10 wretchedly romantic Addams Family quotes perfect for Valentine’s Day

According to Morticia, “There’s nothing more romantic than a dark, chill attic in a thunderstorm.”

Image: The Everett Collection

For anyone looking to switch things up this Valentine’s Day, we’ve collected a few romantic messages guaranteed not to be in any run-of-the-mill greeting cards. What better place to find macabre musings on love than in The Addams Family?

For all its wonderful weirdness and hilarious spooks, the couple at the center of the classic sitcom were actually quite beautiful together. In its own odd way the show featured some of the most romantic scenes on TV in the early Sixties!

Gomez and Morticia were never shy about showing their love for each other, especially when Morticia spoke the language of l’amour. Whether you need inspiration for oddball Valentine’s cards this year or just looking for a lovely laugh, these Addams Family quotes will not disappoint.

1. “You are the only cactus in the garden of my life.”

This Gomez quote works for that special someone in your life who loves plants, especially spiky desert plants. 

2. “It would be beguiling to be on the moon with you, cara mia. Especially if we landed on the dark side.”

Move over Darth Vader, you're not the only one with a penchant for the dark side. This Gomez quote works for any significant others who wish they were astronauts.

3. “There’s nothing more romantic than a dark, chill attic in a thunderstorm.”

Warm, bright spaces are overated — at least according to Morticia.

4. “You are dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.”

A high compliment coming from Morticia!

5. “Time has stood still for you, angelito mio. You look even lovelier than the day I first laid eyes on you.”

For those whose love still burns after many years, Gomez said it best.

6. “When we’re together darling, every night is Halloween.”

If you and your romantic partner would rather be celebrating a different holiday, try this Morticia quote in their card!

7. “When you speak French, you drive me wild!”

'French' in this Gomez quote can be substituted out for anything, really, like 'cars,' 'art history' or 'quantum mechanics.'

8. "Your perfume! Cara mia, it sets my blood aflame."

When your beloved sends you with their scent.

9. “I have been yours since the day I first saw you riding side-saddle on a buffalo.”

Most people may only be able to use the first half of this quote, but it's still a great line.

10. “When the blazing sun has turned to mud, and the moon lies dead in a pool of blood, and the tom-tom beat of eternity starts, whom will I love in my heart of hearts?”

If your significant other likes things meladramatic, then nothing beats this Gomez poem!

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Pacificsun 27 months ago
How cool there was the Addams Family show in the Sixties that appealed to kids as much as adults. What a clever writer gave us such enjoyable entertainment.
RichLorn 27 months ago
Whether it is movies, TV, Plays, etc., you can have the biggest stars, the best directors, the most talented cinematographers. They are all helpless until the lonely writers weave their magic.
Pacificsun RichLorn 27 months ago
Well said!
CouchPotato19 27 months ago
I have a black cat I call Gomez.................or Peter Lorre. He's got those eyes.
chiefbobdavis 27 months ago
Gomez and Mortica, best love affair around!
Pacificsun chiefbobdavis 27 months ago
Very sophisticated for a Sixties sitcom! Go Addams!
harlow1313 27 months ago
"Oh, to be buried alive in a coffin with thee." - harlow1313
Sway 27 months ago
Morticia and Gomez, very groovy couple.
justjeff 27 months ago
In my younger days I would have loved to have had a hot woman and a cold beverage for Valentine's Day. At this stage of life, I'd settle both both a tepid woman and a lukewarm beverage...
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justjeff LoveMETV22 27 months ago
Being melodramatic is fine for some topics, but when those obvious errors, omissions and typos are posted by a "supposedly" professional person, it's really fun to needle them...just as long as the needling doesn't turn vicious...
LoveMETV22 justjeff 27 months ago
Yes, as long as it's in fun. Agree.
Pacificsun justjeff 27 months ago
Hey, at least it shows the writers we're reading! And reading closely.

Nothing worse than having a person's work be ignored!
justjeff Pacificsun 27 months ago
Did you reply? I wasn't paying attention...
sputnik_57 27 months ago
“When we’re together darling, every night is Halloween.” That's my favorite!
Pacificsun sputnik_57 27 months ago
Best, yes. That's the essence of the series.
Runeshaper 27 months ago
“I have been yours since the day I first saw you riding side-saddle on a buffalo.” - that's my favorite LOL
ncadams27 27 months ago
Why not The Addams Family on Sunday instead of the Full House marathon?
justjeff ncadams27 27 months ago
I'd settle for a blank screen instead of a Full House marathon...
ncadams27 justjeff 27 months ago
That’s what will be on in my house- a blank screen, then the Super Bowl
LoveMETV22 ncadams27 27 months ago
I like the commercials during the Super Bowl. Some great, some not so great. But still interesting.
justjeff ncadams27 27 months ago
It'll be a blank screen for that too with me. I love to say "I gave up on sports when the Dodgers left Brooklyn"... In fact, as a child we lived within walking distance to Ebbets Field, and my father used to watch the games occasionally on TV!
retired2019 justjeff 27 months ago
Full House makes me sick 🤮
Pacificsun ncadams27 27 months ago
You know, I had it on in the background (okay to keep the pups entertained while inside). It was actually cuter and funnier than I remembered in the 80's. I think it depends on our decade.

That marathon was just for Valentine's Day as an alternative to sports.
LoveMETV22 27 months ago
Lol . Fun story MeTV. #7 - “When you speak French, you drive me wild!” reminds me of
A Take On: "A Fish Called Wanda", where any Italian/Russian/French bits drove Wanda wild. 🐠🐠
#4 - “You are dearer to me than all the bats in all the caves in the world.” Does that include the Batcave on Batman? ⛺
Pacificsun LoveMETV22 27 months ago
He was such a witty writer! And look at how well it's aged (IMO)!!
Michael 27 months ago
Enough of this mushy stuff.
Pacificsun Michael 27 months ago
And now we'll return the station to the Munsters!

Where is Outer Limits anyway!? It used to be on MeTV, long ago. I guess almost everything classic was. LOL!!
LoveMETV22 Pacificsun 27 months ago
The Outer Limits is at:
Free to watch. Both seasons
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