R.I.P. Bob Barker, ''The Price is Right'' and ''Truth or Consequences'' host and animals rights activist

He guest-starred on Bonanza, advocated for spaying and neutering pets, and refused to host a beauty pageant due to their use of fur. The long-time game show host was 99.

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Bob Barker, known for hosting the game shows The Price is Right and Truth or Consequences, has passed away.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, after a decade on the radio, Barker was named host of the nationally televised Truth or Consequences in December 1956 and stayed with that program through 1975.

In his career, Barker garnered 15 Emmy awards. He was presented a Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 and was inducted into the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame five years later.

Barker generated buzz when he refused to dye his hair in 1987 due to the animal products used in hair dyes, The same year, he declined to go on as host of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants after learning about the contestants wearing animals skins.

You may know his animal activism more from his famous closing line on each episode of The Price is Right, which he hosted from 1972 to 2007, "have your pets spayed or neutered."

Barker trained as a Navy fighter pilot during World War II, though he did not serve on active duty. He found his true calling as a host when during his tenure at a radio station, one staffer failed to show up at the last minute and he did his first audience-participation show. It was an instant spark.

At 32 years old, Barker got an audition for Truth or Consequences. The show went on to become the No. 1 show on daytime television and then went on five times a week in syndication.

In 1998, upon the taping of the 5,000th episode of The Price Is Right, CBS dedicated Stage 33 at CBS Television City as the Bob Barker Studio.

Barker had a good sense of humor and could poke fun at himself, and found a brand new generation of fans when he appeared on the Adam Sandler movie Happy Gilmore, playing himself — and beating up Adam Sandler during a celebrity golf tournament. (At one point, Sandler yells "The price is wrong!" after slugging Barker... which Barker more than returns.) “Nobody had heard of Adam Sandler until I beat him up,” Barker teased. He and Sandler won the 1996 MTV Award for best fight.

Though Barker is known for his game show roles and activism, he did appear on a handful of other TV shows, including Futurama, How I Met Your Mother, and Bonanza where he guest-starred in 1960.

Barker was 99 when he passed.

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Lantern 10 months ago
Sadly, another show biz person who passed on the cusp of turning 100 (Betty White was even closer).
Snickers 10 months ago
R.I.P Bob Barker, a true gentleman and friend to animals.
ReidDavis 10 months ago
Original Barker PIR model Dian Parkinson has a different perspective on the man,,.
MrsPhilHarris 10 months ago
Too be honest I thought he died a few years ago.
BrittReid 10 months ago
Legendary MC and animal lover. R.I.P. Bob Barker.
Runeshaper 10 months ago
R.I.P. Bob Barker. He was a good man. I love my animals so it was extra cool that he'd close The Price is Right episodes with, "have your pets spayed or neutered."
JeffPaul76 10 months ago
Well, I didn't know about Bob Barker dying until now when I read about here. That's a shock, but not really, as I knew he was not doing good health-wise.
CortneyNicole 10 months ago
RIP Bob Baker. Thank you for all the wonderful memories when I grew up watching the game show the Price is Right.
Moverfan 10 months ago
I watched Truth Or Consequences in the late sixties/early seventies (don't think I was even ten yet) and I remember two bits that may have been from the same episode. In one, he led three people through sort of a Gothic horror movie scene and had a young lady (in her twenties probably) open an old cedar chest or window seat--and inside was her husband, who I think was home from Vietnam (I had no idea at the time).
The other was at the end of the show and Bob was up in the "cheap seats", showing the world two rows of empty seats (the people who sat there were part of a reunion). He talked for a bit, then held up a full baby bottle and said "This is all that's left".
Sway 10 months ago
R.I.P. Bob Barker. 🕊 Thank you for the entertainment and the compassion for animals.
Come on UP!
cperrynaples 10 months ago
Actually, there's one more word in that line, but you can't say it here...LOL!
The "B" word!
justjeff 10 months ago
In the late 1960s, a friend and I acquired tickets to Truth or Consquences as they were doing a taping from Miami Beach at the then-Playboy Plaza Hotel on Collins Avenue. We dressed up in out sportcoats and ties, and *finally* got to see what made the audience howl so much at the beginning of the show...

