This is definitely not George C. Scott with his wife on Columbo

The myth still persists that the Patton star made an uncredited cameo.

"Make Me a Perfect Murder" stands out amongst the many Columbo episodes for a handful of reasons. For starters, literally, the episode opens with Peter Falk as Columbo in the first scene. That was a rarity, as the mystery series typically set up and showed the entire murder before the frumpy lieutenant strolled in.

Later, we learn a little biographical detail about Columbo, too. He grew up in a family with five brothers and one sister. "We were never lonely," he remarks.

But aside from this fun trivia, "Make Me a Perfect Murder" rises above other cases due to the quality of the cast and script. It's funny (Columbo wearing a neck brace throughout the episode leads to laughs), insightful into the human psyche, and rather tense. On top of that, Trish Van Devere mesmerizes as the killer, the ambitious television producer Kay Freestone.

Van Devere first earned her fame on a soap opera, One Life to Live, on which she appeared in the late 1960s. That springboard led to an acclaimed breakthrough in One Is a Lonely Number (1972), a drama about a newly single woman that earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

That year turned out to be quite significant in the life of Van Devere. In 1972, she also married her esteemed peer George C. Scott, the star of Patton.

Van Devere and Scott teamed up onscreen, too, playing Belle and the Beast in a 1976 made-for-TV version of Beauty and the Beast. A year later, they were cuddling on the cover of People magazine.

People''Say, that doesn't look anything like me.''

Perhaps this is why a weird myth arose that Oscar-winner George C. Scott made an uncredited cameo on Columbo. People just assumed he came along to the set with his wife?

For years, Scott was credited on the IMDb page for the episode (though, he no longer is). However, other websites, like this one, continue to credit Scott for playing the man in the TV studio control room. You can see the character in question above. Some fans believe it to be true.

But take it from the source herself — Trish Van Devere squashed the rumor on Facebook

"NO! SORRY," she wrote in response to a fan's question about Scott's rumored cameo. Mystery solved.

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RicoBranco 37 months ago
Actually thought it was Dennis Hopper
DethBiz 40 months ago
Maybe it is a George C. Scott impersonator just as Robert Sacchi made a career out of being a Humphrey Bogart look-a-like in movies.
jeopardyhead 42 months ago
If I remember correctly, the reason I thought that was George C. Scott is that I read it in the TV Guide listing when it originally aired.
Mooz 42 months ago
Very minor resemblance, but sounds nothing like Scott! (who is unmistakable sounding). lol
MrsPhilHarris 42 months ago
It doesn’t even look like him. So many of these situations such as Jerry Mathers On I Love Lucy.
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