Kool and the Gang? :)
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