Are these '70s bands underrated?

Were these bands underappreciated in their day?

Hey... They can't all be Led Zeppelin, right? Sometimes, bands don't get the recognition they really deserve. True greatness exists whether it's popular or not. 

Let's take a look back on, and start a discussion about, some bands that don't get quite those same accolades as their better-selling peers. After all, album sales have never been a clear indicator of quality! 

In the following poll, tell us how you feel about these bands! There's no wrong answer, so feel free to give your honest opinion. Let's see how many you remember!

  1. Hawkwind
  2. The Guess Who
  3. U.F.O
  4. Blue Oyster Cult
  5. Thin Lizzy
  6. The Sylvesters
  7. The Sweet
  8. Badfinger
  9. Steppenwolf
  10. Poco
  11. Little Feat
  12. Nazareth
  13. Kansas
  14. REO Speedwagon
  15. Roxy Music
  16. Rainbow
  17. Scorpions
  18. Budgie
  19. Wishbone Ash
  20. Montrose

Are these '70s bands underrated?

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SheriHeffner 6 days ago
71% Similar. I didn't know almost all of these groups.
GTStang08 7 days ago
Poco was a pretty good yacht rock band. Who can forget the beautiful harmonies of "Crazy Love" or that slide guitar on "Heart Of The Night". If you really want to know of an underrated band, how about Boston...I guess it's been such a long time.
Wenatchee7 7 days ago
35% UFO is one of the most underrated bands ever in the hard rock category. Their late 70's - 80's albums were outstanding.
Gossemer 9 days ago
74%. Rainbow= who?, Are you kidding me. Ritchie Blackmore was a premier Guitarist!.
Bapa1 Gossemer 9 days ago
.....and with Ronnie James Dio on vocals.
Gossemer Bapa1 8 days ago
Ah ya definitely, Man on the silver good.
mikesap1230 10 days ago
The people who did not know Rainbow and Montrose must be living in a cave somewhere. Rainbow with Richie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio. Montrose was Sammy Hagars first band.
Gossemer mikesap1230 9 days ago
So agree dude
Beatseeker 10 days ago
41% said poco was..."who?"
Monkee 10 days ago
I've seen 9 of these groups in concerts. I'm old and have been to a ton of concerts!
Bapa1 Monkee 10 days ago
I've seen four of them. If you saw Wishbone Ash or Little Feat, I envy you.
Muleskinner 10 days ago
72% Who? Was my most frequent answer.
justjeff 10 days ago
59% similar... probably because many people who'd never heard of a particular band like Montrose or Little Feat chose "Who?"... That's understandable,m especially if they were either not of that generation or not into the bands of the 1970s.

It would be like me giving a overrated/underrated/who? quiz on Sun Records rockabilly music. You might know Elvis or Jerry Lee Lewis, but perhaps Sonny Burgess, Billy Lee Riley, Carl Mann or Charlie Feathers might rate a "Who?" as well...
AllisonWunderland 10 days ago
76%…Hmmm, surprised to see so many didn’t know Montrose 😲
Big3Fan 10 days ago
I didn't fear the quizzer and scored a 55%. U.F.O, BOC, Rainbow with Blackmore and Montrose with Hagar were awesome.
Beatseeker Big3Fan 10 days ago
and ronnie, of course!
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