Celebrate the anniversary of Woodstock with these retro music T-shirts

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The MeTV Store is having a sale in honor of the anniversary of the first Woodstock festival!

From August 14–22, customers can enter the discount code WOODSTOCK to receive 15% off all music-themed shirts.

Check out many of our recently added music and band T-shirts below!

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1. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green River T-Shirt

A graphic tee from their 1969 album, Green River.


2. Billy Joel - The Piano Man T-Shirt

A classic T-shirt for a classic song!


3. Jimi Hendrix - Woodstock T-Shirt

Featuring Jimi at the original Woodstock Festival in 1969.


4. Journey - Much Scarab T-Shirt

The epitome of a classic rock T-shirt!


5. Styx - Circle Tour T-Shirt

A T-shirt celebrating Styx's 1978 World Tour.


6. Cheap Trick - Moto T-Shirt

A classic black and white photo T-shirt.


7. The Police - Message in a Bottle T-Shirt

Featuring artwork from the popular song, Message In A Bottle.


8. Janis Joplin - Photo T-Shirt

Featuring one of the many stars of the original Woodstock- Janis Joplin!


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MrsPhilHarris 3 months ago
It’s odd to me that MeTV is selling Woodstock t-shirts along with Cheap Trick, Billy Joel, et al. I can see t-shirts with Andy & Gomer, Beaver & Wally, Bugs Bunny & Daffy, but not Woodstock.
country46 3 months ago
i didn't make woodstock i was 11
AgingDisgracefully 3 months ago
By the time I got to Woodstock...it was the '80s.
Everyone had gone home.
stephaniestavr5 3 months ago
What?!?! No t-shirts commemorating what other historical event took place the same year, but about 3 weeks earlier?
I'm of course talking about the date: 7/20/1969. METV could've honored that date with t-shirts from IDOJ, (which I don't, at the moment, think they sell.)
If they offered up t-shirts last month to commemorate the date, I apologize for being wrong.
daDoctah stephaniestavr5 3 months ago
Split the difference on the date and commemorate something actually MeTV-connected.

August 9, 1969: the death of Beverly Hillbillies recurring character Janet Trego.
Well, that settles it. Stephanie, you're goin' to the moon all right. Bang! Zoom!
You're right they don't sell any IDOJ shirts at the moment (MeTV) that is. Why not if they're selling
t-shirts honoring the anniversary of Woodstock, they could offer a IDOJ SHIRT. Maybe it's because they don't currently air it.
MarshalDillion harlow1313 3 months ago
Straight to the moon ! No ISS layover
MrsPhilHarris daDoctah 3 months ago
Horrible event.
Michael 3 months ago
Five out of eight were not at Woodstock.

No Grateful Dead, Canned Heat, Butterfield Bkuees Band, Jefferson Airplane, Joan Baez, Tim Hardin and a host of others? Not eve a Wavy Gravy shirt?

So now we celebrate Woodstock every two years, rather than every five or ten? I actually did splurge on the fancy boxed set for the 40th anniversary.
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Michael MarshalDillion 3 months ago
To be fair, two members of Journey were in Santana. Greg Rolie was at Woodstock, as part of Santana.
stephaniestavr5 Michael 3 months ago
Neal Schon was a bandmates of Greg Rolie's in Santana. They left Santana in 1973, to form Journey in "The City By The Bay."
MarshalDillion, do you, (does anybody,) know what Jonathan Caine of Journey, Cheap Trick and Styx have in common?
They’re from Illinois
Moriyah 3 months ago
Omg, some of the bands that I listen to on this website right here -> https://www.womg.com/ are on T- shirts!
harlow1313 3 months ago
What, no Tom Waits? No Dexy's Midnight Runners? The Velvet Underground?
Dexy's Midnight Runners?!?! Come on Eileen! They were not at Woodstock! They probably weren't even born yet, or they were just "babes in the woods."
I went off script. Actually, many of the bands listed above by Metv weren't at Woodstock. Where is their Sha-Na-Na t-shirt? You know, "grease for peace."
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 3 months ago
I think it said The MeTV Store is having a sale in honor of the anniversary of the first Woodstock festival. I think people are reading it as commemorating in which yeah a lot of those bands did not appear.
daDoctah harlow1313 3 months ago
That's the act most people tend to forget was at Bethel. Some have to be reminded that The Who were there, and Santana (they all remember Hendrix, CSN&Y, Joe Cocker, Canned Heat and the Dead though).
Michael harlow1313 3 months ago
Sha Na Na is a good point, since they were there, but would fit MeTV because of their syndicated show in the seventies. Even if the.lineup had changed. Henry Gross had left for Shannon, and Bowzer joined after Woodstock.
Michael daDoctah 3 months ago
Actually, for most people, if an act wasn't in the film, they think they weren't there. Maybe the Grateful Dead, be ause enough people know they were there. But Melanie, The Incredible String Band and others.

It gets a bit confusing, since some acts missed the movie, but are on the soundtrack album (and the Woodstock II album). And the 1994 director's cut puts a few back in. I have the fkur CD set from the nineties, more in there. And I've seen footage not in the director's cut or the extras with the 40th anniversary boxed set, so I guess that was in the Woodstock Diaries, that was on tv at some point.

Same thing happened with Monterey Pop, there were acts that didn't make the movie.
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