Here are a dozen rap songs that referenced Andy Griffith

Mayberry and Matlock have maintained hip-hop credibility for decades.

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Recently we were in a grocery store when we heard the twangy refrains of a pop song playing over the speakers. "She likes Elvis and Andy / So she's fine and dandy with me," the singer proclaimed. The tune was Confederate Railroad's 1994 Top 20 country hit "Elvis & Andy." Heck, the ditty even gave a shout out to the TV spin-offs, as the Georgia group sang, "She's the number one fan of… Mayberry RFD."

The Andy Griffith Show, which itself featured a good deal of folk and bluegrass music, feels right at home in country music. Rascal Flatts have a song called "Mayberry" which fondly recalls the quaint days of sitting on the porch and sipping Coke.

It might surprise you to learn that Andy Grififth has a rather long history in hip-hop. Rappers have made reference to Sheriff Andy Taylor, Mayberry and even Matlock across four decades. After all, it is a genre steeped in pop culture references.

So, what rhymes with "Griffith"? Here are 12 rap songs that reference Andy Griffith in some way.

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1. Doug E. Fresh - "Everybody's Got 2 Get Some"



"'Cause I be livin' like every day's Thanksgiving / Don't like Andy Griffith and can't stand sniffin'"

The earliest popular record name-drop of Andy we could find was from this old-school Harlem M.C., sometimes known as the Human Beat Box. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a diss, though he does promote a clean lifestyle.

2. Positive K - "Step Up Front"



"On the square, I'm not riffin' like Andy Griffith / Just fed up, goin' head up, with competition"

Mostly known as a one-hit wonder for his 1992 smash "I Got a Man," Positive K had been kicking around the scene for years. He definitely seems like more of classic television fan. There's a subtle Raymond Burr nod, too — the beat samples the incredible Quincy Jones theme music from Ironside.

3. Beastie Boys - "High Plains Drifter"



No group in history has made more references to classic TV. Characters like Sam the Butcher, Mannix, Columbo, Huggy Bear and Miss Crabtree of The Little Rascals have turned up in Beastie songs. It's no wonder the trio's Andy reference is a little deeper: "Read me my rights as if I didn't know this / Threw me in the tank with a drunk called Otis," a nod to Mayberry town drunk Otis Campbell.

4. Miles Davis - "The Doo-Bop Song"



Yes, that Miles Davis. The jazz legend delved into hip-hop in his later career. This title track featured some lesser known rappers. In the final verse, Easy Mo Bee proclaims, "Miles Davis style is different, you can't / Describe it as pacific / He rip, rage and roar, no time for watchin / Andy Griffith."

5. FunkDoobiest - "Funk's On Me"



This cut closed the L.A. group's debut album, Which Doobie U B? Now, you have to been a genius at TV trivia to catch that title's reference. It comes from the What's Happening!! episode when rerun bootlegged the Doobie Brothers. The sitcom aficionados name checked Andy Griffith with the couplet, "Like Andy Griffith / Think I'll go fishin'."

6. Ol' Dirty Bastard - "Protect Ya Neck II the Zoo"



The Wu-Tang Clan was watching more than old kung-fu movies. (Not to mention the TV show Kung Fu.) ODB referenced Mayberry with his line, "You're tripping… you're the one who's riffing / I'm not Opie, save that… for Andy Griffith."

7. Young Jeezy - "Standing Ovation"



Jeezy declared, "Run through a hundred grand watching Matlock." Yep, he likes to count his money while watching Andy Griffith's TV mysteries.

8. Dr. Octagon - "Doctor Octagon"



The out-there lyricist known as Kool Keith always throws curveballs. A decade after his heralded debut as Dr. Octagon, Keith returned to the character. He set the mood with this bit: "Aunt Bee, Barney vibe / Just a new distribution deal, with Jive."

9. Drake - "Best I Ever Had"



Of course Drake would make TV references. Aubrey Drake Graham got his start as a television actor, portraying basketball star Jimmy Brooks on the beloved teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. However, to keep this PG, we're going to cut some context and only quote the following rhyme: "Like the Andy Griffith theme song / And who told you to put them jeans on?"

10. Vince Staples - "Matlock"



The budding California rapper attests to Matlock's legal skills in his song of the same name. "Called Matlock, got the case dropped," Staples brags. Earlier in the song, he gives a nod to Happy Days, too, announcing, "Got the whole crowd cheering like Fonzie's back."

11. Drake - "Jodeci Freestyle"



See? We told you Drake was a TV lifer. Here he is moving forward to another Andy Griffith character: "IRS all in my books getting their Matlock on / All this capital, it's like I left the caps lock on." Aw, Drake, you'll always be Jimmy Brooks to us.

12. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - "Dance Off"



Finally, we have this recent comeback single from the four-time Grammy winners. Let's just say that Macklemore rhymes "ham hock" with "Matlock." The song was largely a hit in Australia. Andy Griffith is global.

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