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Take a look at Steven Kahn's action-packed comic book collection! It comes highly graded and in mint condition.

May. 15, 2023

Steven Kahn's comic book collection is larger than life, much like many of the pop culture icons and superheroes that are featured in his collection. When his collection grew too big for home, he opened a comic book store that contains thousands of comic books and toys.

Inner Child Comics and Collectibles provide maximum nostalgia for Kahn and anyone who visits. Filled with a lifetime of memories, Kahn found himself drawn to the art and storytelling within comic book pages.

Kahn's collection has something for everyone, from one of the rarest copies of Famous Monsters of Filmland to iconic comic books such as Superman #1. Take a look at this action-packed comic book collection!

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1. Famous Monsters of Filmland #6

Steven Kahn bought this Famous Monsters of Filmland from a newsstand in Florida, and he read it every day for three weeks. This item is rumored to be one of the most valuable and rarest comic books to exist today. There is only one known original. 

He only paid 35 cents for this item, but it's truly priceless to him.

2. Superman Issue #1

While this wasn't Superman's first appearance, it was his very first solo title. Kahn drove over 1,000 miles to get this comic book. Talk about dedication! 

Today this item is in very high demand, and there are very few for sale. It's said to be one of the most desirable comic books. Today this super item is worth around $150,000.

3. Stan Lee's Amazing Adventures

In 1960, Stan Lee released Amazing Adventures, but it didn't perform well. Marvel wanted to make a comic that appealed to older adults, so the title changed to Amazing Adult Fantasy. Finally, Amazing Fantasy #15 came out, featuring Spiderman on the cover.

Kahn has all three to complete the true evolution of Spiderman. This set is now worth around $60,000.

4. Action Comics #12 and #13

This item is special because, inside the comic book, there is a single-panel preview for a new character called Batman. This comic book has the first ever printed Batman in it.

The Superman comic represents what Kahn looks for in a comic book cover: a story, a message, and beautiful art. Have you ever heard the saying, "Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive?"

They are worth around $32,000.

5. Mickey Mouse Waddle Book

The Mickey Mouse Waddle Book came out in 1934. The book had multiple pages filled with figurines that could be taken out to play with.

This item is almost 100 years old, and the figures are still standing. They don't look a day past their print date. 

This item is now worth around $6,000.

6. Ninja Turtles Party Wagon

This piece is "perfect," as Kahn would say. This vintage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy is in mint condition. According to Kahn, it looks like it could still be bought out of a toy store today.

This item is still in the original box and even has the original tape on it. It is now worth around $1,500.

7. The total value of Steven Kahn's collection:

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top_cat_james_1 13 months ago
I thought Lisa came off a tad condescending in this episode.
MaryMitch top_cat_james_1 13 months ago
I've been really impressed with her on this series; she's personable and knows when to shut up. I didn't notice anything condescending.
top_cat_james_1 MaryMitch 13 months ago
Go back and watch her comments on "Amazing Fantasy" #15 specifically, and just her general tone throughout.

I generally find Whelchel to be a charming host, but it was plainly evident she has zero interest in comics, and she even admitted as much during the show. Some of us have been waiting for a comics collection to be featured, and I thought she could have at least feigned attentiveness a little better.
Snickers 13 months ago
All I can say is wow! I have a comic collection ( over 2000 books) but nothing like that.
Bapa1 13 months ago
For the record, at the end of the show when they were contemplating the trade. Steven mentioned that Kong was a Universal monster. He's not, he's an RKO property.
Bapa1 13 months ago
Good show!. My mouth dropped open when I saw the Famous Magazine. That little sticker was advertising a show I watched as a kid. I am originally from Miami and in the 60's MT Graves, (get it. Empty Graves") hosted a Saturday afternoon monster movie, on what was then the NBC affiliate. He was played by Charlie Baxter who was the weatherman for the station. met him several times, nice guy. He later would host a Saturday morning show, where he initially showed The Marvel Superheroes cartoon, and later Batman. This would show before NBC's Saturday cartoon schedule would kick in. His sidekick was Toby the Robot. He would later do a Sunday morning show where he would read The Sunday Funnies. And it was as boring as it sounds. He would later move to a local UHF channel, and host a kid's show as Kaptain Kidd. Funny how little sticker would bring back memories.
MrsPhilHarris Bapa1 13 months ago
Nice memory. Thanks for sharing.
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