Download video chat backgrounds from your favorite MeTV shows

Use these classic television sets to jazz up your calls in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more!

We are spending more time than ever on video conferencing calls with family, friends and colleagues. Platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have a nifty feature that allows you to change your background. Instead of showing the blank wall behind your couch, you can sit in the Brady living room or the Enterprise bridge with these fun classic television backdrops from MeTV!

You can find tips on changing your background for Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

First, download these familiar sets from MeTV shows! Let us know if there are any more you'd like to see.

1. The Andy Griffith Show


Step into the Taylors' living room! Bonus: Warm yourself by the fireplace!


2. Star Trek


Take control of the helm on the Enterprise bridge! Bonus: You can also use the Transporter!


3. M*A*S*H


Relax in "The Swamp" at the 4077th!


4. The Brady Bunch


Hang out in front of the stairs in this iconic living room!


5. Svengoolie


Now you can stand on the set — watch out for flying chickens!


6. Green Acres


Home, sweet Hooterville!


7. The Flintstones


Take your tech back to the Stone Age in Bedrock! Bonus: Sit in the Flintstones living room.


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aaddaamm 47 months ago
Can’t get them to download
lgbyrne1129 47 months ago
How about adding the Alan Brady Show writers’ office?
KE5ZZO 47 months ago
Add I love lucy , gilligans island,
Pwaggener 47 months ago
Please add Gilligan’s Island!

Oldie 47 months ago
Would love some from Bewitched and Hogan's Heroes.
Oldie 47 months ago
This comment has been removed.
djk 47 months ago
Many of the people in your "examples" look like they have no idea what era they are in . They aren't even clear from being resized, what's up with that?
BubbaPacha77511 47 months ago
who would want this? this looks cheesier than sharp cheddar!!! this should be on a quiz "only things a boomer would do." to each their own.
JoshuaNamm 47 months ago
Batcave, the Cartwrights house, the Seaview
lolal 47 months ago
lolal 47 months ago
frenchfry 47 months ago
I love your content....but as other people have said....can't find backrounds for Zoom and sounds like they don't work anyway....get it together....don't offer stuff that is so hard to find....bait and switch i don't like
MeowMeow1962 47 months ago
All I get is an error. Would have taken the MASH set.
Brett50112233 48 months ago
I Can't get any of the downlode to downlode thanks, Brett
AuntieGrizelda 48 months ago
How about the Bonanza's Ponderosa Ranch and also the backside of Marshall Dillon as in beginning of the early episodes.
CCS 48 months ago
Please add a Perry Mason background!! This is great fun -- thank you, MeTV!!
CCS 48 months ago
Please add a Perry Mason background!! This is great fun -- thank you, MeTV!!
Hugh 48 months ago
The lagoon from Gilligan's Island with options to add either Mary-Ann or Ginger, or BOTH!
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