5 great indoor HDTV antennas for watching MeTV

Get your favorite shows with great reception with these top wall-mounted HDTV antennas.

Image: Mohu

The best thing about MeTV? Well, all the classic television shows you love. But also, it's free!

Most of America is able to receive MeTV in crisp 1080p over the air. Visit our Where To Watch page for more information on your local affiliate. The next thing you'll need is a HDTV antenna. There are dozens of them out there on the market, ranging from metal rabbit ears to floppy plastic squares. It can be overwhelming to choose one.

So we poured over reviews on sites like Amazon, CNET and The Wire Cutter, and pulled from our own experiences around the office, to select five indoor models for various tastes and lifestyles. 

Is there an antenna you love? Let us know! We'll keep this page updated.

1. Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse


Pros: Easy to move, mod look suitable for 1960s sci-fi fans, blends into white walls
Price: $49.99

The ClearStream Eclipse bested all in The Wire Cutter's extensive tests. We like that the sticky loop is easy to slap on the wall and peel off without damaging paint. No tools or tape required. Plus, it's white. It's also perhaps the smallest you will find.

2. Mohu Leaf 30


Pros: The original flat design, from military technology, durable, Made in USA
Price: $49.99

Mohu pioneered the paper-thin, wall adhesive antenna. The tech comes from the protective sensors in the mud flaps of US military vehicles. Neat! One side is white, the other black to match your decor. The 10-foot cable and rugged flap are sturdier than the competition.

3. HD Frequency Cable Cutter Mini


Pros: Metal, city friendly, more permanent, longer cable, industrial look
Price: $49.00

Here's one for urbanistas. This industrial design looks great mounted on an exposed brick wall of a loft. Because it does need to be mounted, it is more ideal for sturdier walls. The 12-foot cable reaches a bit further than seemingly standard 10-footer. In tests, it performed better in cities. 

4. Channel Master Ultra-thin


Pros: Cheap!
Price: $15.99

Essentially a cheap clone of the Mohu Leaf, the Channel Master nonetheless held its own in performance tests. You feel the cost difference in your hands, as the Flatenna is a bit thinner, flimsier.

5. 1byone Super Thin Omni-directional Indoor HDTV Antenna


Pros: Looks like a vinyl record, low cost, small
Price: $14.99–$24.99

In college, we hung albums on the wall for the aesthetics. This reminds us of those hanging records. 1byone also makes a rectangular model, but this one just looks a lot less antenna-y.

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