Two male contestants were brought up on stage to put on woman's garments over their own clothes from suitcases as fast as they could within 60 seconds. This was the show's regular warm-up gag.

I always wished I could locate tapes of those shows to see if I could spot my buddy and I in the audience as the camera panned over the laughing crowd...

Does anyone remember Beulah the chimp? She was taught to blow a buzzer-like toy when a player failed their task. She was eventually replaced with an electronic buzzer (they still calleded it "Beulah")...

As an adult, I'm suspecting that Beulah the chimp was named after the radio/TV character of Beulah, and if this was so, it was one of those "culturally inappropriate" moments we'd all like to forget... but I can't prove or disprove my theory...

R.I.P. Bob Barker - and thanks for many years of great entertainment...

Oh, speaking of "Truth or Consequences"... My truth was I thought I'd picked up a cold from a worker at my favorite restaurant... The consequence is that it was COVID! Fortunately, all of my shots and boosters have kept this down to a cold-like illness and I'm getting pretty bored self-isolating... but I thank God it hadn't been worse!

My only regret is that my long streak of careful behavior was broken (I have both a pacemaker and respiratory allergies)... I had to take my mask off to eat... The worker had been coughing a bit but told me he was getting over a cold. I didn't think too much of it because I'd figured he wouldn't have come in unless he was past being contagious. I was wrong. He didn't know he had more than a cold, because so many COVID variants are going around now...

The other evening, just of of curiosity I'd tested myself.... Positive! I tested again to make sure I didn't do things wrong... same result... One more test a day later... no different... Although it's now been a week and I can go out with a mask on, I'll just wait another couple of days and hope that when I re-test by the end of the week the result will be negative...
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Snickers justjeff 10 months ago
So many variants, seems like a new one pops up all the time. Been lucky so far in that I have not been infected. Hope your next test comes back clean and you are well.
justjeff Snickers 10 months ago
Much obliged!
MrsPhilHarris justjeff 10 months ago
Thanks so much. I was better but not 100%. I know some people don’t think it’s real but it is! Recently the forest fire smoke passed by and I had a few days short of breath.
tootsieg justjeff 10 months ago
Sounds good. 👍
ncadams27 10 months ago
I remember watching the game show Truth or Consequences on TV with Bob Barker as host. The contestant was asked a question and if they couldn’t tell the truth (i.e., give the correct answer), then they faced the consequences by participating in the stunt. The catch was that they were given about half a second before the buzzer sounded, so no one was able to avoid the consequences. You often think of people participating in these shows, but in March 1950, the producers offered to air their tenth anniversary show from whatever town would name themselves after the show. Hot Springs NM changed their name and the show was held there. Bob Barker wasn’t the host then, but I find this an interesting story.
cperrynaples ncadams27 10 months ago
Yep, and when they could solve the obvious riddle, Bob would tell them it was a 2 part question! I hated that show except when they did family reunions! PIR was much nicer and so was Bob!
Pacificsun 10 months ago
A very long, and from what's reported, good life! Imagine being that recognizable, adding so much television viewing enjoyment, and doing so much positive activism! What a notable way to be remembered!!
tootsieg 10 months ago
What a great life!!! Rest In Peace, Bob.
KMT6600 10 months ago
Rest in peace With your wife Dorothy Joe Game shows are never the same with out U
gockionni 10 months ago
Bob Barker made The Price Is Right more memorable than any other host. I had a regular babysitting job during the summer and all the great game shows were part of the tv lineup, TPIR being my favorite. Also recall the original 1956 version with Bill Cullen as host. I’m not positive but I think I remember they gave away houses in those days. Can you imagine?!
cperrynaples gockionni 10 months ago
Well, houses were much less expensive back then!
Moverfan cperrynaples 10 months ago
True--my parents bought our house in late 1963, early 1964--two stories, nine or ten rooms, counting the bathroom--and they paid $10,500 for it.
Muleskinner 10 months ago
RIP, Bob. My mom and dad never missed Price is Right and loved it when CBS used to put it on in prime time occasionally. I really liked it too but lost interest after he retired.
FloridaTopCat 10 months ago
RIP, Bob Barker, Thank You for all the entertainment you provided over the years!
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