7 times Gomer Pyle was all of us

Gawwww-leeeee, we're all Gomer sometimes.

Gomer Pyle may be considered naive, but he's got a whole lot of heart, and when it shows, we all see ourselves in him. We went through episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. to find those moments that are quintessential Gomer, and at the same time, the same thing we would've done.

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1. Sometimes it takes every excuse


Gomer is pretty much all of us every time the traffic's bad or we've missed a deadline.

2. When you're the noisiest night owl


Who among us hasn't been the one to wake up the entire household doing restless latenight chores?

3. Sucking up to the boss


"I like that jacket, Sergeant." That's the compliment Gomer nobly musters up when Carter arrives in civilian clothes and the others make fun of the "former" Sarge. Been there, Gomer.

4. Gomer Pyle, friend to all animals


"He wants to be friendly, most animals do if you give 'em a chance!" That's the folksy insight Gomer offers his marine buddies, who all scare at the sight of a skunk. While we might not all have had the same reaction to this particular species, animal lovers everywhere can identify with Gomer's sentiment.

5. That awkward feeling when your friend's girl flirts with you


Gomer's face is pretty priceless when Thelma Lou tries to use him to make Barney jealous. It's a delightful cringe for anyone who's ever been put in that position.

6. Can you still call it a stray cat if it never leaves?


"Gomer, what is it about you that brings every stray animal to your doorstep?" a fellow marine asks. Raise your hand if you can relate.

7. There's always time to stop and pet a strange dog.



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TKMProPlayer 9 months ago
Please give us back Gomer Pyle on MeTV!! How this iconic show was pulled off the air and schedule is beyond so many of us, but we sure miss it and hope it will return ASAP!!
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