R.I.P. Adam Rich, child star best known as Nicholas Bradford from ''Eight Is Enough''

Rich was just 8 years old when he displayed the memorable pageboy haircut with his character of Nicholas Bradford.

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Adam Rich became a child star following his rise to fame in the late Seventies hit dramedy Eight Is Enough. He played Nicholas Bradford, the youngest son of the bunch, who is best known for having the blunt edges of his pageboy haircut. 

According to The New York Times, Rich died Saturday, Jan. 7 2023 at his home in Los Angeles at the age of 54. 

Per the Times, Rich's publicist Danny Deraney confirmed the death, though did not give a cause. He said Rich was "kind, generous and a warrior in the fight against mental illness."

The comforting, Sacramento-based show featured Rich for five seasons and starred Dick Van Patten as Tom Bradford Sr. The first season of Eight Is Enough was one of a lot of change, as Diana Hyland, who played Tom Bradford's wife Joan, passed away during filming of the inaugural season. 

Rich was 8 years old when he landed the recurring role of Nicholas Bradford. 

In the pilot, Rich was alongside Mark Hamill, who left the series early to play in his career-defining role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, per The Hollywood Reporter

Though Eight Is Enough is what Rich is arguably best known for, he appeared on several other shows in the late Seventies and throughout the Eighties. 

He made his screen debut during season four of The Six Million Dollar Man. He had appearances on The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, CHiPs, Code Red, and Small Wonder, while also voicing "Presto the Magician" in the animated series Dungeons & Dragons. He also showed up during a 1993 episode of Baywatch, per IMDb.com

His big screen credits include The City in 1977, the voice of titular character in Tukiki and His Search for a Merry Christmas in '79, The Devil and Max Devlin in 1981 and the TV movies Eight Is Enough: A Family Reunion and An Eight Is Enough Wedding

As Rich grew up, it was clear what type of impact he was leaving behind. 

"He was unselfish and always looked out for those he cared about. Which is why many people who grew up with him feel a part of their childhood gone, and sad today," said Deraney.

"He was really America's Little Brother." 

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Moody 15 months ago
So sad to hear of Adam Rich's passing. RIP
texasluva Moody 15 months ago
Tonight's MQ is over on: Answer these questions, and we'll guess your favorite Twilight Zone episode
Bapa1 15 months ago
RIP. I knew he had a rough life. Terrible show though
Peter_Falk_Fan 15 months ago
I was saddened to hear that Adam Rich had passed away. He was good as Nicholas Bradford on "Eight is Enough".

R.I.P. Adam Rich
MrsPhilHarris 15 months ago
Dreadfully sad. I understand he struggled for most of his adult life.
MichaelPowers 15 months ago
Actress Kimberly Beck (January 9 birthday) is also in the pilot playing Nancy Bradford. The part would go to Diane Kay for the run of the series.
Mblack MichaelPowers 15 months ago
I saw that. She's Linda Blair's best friend in the classic Roller Boogie.

It seemed misleading to mention the pilot. Did we ever see it? Oddly in Canada, I never saw the series until the second season, so it took a while until I knew the mother had been there the first season.

An article about the pilot wouod have been nice. Tommy is played by another actor. I always thought Grant Goodeve seemed older than the rest. Mark Hamill doesn't give that.
Bapa1 Mblack 15 months ago
Yeah, Mark Hamill passed up Eight is Enough for some thing called "Star Wars". How'd that work out? Sucker.
CoreyC Bapa1 15 months ago
Mark Hamill was probably cast as David cause he had a resemblance to Richard Thomas aka John Boy in The Waltons. The Waltons and Eight Is Enough and The Waltons had the same producers.
JeffPaul76 CoreyC 15 months ago
But Mark Hamill doesn't have a big ugly mole on the left side of his face like Richard Thomas does.
KLHall1960 15 months ago
I think METV should have an Eight Is Enough tribute.
Adamsfather45 15 months ago
Eight is Enough is one of my all time favorite shows. Adam Rich as Nicholas Bradford was my favorite. I am the same age as he was so I could relate to his charactor.
Mblack Adamsfather45 15 months ago
I liked the show , but I was about twenty. The show's appeal to me was the five sisters.

Some of those actresses didn't do so well after the show.
Runeshaper 15 months ago
R.I.P. Adam Rich AKA America's Little Brother.
LoveMETV22 15 months ago
R.I.P. Adam Rich. That is sad. " Eight Is Enough" was a great series.
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