7 reasons that prove Arnold Ziffel was much more than a pet piggy

This pig (played by four pigs) did anything and everything a human could do. Sometimes, the Ziffel ''kid'' did them better!

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Wednesday, March 1, is National Pig Day. All of us at MeTV have a big reason to celebrate this fun holiday: Arnold Ziffel.

This piggy deserves to have a holiday, so join us in honoring the true star of Green Acres!

Arnold could do just about anything he set his mind to. He could work, play, study and he even had a solid grip on his finances.  

Here are seven things Arnold the pig from Green Acres can do as well as any human, no matter how skeptical Oliver Wendell Douglas might be!

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1. He had a Hollywood career


The pigs that played Arnold on Green Acres literally had a Hollywood career, but Arnold the character made it to the bright lights of Southern California too! Arnold turned heads at the Hooterville Theater and Lisa believed in what she saw. As a result, she took him to Hollywood, where he had much success and plenty of eyes on him. Lisa enjoyed taking Arnold on this journey, one that resulted in this timeless image. Oliver on the other hand, didn't enjoy the trip to SoCal nearly as much. Don't listen to him Arnold! 

2. He understands the importance of saving money


Arnold isn't just a stereotypical Hollywood star. He knows what it's like to have a real job, too! Take this paper route for example. He needed some extra cash to save up for a colored TV set! As Lisa Douglas puts it, "he's tired of looking at the world in black and white." By the time he dropped the newspaper off at the Douglas farm, he had a whole five bucks saved up! When Oliver asks Lisa why he doesn't head to Las Vegas and try to turn that five into ten dollars, she reveals, "Arnold doesn't gamble anymore since he lost all that money playing the horses." Keep up the good work, Arnold!

3. He tried to place his earnings in the bank


All that hard work adds up to cash! Arnold plays it smart and opens an account at the Pixley Bank and Trust Company. Well, he tries to at least. Arnold was simply trying to be a smart citizen and keep his money in the bank when the place is held up! The pig gets the last laugh, after he tells the authorities that Lisa and Oliver are being robbed. He's a Hooterville hero. 

4. He knows how to wheel and deal


Right before his rise to fame, Arnold needs a hotel room in Los Angeles. When Lisa and Oliver check-in, they request a separate room for Arnold. When the hotel worker sees he's a pig, he refuses to give him his own room. In protest, Arnold causes a ruckus in the hotel lobby, sending customers running! Finally, the worker caves and gives the pig his own room. 

5. He has relationship problems too


Arnold has to deal with relationships just like us humans. When Cynthia the dog wants to marry Arnold and spend more time with him, he has to be the one to explain why it simply won't work out. As Arnold puts it, "because you're a dog and I'm a pig." The truth hurts. 

6. He went to school


Arnold is ambitious in the classroom, but it frustrates the teacher. Arnold inquires about his piece of work in the art fair, frequently interrupts the lesson and he even forgot his notebook! Perhaps worst of all, he eats a classmate's lunch! But Arnold isn't the only bad "kid" in the classroom. When the teacher isn't looking, a classmate shoots a spitball at her, then blames Arnold for it! That was the last straw, as he's sent to the principal's office.

7. He likes to relax


To further prove Arnold is very human-like, when he isn't working, going to school, taking trips or having a conversation, he simply relaxes in front of the TV. He loves a good Western series, but he gets on Oliver's nerves a little bit because he likes the volume turned up loud. Occasionally, he'll change the channel to switch things up. 

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The real star of Green Acres was almost the star of his own show, too!


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Snickers 15 months ago
I knew there was more than one pig who played Arnold. In the pilot Arnold is much bigger and had different markings than in later episodes when he appeared smaller and younger.
JohnGrant 15 months ago
The show was great except for the pig. They went way overboard with Arnold and ruined many episodes
Marcia 15 months ago
I love the 3 part episode where Arnold is alleged to be the heir to the Birnbacker pork fortune because he has a "weather predicting " tail!
Klink 15 months ago
Episodes are great with Arnold
LoveMETV22 15 months ago
🐖🐖🐷🐷 Happy "National Pig Day"! 🐷🐷🐖🐖
I wonder 🤔. When Green Acres finished production or after the last aired episode back in 1971, if
Arnold got a " Presidential Pet Piggy Pardon", like they do with turkeys each Thanksgiving?
Coldnorth 15 months ago
I have always wanted a pet pig even as a little girl, but the community I lived in wouldn’t allow it. I didn’t want a pot bellied pig, or a fancy pig just a cute pig. I love the Arnold episodes, Lisa understands him, Ziffels call him their son, he’s smarter than some people I know and if Mr Ed could carry a show, Arnold sure could.
Big3Fan 15 months ago
Arnold! What a ham!
Coldnorth Big3Fan 15 months ago
Ha ha ha ha ha. Now that there is a funny comment
Coldnorth Big3Fan 15 months ago
Arnold was a fine swine. Lol
MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
I loved the episode when Arnold got expelled. Best actor on the show.
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