R.I.P. Lisa Seagram, who honeymooned in The Beverly Hillbillies cabin and poisoned Batman on TV

She also featured in the only color episode of Perry Mason.

In the third season of The Beverly Hillbillies, the oil man who helped Jed Clampett capitalize on his accidental fortune, Mr. Brewster, is getting hitched, and where else should he decide to honeymoon with his bride Edythe Brewster than the Clampetts' cabin?

For this hilarious story arc, the lovely Lisa Seagram was tapped to play Edythe across three episodes, including her initial exchange with Granny, who laments the cabin was better when there were pigs running around. Edythe kindly stumbles through a statement that she's never had pigs, but she's sure, "They're just charming." The character is gracious the entire time she inhabits the famous TV cabin, by then relocated and curiously fixed in all its shambling glory to the side of The Clampetts' mansion.

Later, we'd see Seagram again on TV in another bright guest starring role, this time as the Batman henchwoman Lila, who serves Louie, the Lilac in the 1967 episode that bears the villain's name. As Lila, Seagram wore her hair in a bright red beehive and ran a flower shop (appropriately named Lila's Lilac Shop) where she not only poisoned Batman and Robin with lilacs, but her shop is also where the duo is subjected to man-eating lilacs. In the end, we see Lila dragged off to prison with the other Louie henchmen.

Perry Mason

On TV, Seagram featured on many hit 1960s shows, including My Three Sons, Wagon Train, Bewitched, Gunsmoke, Burke's Law and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. On Perry Mason, she featured in the only episode shot in color, "The Case of the Twice Told Twist." In it, she plays the nightclub owner Robin Spring, who has captured the hearts of both a young thief who steals from Perry and a gang leader with even bigger plans.

Batman would feature her last appearance on TV, and soon after, Seagram retired from acting. She launched Actors 2000, an acting school in Hawaii, which later relocated to Los Angeles.

On February 1, Lisa Seagram passed away at the age of 82.

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JeffTanner 63 months ago
Oh, That's too bad and sad. She died a month & 1 day ago today. Today being March 2nd. The article doesn't say whether she was married or not.
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