7 wacky Tupperware items you probably had around the house

You can never have too many citrus peelers.

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Sure, the Tupperware craze has died down, but during its heyday, Tupperware parties were all the rage, and you could never have too many matching containers.

For some, throwing Tupperware parties was an easy way to earn a few extra dollars. For others, it was a way of life. While we're all familiar with the orange, yellow and green tubs that filled our cabinets in the 1970s, yet there were some other nifty Tupperware tools too. 

Which of these Tupperware gadgets did you have?

1. Popsicle Molds


These things were fun for kids of all ages. If you wanted a Coca-Cola popsicle, all you needed to do was fill these up and let them freeze. (They never tasted as good as you thought they would.) And who said you have to stick with one flavor?

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2. Citrus Peeler


It was called a "citrus peeler," but it was really so much more. The versatile utensil could also be used as a letter opener, butter knife, cuticle pusher or whatever else you could imagine. You could even clean the rim of Tupperware seals with this nifty gadget. (If you wanted to splurge, you bought the 10 pack.)

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3. Elaborate Cookie Cutters


These weren't just any cookie cutters. They were the most fancy cookie cutters around! The elaborate shapes had a holiday theme, and included Santa Claus, a Christmas tree, turkey, bunny, jack-o'-lantern and birthday cake. We're still not sure why there was a coy pig cookie cutter though...

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4. Children's Tupperware


If your mom hosted Tupperware parties in the 1970s, chances are you had the Mini Serve It set. The play set proved you were never too young to learn about the benefits of Tupperware. 

Image credit: Etsy

5. Keychain


Tupperware was already lightweight and fairly portable, but the company took it to the next level with the keychain. You could use it to add flair to your keys, or you could actually use it to store the tiniest of snacks.  

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6. Shoehorn


Although not pertaining to the kitchen, the shoehorn definitely came in handy when trying to fit into some tight slip-on footwear.  

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7. Assorted doohickeys


If you hosted Tupperware parties, then you definitely had these lying around your house. The set of Tupperware gadgets wasn't very useful, but you never knew when you would need a strawberry huller, ketchup bottle spoon or… wait, what do these other things do?

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Granny 26 months ago
I used to make yogurt and either orange juice or grape juice popsicles in those things. My children loved them.
Michael 26 months ago
The thing about the popsicle molds was what you used. Coca Cola would give you more like ice. There was a recipe, I think it involved Kool-Aid, but something else, so you didn't get ice, but a softer substance that you could chew, just like real popsicles.
rycki1138 38 months ago
They weren't mentioned in the list, but I had a couple of the tupperware pingpong ball poppers when I was a kid.
AndreaZ rycki1138 25 months ago
I remember seeing these when I was young. Didn't realize it was for ping pong balls.
remodel18 49 months ago
I remember these things. I went to a lot of parties in my day and bought something every time. I still have a lot Tupperware and use it.
LeeHarper 49 months ago
Had 'em all. Still have the Popsicle makers.
idkwut2use 49 months ago
Total yes on 1, 3, & 7! Maybe 4......
Roberts459 63 months ago
I own so much tupperware, I might as well get a tuppercasket... As long as they keep me sealed I'll be fresh forever. Lol
CaptainDunsel 63 months ago
I absolutely remember popsicle molds! The "key" shaped handle is the true giveaway to the real-deal original item.
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