You won't believe how much these 8 dangerous toys of the 1960s cost today

Creepy Crawlers and Jarts will cost you and arm and a leg.

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Growing up, it feels like we got away with so much more than kids do today. Most of the toys we played with as kids had sharp objects, projectile launchers and, as you'll remember, hot surfaces.

Now that we're adults, we can sit back and laugh about the crazy toys we played with. While Creepy Crawlers and Jarts are distant memories, they don't have to be.

Need a blast from the past? You can buy these eight toys right now online. You don't even need your mother's permission. Here's what they're going for.

1. Jarts

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt… literally. Jarts were banned for good in the late 1980s due to safety concerns, meaning you'll only find them online and in consignment shops today. This outdoor game will cost you about $140.

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2. Creepy Crawlers

It's impossible to forget the foul stench this game omitted. But if you want a fresh whiff of it, it'll cost you. Currently, the game goes for around $300 in mint condition. That's one dollar for every degree of heat the hot plate emits!

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3. Sixfinger

It was a toy gun designed as an extra finger. What could go wrong? You can find a Sixfinger in decent condition online for about $139.99 today.

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4. Vac-u-form

Let's be honest — who burned their hands on this toy as a kid? The Vac-U-Form was similar to Creepy Crawlers in the respect that the toy used a hot plate to make smaller objects. You can find Vac-U-Forms for around $70 online.


5. Luscious Limbs

In a way, this toy taught kids cannibalism. You got to create body parts out of a mold and then eat them! There's nothing wrong with that, right? If you want to concoct your own recipe today, you can purchase the mold for $29.99 online.

Image: Flashbak

6. Woodburning Set

Another great way to burn yourself came with the Woodburing Set, which featured an electric "wonder pen" to create art on a piece of wood. Seriously, we could get away with anything as kids! You can find variations of this toy for about $22.00 online.

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7. Johnny Seven One Man Army

It was the best-selling toy for boys in 1964, and it might have been the most dangerous. Johnny Seven One Man Army had a rocket launcher, cap pistol and "bullets." Let's not forget the toy weighed about four pounds fully assembled. If you want a blast from the past, you can find a mint condition gun for $170.50 on eBay.

Image: eBay

8. Air Blaster

This toy came and went with a blink of an eye. While toy guns could shoot your eye out, this one could cause permanent hearing loss when detonated near an ear. If you dare, you can purchase an Air Blaster for $228.88.


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