14 retired Girl Scout badges

Did you earn a Magic Carpet or Puppeteer patch for your sash?

Top image: AP Photo/Barry Thumma

Juliette Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts of America in 1912, and much has changed over the century since their inception. As the times change, so do the activities of the Girl Scouts. Even their baked goods have evolved over the decades, as we examined in our post about the discontinued Girl Scout cookies we miss the most.

The Girl Scouts' badges had a few distinct phases in the 20th century. The sash patches were changed in 1928, 1938, 1963 and 1980 — both in design and subject. Over time, certain skills were phased out. There are dozens of Boy Scout merit badges that no longer exist, too. 

Here are some interesting badges that have since been retired.

1. Magic Carpet

Alas, this is not literal. It had to do with storytelling and creativity.

Image: eBay

2. Toymaker

The original action figure.

Image: eBay

3. Gypsy

Hopefully they did not make girls hop trains with a bindle and a can of beans.

Image: eBay

4. Pen Pal

We love the letter with wings. Maybe this is where AOL got the idea.

Image: Etsy

5. Good Grooming

Who needs fairies? All it takes is hygiene and a hairbrush to be like Cinderella.

Image: eBay

6. Hostess

Not to be confused with the Starfish and Genies badge.

Image: eBay

7. Clerk

Who would have thought that the telephone badge and the photography badge would one day merge?

Image: eBay

9. Social Dancer

At first glance, it looks a bit like a carrot on a string.

Image: girlscoutsmakehistory

10. Cat and Dog


Image: Terapeak

11. Dabbler

If you got this one, would you need to get the rest?

Image: Pinterest

12. Bibliophile

Do you know what this symbol means?

Image: eBay

13. Milliner

Do any of you hat makers out there have one of these? It is worth a bunch of money today.

Image: eBay

14. Photography

We love this peek at the evolution of the camera, from its earliest look on the lower left, clockwise to the 1980s.

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itsGretchen 8 months ago
Gypsy was my first badge. Someday, I might crochet motifs with the badges depicted. I'll have to work it out somehow, but I'm motivated
MelanieLee 40 months ago
At age 12 circa 1969, as a Cadette Girl Scout, I started to do the requirements for the Puppeteer and Chef badges, but I never finished. Sometimes I wonder about finding that old list of requirements and filling them. Can anyone find them online?
itsGretchen MelanieLee 8 months ago
Perhaps you might find what you're looking for here:
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