This week on The Month of Mayberry: The Best of 'The Bee Team'

The fourth week of The Month of Mayberry focuses on Bee, Gomer, Otis, Ernest and the rest! Here are some highlights.

In the fourth and final week of The Month of Mayberry, we celebrate "The Bee Team." But these wonderful characters and character actors are hardly second-string. The spotlight shines on Aunt Bee, Gomer, Otis, Ernest T. Bass and the other lovely citizens of Mayberry. 

Tune in all week to see beloved episodes of The Andy Griffith Show devoted to these supporting characters each weeknight at 8PM | 7C.

See even more highlights from the "color years" weekday mornings at 7:30AM | 6:30C, with stories about Aunt Bee's Chinese restaurant, Barney's return to Mayberry and more!

It all wraps up on Sunday, May 31, at 5PM | 4C with a rare airing of the heartwarming reunion movie Return to Mayberry! Don't miss it!

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1. Mayberry Trivia Challenge IV: Supporting Characters Quiz!


We've tested your knowledge of Andy, Barney and Opie. Now, let's see how you know the rest! Come back later this week for the expert round, with questions from the actual Mayberry Trivia Championship! 


2. Many Mayberry citizens turned up in television commercials, too


Andy's pals sold Ford Pintos, cured meats and Slime Worms. Wait… Slime Worms?? Speaking of icky products, do not miss "The Pickle Story" on Monday at 8:30PM | 7:30C!


3. 5 things you never knew about Betty Lynn of The Andy Griffith Show


See her charming Thelma Lou in "A Date for Gomer" on Wednesday at 8:30PM | 7:30C.


4. 7 nutty things you never knew about Howard Morris


The nutty Ernest T. Bass is a real scene-stealer in Mayberry! Did you know Morris was also Mayor McCheese? See him in "My Fair Ernest T. Bass" on Thursday at 8:30PM | 7:30C!


5. 8 arresting facts about Hal Smith


You know him best at Otis Campbell! See his best moments in "Deputy Otis" and "The Loaded Goat" on Friday at 8PM | 7C!


6. 6 things you probably didn't know about Jack Dodson of The Andy Griffith Show


See the first episode with his Howard Sprague, "The County Clerk," on Friday at 7:30AM | 6:30C!


7. This is supposedly a picture of young Aunt Bee on Andy's wall — but is it?


Could this Mayberry artwork be a piece of Frances Bavier's past? Did you ever spot it?


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Moriyah 49 months ago
I would consider this the Miscellaneous week.
Moriyah 49 months ago
Where's Gomer? I don't see him on here.
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