8 movie remakes that didn't live up to the original TV show

Hopefully Hollywood has learned something from these films.

When reruns and syndication aren't enough for fans of classic TV shows, Hollywood takes it one step further and cranks out a remake. Remakes have been around about as long as movies, but over the last 25 years there's been an insatiable appetite to recycle old shows and make them shiny new films.

Sometimes the formula works, and sometimes it doesn't. For every Charlie's Angels and Star Trek, there is a Bewitched or Land of the Lost. Not every remake can live up to the original show, and these eight are prime examples of messing with a good thing. 

What do you think — did we leave out any?

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1. Dragnet (1987)


The 1987 remake of the long running television series was part homage, part parody. Although the film did pretty well at the box office, it received a lukewarm response from critics. 

2. The Beverly Hillbillies (1993)


The original Jed Clampett made a cameo appearance in this 1993 remake of the 1960s TV series. Although the film performed well at the box office, critics panned it. Roger Ebert gave the film a half star, saying the movie didn't build upon the series.

Fun fact: Jerry Scoggins, who sang the theme song for the TV series, requested to sing the tune for the film. The studio originally didn't ask him because they didn't know he was still alive. 

3. The Flintstones (1994)


The live-action remake of The Flintstones didn't sit well with critics, but that didn't stop fans of the original series to flock to their local movie theater. The appeal of Fred, Barney, and the gang helped the film gross about $340 million at the box office. A prequel was made in 2000 with much less success. 

4. Lost In Space (1998)


The film carries a darker tone than the original TV series, which didn't go over well with critics. But Lost in Space wound up earning $136 million against its massive $80 million budget. 

5. The Mod Squad (1999)


The supercool crime drama got a reboot in the late 90s with Claire Danes leading the cast. But the counterculture appeal of the 60s series must not have translated to audiences in the 90s. The film bombed at the box office, and the website Rotten Tomatoes reports that only 4 percent of critics gave it a good review. That's not so cool. 

6. The Honeymooners (2005)


The creators of The Honeymooners remake took a risk when they cast an all African American ensemble for the film. But it was a risk that didn't pay off. In addition to overwhelmingly negative reviews, the film was a failure, making a paltry $13 million at the box office.

7. Bewitched (2005)


The updated version of Bewitched had everything going for it: a well respected actress, a popular funny guy, and a critically lauded director. But alas, nothing went right with this remake. Audiences shunned it, and critics panned it. The New York Times went as far as calling it an "unmitigated disaster..." Ouch! 

8. Land of the Lost (2009)


With the Land of the Lost movie getting the blessing of Sid and Marty Krofft, the original show's creators, it seemed fans of the 1970s TV series could breathe easy. But the parody didn't sit well with audiences, making only $65 million of its $100 million budget. Will Ferrell never made a remake again. 

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Stoney 38 months ago
I actually enjoyed "Lost in Space" and had hoped for a sequel, but I am well aware that I am in the minority on that one.
Mare 38 months ago
How about The Wild, Wild West movie? Another disaster
RedSamRackham 38 months ago
* In defense of a few of those movies ~> In DRAGNET I loved the scene where Bill Gannon (Hary Morgan) as a desk sergeant rolled his eyes seeing how much Sergeant Friday (Aykroyd) was emulating his late uncle (Jack Webb). ~> Best part of Beverly Hillbillies movie was seeing Dolly Parton replace Flatt & Scruggs as the Clampett's favorite musician/singer. ~> In that Flintstones movie Rosie O'Donnell was totally WRONG as Betty Rubble! Betty was a cartoon babe! Margot Kidder or Demi Moore might've been better in that role. ☺
TonyKuchta 38 months ago
The Addams Family remake was stupid nice try but a fail in my book , I wanted desperately to like this , no matter how hard it tried to watch this I just couldn't stomach more than 5 minutes of it , when did humor change from funny to outrageously and psychotically stupid ?
kat 38 months ago
Add Get Smart and Dark Shadows. I was crushed Bewitched was so bad. Jim Carrey would have been the perfect Darrin.
jsimpson kat 38 months ago
I'm a big Dark Shadows fan, and I loved the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp.
RedSamRackham kat 38 months ago
* Indeed Gilbert Gottfried would've been a better Maxwell Smart or as Max's son in the TV reboot! ♣
Bob 38 months ago
Get Smart is the most obvious choice. And The Honeymooners. Bewitched wasn't a bad movie.
BigSRanch 38 months ago
I love the Land of the Lost movie, mainly because of Danny McBride.
MartinVerlander 49 months ago
It took 32 writers to make Flintstones semi-happy
DerekBird 49 months ago
Ad this is why I hate remakes, but it's not the reason why I hate will Ferrell. I hate him because I don't think he's funny. Funny looking-yes, funny ha ha-NO.
RichDziuba 49 months ago
i refused to watch The Honeymooners...there is NOBODY that can replace Jackie Gleason
JMFabianoRPL 49 months ago
Will they learn? Naaaaaaaaah.

How about....The Avengers? (UK version)
Bob 49 months ago
Elizabeth Taylor was worth the price of admission for The Flintstones. But 99% of remakes are not good. Hollywood dollar grabs at best.
EricSmoyer 49 months ago
You forgot about the McHales Navy remake.
Amalthea 49 months ago
They totally miss the point with "Dragnet". It was SUPPOSED to be ridiculous! It wasn't a remake; it was a spoof. Seriously..."the virgin Connie Swail"...? Not only did we love it, but just yesterday we ordered it on Amazon so that our daughters could see it.

"The Flintstones" wasn't all bad, either. Yes, Betty was wildly miscast, but the rest of the cast was spot-on. I mean, come on...Elizabeth-Freaking-Taylor! While I will admit that my husband & I originally went to see it because our air conditioner was broken (and we lived in a 3rd-floor apartment), but we ended up really enjoying it.
Joe 49 months ago
“You can't go home again” should also pertain to movie ideas.
ttenchantr 49 months ago
Hopefully, Hollywood will make the connection between #8 & #9 and stop casting Will Ferrell.
MarikaMorelLewis 49 months ago
Big screen versions of SWAT, Miami Vice , Starsky and Hutch , CHIPS, Baywatch, Dark Shadows , Fantasy Island ,Get Smart ,I Spy, My Favorite Martian and Veronica Mars were no great shakes either !
Amalthea MarikaMorelLewis 49 months ago
"Starsky & Hutch" was a really fun spoof, and "Get Smart" wasn't too bad. I'm with you on the rest...especially "CHiPs" and "Miami Vice"...but you forgot the travesty that was "21 Jumpstreet".
Kali39 49 months ago
The interesting thing about the Flintstones movie is that it was so long in development hell that JOHN BELUSHI was considered for the role of Fred!

And I am still stunned that the Kroffts approved the Land of the Lost movie. That was TERRIBLE!
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