Friends and colleagues remember Cindy Williams

Several people in the entertainment industry took to social media to offer their thoughts and condolences to Williams' family, while sharing memories of the ''hilarious'' actress.

Friends, family and entertainment personalities from across the country have taken to various forms of social media to offer their condolences and memories following the death of Cindy Williams. 

The Laverne & Shirley star died at the age of 75, and based on the response from actors, producers and others in entertainment, it's clear what kind of impact she had on the industry. 

Take a look at just some of the reactions, statements and social posts following Williams' passing, from family, friends and co-stars of the actress. 

Ron Howard - Richie Cunningham on Happy Days

Ron Howard, who played a young Opie Taylor on The Andy Griffith Show and Richie Cunningham on Happy Days, was no stranger to sharing the screen with Williams. He Tweeted the following:

"Her unpretentious intelligence, talent, wit & humanity impacted every character she created & person she worked with. We were paired as actors on 6 different projects. #AmericanGraffiti a couple of dramas & then #HappyDays & #laverneandshirley Lucky me. RIP, Cindy."

Michael McKean - Lenny Kosnowski on Laverne & Shirley

In his breakout role, Michael McKean played neighbor Lenny Kosnowski on Laverne & Shirley. He Tweeted a fond memory while on set. 

"Backstage, Season 1: I'm offstage waiting for a cue. The script's been a tough one, so we're giving it 110% and the audience is having a great time. Cindy scoots by me to make her entrance and with a glorious grin, says: 'Show's cookin!'. Amen. Thank you, Cindy."

Henry Winkler - Fonzie on Happy Days

In response to the Tweet from McKean, Henry Winkler, the star of Happy Days, Tweeted: 

"My condolences for the loss of your incredible friend." 

Winkler added in another Tweet, "What a fine and talented human being! RIP."

Yvette Nicole Brown - Actress from CBS' The Odd Couple

In 2016, Cindy Williams appeared on CBS' The Odd Couple, alongside actress Yvette Nicole Brown. Brown recalled the interaction and collaboration in a Tweet following her death. 

"I hate this so much. I just hate it! Oh how I loved Cindy Williams. When I was blessed to meet her on the set of The Odd Couple she was as lovely as I always imagined she'd be." 

Jason Alexander - George Costanza on Seinfeld

Longtime Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander, who played the memorable character George Costanza on the sitcom, also took to social media to remember Williams. 

"I did not know Cindy Williams but boy did I adore her work, especially the wacky joyful funny pleasure of watching her Laverne [&] Shirley days. I pray she had a good life and send my sympathy to those who knew and loved her." 

Williams' children - Zachary and Emily Hudson

In a statement provided to CNN, Williams' children, Zachary and Emily Hudson, said the following. 

"The passing of our kind, hilarious mother, Cindy Williams, has brought us insurmountable sadness that could never truly be expressed. Knowing and loving her has been our joy and privilege. She was one of a kind, beautiful, generous and possessed a brilliant sense of humor and a glittering spirit that everyone loved." 

They added they were proud of their mother for several reasons, including "her lifelong mission to rescue animals, her prolific artistry, her faith."

"Most of all, her ability to make the world laugh. May that laughter continue in everyone, because she would want that. Thank you for loving our Mom, she loved you too."

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James9 14 months ago
Rest In Peace Cindy Williams. You are loved.
Woowoo 14 months ago
God speed dear Cindy! You brought so much joy and much laughter into our living rooms! We will miss you❤🙏
Plbrown76 14 months ago
I had the pleasure of meeting Cindy once at an event many years ago. She was one of the most down to earth people I have ever met! I loved her work and I loved her. My deepest sympathies to her family. RIP
Irish 14 months ago
My deepest condolences to Cindy's family and friends. She was not only a comedic actress, but could play any dramatic role as well. I remember the role she played on Law and Order SVU.
Phenomenal!!! RIP Cindy Williams. You were greatly loved and admired.
tootsieg 14 months ago
L&S was such a good show. One of my favorite episodes is the Christmas episode when the cast gets to sing and dance and show their many talents.
scott 14 months ago
Tuesday nights @ 8:30 PM! Never missed a show.

