Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite cartoon Christmas film

Have fun answering these Christmas questions!


Are you ready to hear nonstop Christmas music and see colorful lights and pretty ornaments on trees? The holiday season is here, and there's no escaping the Christmas spirit. Do you remember being a child and decorating your house with your family?

Those were some of the best memories we all have from our childhoods. Another one is watching cartoon Christmas films. There are many classics to choose from, but everyone has a favorite, and we'll guess yours.

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite cartoon Christmas film.

  1. Your Christmas tree wouldn't be complete without...
  2. Have you ever sprinkled or sprayed fake snow on your tree?
  3. Do you fill your stockings or are they usually empty?
  4. Do you use colorful lights or lights that are one color on your tree?
  5. What goes at the top of your tree?
  6. What color wrapping paper do you use for gifts under the tree?
  7. Do you have a mistletoe?
  8. Do you bake and decorate Christmas cookies?
  9. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
  10. Do you decorate your front lawn or just the inside of your house?

Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite cartoon Christmas film

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Lillyrose 15 months ago
I got "Frosty the Snowman." "Frosty the Snowman" is really my second favorite cartoon Christmas film. My favorite cartoon Christmas film is "A Charlie Brown Christmas."
Snickers 15 months ago
I got " A Charlie Brown Christmas" and they got it right. One of my all time favorite Christmas shows. And yes, I have it on DVD.
Spaceseed 16 months ago
Magoo’s Christmas Carol is the best and the songs are great.
spence2054 16 months ago
I got the grinch but I like Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol the best. My favorite part is when the thieves are going through Magoo's belongings and singing, "La La La La La La La" We're Despicable.
Jan65 16 months ago
I got the grinch, but my favorite movie is A Christmas Story. These quizzes are really lame.
CicadasRdelicious 16 months ago
Question for those who got The Grinch: Did you get the Jim Carrey 2000 movie, or the Chuck Jones 1966 cartoon (narrated by the incomparable Boris Karloff)? The cartoon is the gold standard, IMHO.
Hulk20 CicadasRdelicious 15 months ago
The chuck jones cartoon version because they were asking the cartoon movie that matches. I myself got the grinch, I'm siked I love that one. I love Rudolph too and the Chipmunks. But they meant the cartoon.
CicadasRdelicious 16 months ago
I got Charlie Brown!! Yessss. But that's not the only one. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol, A Christmas Story, The Bishop's Wife, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer... Also, I'll start looking for the TV movie of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, starring Loretta Swit. The book is laugh out loud funny with a sweet twist. I hope the movie lives up to it.
RobertK 16 months ago
I got Charlie Brown! I really looked forward to it every year when I was a kid! I remember the year 1967, we finally got a color TV, it was amazing! I do Like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer very much as well!!
CicadasRdelicious RobertK 16 months ago
My mom & her brothers & sisters all got together to buy my grandparents a color TV as an early Christmas gift in 1964. Nana & Grampa invited all of us cousins to their house to watch the debut of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer IN COLOR!!! Oh, the joy and terror! (Odd to think of how frightening the Bumble seemed at the time.) Oh, the popcorn!
RobertK CicadasRdelicious 16 months ago
Yup, My Dad made popcorn every Saturday evening. The house smelled great! We'd watch "Saturday Night at the Movies" and if the feature movie was in "living color", the entire evening was a real treat!
BenSobeleone RobertK 16 months ago
Thanks RobertK for sharing that great memory. By the way, I love the smell of popcorn on Saturday evenings, it smells like...a movie theater!
RobertK BenSobeleone 16 months ago
Yup, it's part of the movie experience! I still make popcorn every Saturday, no microwave popcorn, I make the real deal and have a pretty good selection of popcorn flavorings!
BenSobeleone RobertK 15 months ago
Sounds great RobertK! I don't like microwave popcorn anymore. I did like it back in the early 1990s. They had smaller bags of popcorn from that Orville Rickenbacker fella or whatever his last name is. I make popcorn in a kettle. I should buy one of those small popcorn machines.
TheSentinel 16 months ago
I got Frosty the Snowman - but my real favorite Christmas special is A Charlie Brown Christmas.
JohnGrant 16 months ago

I got the Grinch and disliked that movie...10 minutes was enough. While not a Christmas movie, I still watch Oliver Twist 1974 with Davey Jones every year. They used to play it every Christmas along with Mr Magoo's Christmas Carol. I waited for them every year.
Tanisha32 16 months ago
I got the Grinch, which I love. But they could've picked anything for me. I love them all!
purplegirl20 16 months ago
A Charlie Brown Christmas. On some of the questions the options didn't fit for me right now. So, I answered what I did before I had health problems.
GeorgeVieto 16 months ago
I am the Grinch that stole Christmas.
ERROL 16 months ago
You got "Frosty The Snowman"
DeannaT 16 months ago
Charlie Brown Christmas! Buut I do prefer Frosty the snowman or Santa Claus, I grew up watching them my whole life! I'm 53 & I missed it last night on channel 13. I was so bummed! HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE 🎅 🌲 ☃️ ❄️
Piglet DeannaT 16 months ago
Maybe try looking for your favorite on Merry Christmas!
kkvegas DeannaT 16 months ago
I got Frosty, but I prefer Charlie Brown. Oh well. Merry Christmas.
Mark 16 months ago
I got The Grinch, but I prefer Charlie Brown Christmas.
TSeym22 16 months ago
I got "A Charlie Brown Christmas." I can watch it, but it's definitely not my favorite. I like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" the best if we stay strictly with cartoons. If it's broadened to stop-motion, then "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is the winner.
CaesarMendez 16 months ago
The only X-mas special that I like when it came out & still like is the original Charlie Brown Christmas. How the Grinch Stole Christmas animated special narrated by Horror Icon Boris Karloff I liked as well (the live action movie with Jim Carey I wouldn't watch with a 10 foot pole; something about it is just Creepy). And anything by Rankin-Bass, NO.
kkvegas CaesarMendez 16 months ago
Charlie Brown and the animated Grinch are my absolute favorite Christmas specials.
LalaLucy 16 months ago
Charlie Brown Christmas. Wow. They actually landed on a favorite. I have a list of specials and movies that complete my holiday and, along with It's a Wonderful Life, Charlie is tops for me.
BenSobeleone 16 months ago
A Christmas movie that I watched recently that I haven't watched in a long, long time is "Surviving Christmas" with Ben Affleck, James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara and Christina Applegate. That's a good one. It's hilarious!
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