Ron Howard loved being a child actor, but he also wouldn't recommend it to anyone else

Child acting is not for the faint of heart.

Reliving your childhood can be no easy task, especially when faced with reconciling your good memories of adolescence with the bad, sometimes even coming to terms with the fact that sometimes, they're actually the same thing.

Although he has since turned to directing, Ron Howard had more of a career as a child actor than many adult actors can claim in their entire lifetime. For the most part, Howard enjoyed the experience. Speaking to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Howard said, "Other kids may resent [acting], but mostly I really enjoyed it. I felt very comfortable. I understood it. It was an environment where I knew I was excelling."

It's a joy that Howard credited to his mother and father, who are also actors. Howard stated, "My dad gave me a lot of confidence and was teaching me how to do it, teaching me how to think, so I was actually learning a craft."

Moreover, Howard emphasized that the lessons he learned in acting as a child actually benefit him after he grew up.

He said, "The things I learned as a child I was able to apply as an adult, whereas a lot of child actors have to unlearn the cutesy tricks that sabotage them later on when they're trying to operate on a more adult level.

Still, in that same interview, Howard confessed that he doesn't recommend child stardom as a career for others.

He said, "I always try to discourage parents from putting their children in this business, especially little kids." He also rationalized, "I'm one of the few child actors who got through it without a lot of anger and resentment. Most child actors aren't taught how to act. They're sort of taught how to perform. They're like trained animals. I think I made it through because I was working toward something. I had a different dream."

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JHP 5 months ago
I'd agree with him considering the state of present society - think back:

Leave to Beaver
Dennis the Menace
My 3 sons (sort of)

now kids would have to be toting heat to get ratings
Lisano 5 months ago
Celebrating my 70th day on the 20th of Feb.
Happy birthday to you Ron.
JayFlo 5 months ago
Happy upcoming 70th birthday, Mr Howard.
Deleted 5 months ago
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5 months ago
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WordsmithWorks 5 months ago
Howard benefitted from good parenting and a solid support system on set. Two things in short supply for today's child actors.
Irish 5 months ago
Good story. Enjoyed reading it. Ron Howard's story was a success story. So many childhood actors ended up going down the rabbit hole. Sadly, many turned to drugs and even suicide. I'm glad Ron's life went in the right direction., and so many went on to further their education and have great careers outside of show business.
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