This home for sale is literally a time capsule from the 1970s

The disco dream includes shag carpeting, funky patterns and wood paneling.

Image: Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Time machines haven't been invented yet, but we've found the closest thing to one! Check out this house that recently went on the market in Framingham, Massachusetts.

The property is decorated in the finest the 1970s had to offer, basically becoming a time capsule for the decade. Details like the shag carpeting, funky patterns and wood paneling caught everyone's attention, and it has people talking. 

"The original owner built the house and customized it and did all the decor in the early '70s," realtor Matt Duffy told Buzzfeed. New owners eventually came to live here, but it looks like they haven't changed a thing. 

Check out some highlights from this disco dream.

Nothing screams "Seventies!" quite like bright orange shag carpeting. You've gotta love the retro television and speakers in the wall, too!

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Let's go to the bedroom, where the carpets, sheets and drapes are decked out in the best plaid pattern the '70s could produce. 

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Green was a popular color for kitchen appliances in the '70s, so it's fitting this kitchen was inspired by limes and lemons. 

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

The house seems tame and tasteful with all its patterns, until you walk into the bathroom. It's like a disco up in here!

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Another bedroom that perfectly matches the drapes with the curtains.

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

We're digging the pattern on these couches. Say, is there plastic on them?

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Let's walk down the hall to see one final room...

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

Alright! We're back in the lime green kitchen. Check out those floor tiles. 

Matt Duffy/Century 21 Duffy

The original owners are selling the property for $624,900. They say they're willing to leave some of the retro furniture behind if the new homeowners want to keep the '70s tradition alive. 

Well, what do you say? Does this house remind you of where you grew up, or is it a little too funky?

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