Revisit Alan Thicke's hilariously meta guest appearance in 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'

This week for TGI-Me: Watch 'Hangin' With Mr. Cooper'!

When TGIF debuted the pilot to Hangin' With Mr. Cooper, they wanted to address the elephant in the room: The episode was filmed in the very familiar home of the Seaver family on Growing Pains. What they decided to do could not have been more literal.

The pilot of Hangin' With Mr. Cooper opens with an unusual scene where guest star Alan Thicke walks right into the house where Hangin' With Mr. Cooper star Mark Curry is lounging on the Seavers couch. Thicke apologizes for the mistake, referencing his own sitcom, and Curry laughs it off, and tells him his sitcom is just set to start. It's hilariously meta, especially when Thicke moves toward the fireplace where a portrait of his TV family still hangs. 

The scene ends with Thicke trying to wriggle into a role on Curry's show, only to exit the home and bow out gracefully in the style of his measured sitcom character Dr. Jason Seaver.

Watch the pilot above or go here to watch all five Hangin' With Mr. Cooper episodes available for one week only, starting today, as MeTV continues our limited revival of TGIF shows. Check the TGI-Me schedule to see what TGIF show will be coming up next.

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