The ''Gunsmoke'' cast sided with Milburn Stone after he got into an argument with a producer

"I am too old to scare and too rich to care!"

The vow "for better or for worse" doesn't just apply to married couples. It also applies to casts like the actors of Gunsmoke, because, let's be honest if you're on a television series together for 20 seasons, you should be considered legally married. 

The Gunsmoke cast was just as close off-screen as they were on, to the point that when one of them got into an argument, the others immediately took their side, forming a united front. 

According to an interview with the Belvidere Daily Republican, Milburn Stone, known as Doc Adams, got into an argument with a "young producer" on the set of Gunsmoke. The argument was regarding a scene the producer wanted to film, which Stone argued didn't feel like a true Gunsmoke scene. The argument escalated to the point that Stone actually walked off the studio, with the article stating that he yelled "I am too old to scare and too rich to care!" 

Apparently, after leaving the set, the producer expected the rest of the Gunsmoke cast, who had witnessed the entire debacle, to come to his aid. Quite the opposite; instead, James Arness reportedly informed the producer, "I'd listen to him [Stone] if I were you. We always do, and it's never done us one bit of harm!"

It's a camaraderie that every member of the cast is familiar with. Amanda Blake explained, "Like any family we have our differences. But we stick together when an outsider picks on one of us."

Moreover, the friendship between castmates was not only for the benefit of Stone during his argument; it also created a better episode of Gunsmoke. Stone stated that the cast's bond was so great that it was visible through their characters on screen. He said, "That public senses it and they respond. It's something actors just can't fake."

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royleon 2 months ago
Hard luck Henry. One of my favorite gunsmoke episodes. Fetus (Ken Curtis). And Henry (John Astin) are hilarious in this episode. Hats off to the writers of this episode.
royleon 2 months ago
Fetus and doc Adams have a very strong bond with each other. You can see it in every episode featuring doc and fetus. Truly one of the best if not the best t v westerns ever produced.
royleon 2 months ago
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JohnnyWalker 3 months ago
I liked "Doc" but I didn't like the negative back and forth w Festus. Seemed they had to have an "issue" at the end of every show...yet they would come to each other's aid if the other guy ever needed it. I just didn't get why they had to include a negative exchange between the two at the conclusion of every show..
JohnnyWalker 3 months ago
I don't know how to respond to particular posts but the one just below is incorrect. Belvidere is in Boone County but not Wisconsin. It's in Illinois...and the newspaper the "Daily Republican" is a monthly free newspaper with a old photo always on the front. Mostly ads and "notices." I am curious how that newspaper got an interview w Milburn Stone. Was he passing through Belvidere? Does he have family there? It's a small town famous for a devastating tornado back in 1967. Maybe the writer simply reached out to Milburn and he responded? Very curious how that transpired.
Avie 5 months ago
"According to an interview with the Belvidere Daily Republican, Milburn Stone, known as Doc Adams, got into an argument with a 'young producer' on the set of Gunsmoke."

You might mention that it's the Belvidere Daily Republican newspaper in Boone County, Wisconsin.
tootsieg 5 months ago
I love that quote!!’ Good for Milburn Stone for standing up for himself and good for James Arness for backing him up.
Runeshaper 5 months ago
Family is important ❤️
Platitudes are platitudes.
Closing ranks to protect an idiot is usually silly, regardless of DNA or secret-handshake club membership. sure can banter.
ncadams27 5 months ago
Not sure what the issue was, but it seems odd that this issue would come up during filming. I always thought there were scripts, rehearsals, and other opportunities to raise an objection if an actor didn’t feel the scene was right. I think this is something that could have been resolved before the entire cast was present.
harlow1313 5 months ago
This article is lacking. It is very possible that the "young" producer was right. Down with tribalism. Seek truth.
tdk4 harlow1313 5 months ago
Considering Gunsmoke was the longest running TV Western ever, the "young producer" was just a punk trying to make his mark and the cast knew what was best for the show. Obviously so, the series aired for 20 years!
Deleted 5 months ago
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tdk4 5 months ago
Unlike "spoiled schoolboys", the cast of Gunsmoke were all seasoned actors who knew what they were doing, and what the public would accept.
Unlike the TV public of today that will watch trashy TV, the viewing public of that era would not accept garbage. Good for Milburn Stone!
jmworacle 5 months ago
When a cast works together and egos are checqued at the door it's amazing what can be accomplished.
raibreth 5 months ago
I always adored Doc/Milburn Stone because he looked, acted and sounded just like my grandfather. All these years later and I still get misty eyed watching him for that very personal reason.
Andybandit 5 months ago
Go for MS for standing up for what he believes in.
Sesha 5 months ago
I’ve been watching Gunsmoke for the last 66 years and I have not been moved emotionally watching any episode until I recently saw episode called “ALIAS FESTUS HAGEN”.
The way Matt, Kitty and Doc showed up for him when he was in trouble…brought me to tears.
I felt the genuine love they had for each other. 💕💕
Pacificsun 5 months ago
My dad watched every Western made. I don't ever remember him saying something against one. But my guess is that his favorite was Gunsmoke. I don't think he realized at the time. But it had a Soap Opera element. He was fascinated by the Matt + Kitty relationship. Did they, or won't they??
harlow1313 Pacificsun 5 months ago
They were wise in never making the "Moonlighting" mistake.
Irish 5 months ago
First of all let me say I loved Milburn Stone. He was a no nonsense actor and he was a Nay or Yay kind of guy. I like that in a person. I'm glad the cast stuck up for each other over the 20 year run. Knowing that, makes the show much more special to keep watching....even though we've seen each episode several times over. And on a personal note, I think Doc was a handsome guy! ❤️🩺🩹💉
KJExpress Irish 5 months ago
I kinda like ol' Doc myself. 😊
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