Go safely there, Cindy. ❤️❤️❤️
MadMadMadWorld 14 months ago
Cindy was so talented, so adorable, and funny in her mannerisms as Shirley. But before that, I first saw her (as many did) on "American Graffiti" (rel. Aug. 11, 1973), where she played 'Laurie Henderson', Ron's girlfriend, and Richard Dreyfuss' character as her brother, Curt.
One of my favorite lines she had was when Curt in the back seat, saw the 'blonde girl in the white Thunderbird" (a gorgeous Suzanne Somers, in her breakthrough role), and exclaimed to Laurie in the front seat to have Steve (Ron's character) to go after her. Laurie retorted to Curt, her brother, paraphrasing closely, "We can't go all over town, trying to find girls for you!" Then her breakup with Steve, and their back-and-forth retorts on the high school dance floor were also a memorable piece of their personal romance. Cindy was already 24, almost 25, playing a high school teen, while Ron was 18 in its filming (June 26-Aug. 4, 1972). Cindy looked so young, she easily pulled it off, despite her 7 years older than Ron! As Ron tweeted, quoted in the article: "Her unpretentious intelligence, talent, wit & humanity impacted every character she created & person she worked with. We were paired as actors on 6 different projects. #AmericanGraffiti a couple of dramas & then #HappyDays & #laverneandshirley Lucky me. RIP, Cindy." I'm stunned we lost her, almost 50 years from "American Graffiti" release, never knew she had any serious illness, not made public. I give my sincere condolences to her grieving family, as her many fans and her friends also grieve in losing one of the most memorable tv characters, and 'Laurie' on "American Graffiti" that was so important to help revive interest in how terrific the late-1950s to early-1960s era was for those who fondly remembered it, and those too young who missed the best decade between the deadly wars (July 1953 - Nov. 21, 1963) the U.S. ever enjoyed!
Cynthia Jane "Cindy" Williams, 75
(Aug. 22, 1947 Van Nuys, CA - Jan. 25, 2023 Los Angeles, CA)
R.I.P. for eternity.
jimmyvici 14 months ago
Heartbroken…she was a childhood crush of mine growing up. I watched L&S avidly, she had fantastic chemistry with her costars and it radiated throughout our television sets nationwide. Rest in Peace my lovely. ❤️🤟🏾
colsteve 14 months ago
Ciindy was also a common attractionat classic cars shows. She appeared at the Sacramento Autorama a few times and was working with promoter, Pete Paulsen for his annual October Hor rod Party which he was planning an american grafftti theme. His place is near Mdesto, Ca, the original american Graffitti city. That show is also held annually in June of each year during Graffitti Week. Cindy, being a child of a career soldier loved the military men and women. I appreciate her dedication and never ceasing autographs for us military veterans. Cindy, may you Rest In Peace and ride on the clouds of your favorite classic cars. You may take your former cast members along with you.
PepperAnderson 14 months ago
I always thought she was a brilliant comedic actress. She & Penny were very physically funny, but Cindy's facial expressions and delivery are what draw me every time.
One of my all-time favorite L&S back-and-forth between the two characters, was this exchange when Laverne was accusing Shirley of "going all-the-way" with a boyfriend. It went something like this hilarious exchange:
Laverne: "You too did 'vo-dough-de-o-dough'!" Shirley: "I did not!" Laverne: "You 'vo-de-o'!" Shirley, with an annoying, but a sad demeanor on her face: "ONCE!" Absolutely brilliant writing and Cindy's delivery on admitting she did 'something' on that!!!
Runeshaper 14 months ago
Such beautiful sentiments (-:
Pj 14 months ago
Great actress and person. So sorry for your loss.
LoveMETV22 14 months ago
Thank You MeTV for sharing.

Lynda Carter - Diana Prince on Wonder Woman Tweeted:

"She never heard the word impossible. Thank you for all the laughter and treasured TV memories, Cindy. ❤️."
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