M*A*S*H met Mayberry in a 1958 movie and nobody noticed it

Klinger and Andy together?! Too bad Jamie Farr didn't receive credit for his role.

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There are many reasons for classic TV fans to seek out the 1958 movie No Time for Sergeants. Don Knotts made his big-screen debut, performing a sort of magician's ring trick in an Air Force aptitude test. In the lead role, Andy Griffith portrayed Pvt. Will Stockdale for the third time, following a stint on Broadway and an abridged television adaptation on The United States Steel Hour in 1955. As Stockdale, the North Carolina comedian acts like a country bumpkin in the Air Force. It's not how we think of Griffith today — he's essentially playing Gomer Pyle.

Western lovers take note. No Time for Sergeants also features Nick Adams (Johnny Yuma of The Rebel) and Will Hutchins (Tom Brewster of Sugarfoot), two lead cowboys of primetime also playing against typecasting. 

But keen eyes will spot an even more surprising face. About 80 minutes into the movie, Will Stockdale rides in an airplane. Hunched over, he shuffles his way into the cockpit, where the pilot and co-pilot snooze in their chairs. Take a look at the co-pilot. Remind you of another classic military comedy?

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Indeed, that is Klinger himself, Jamie Farr! Though, at the time, the actor went by his given name, Jameel Farah. Either way, Farr did not receive credit for this part in No Time for Sergeants at all, despite having lines of dialogue with Andy Griffith.

In the late '50s, Farr (well, Farah) was just starting his career. The Toledo native made his screen debut (credited!) in Blackboard Jungle (1955). Around the time of Sergeants' release, he also popped up on The Red Skelton Hour and The Rebel (speaking of Nick Adams again).

As for when Jameel Farah became Jamie Farr, the stage name arose around 1961. Farr turned up in a handful of early Dick Van Dyke Show episodes as a Snappy Service delivery boy. As you can see in the closing credits, he not only receives billing for the part, he is "Jamie Farr." Here we show him in his first time on the sitcom, in "Sally and the Lab Technician."

Did you recognize young Farr in these roles?

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SenorSock 22 months ago
Jamie Farr also appeared with Andy Griffith in the Andy Griffith show episode "The Gypsies". He also appeared ion two episodes of "Gomer Pyle"
Wiseguy 45 months ago
I bought a DVD set of old public domain episodes of The Johnny Carson Show (1955-56). In one episode Jamie Farr makes an uncredited appearance. It may have been his first TV appearance.
VBartilucci 45 months ago
Jamie had a long relationship with Red Skelton, before and after his service in the army.

snifferdog 45 months ago
If I’m not mistaken wasn’t Jamie Farr in an episode of the Andy Griffith show as a Gypsy?
I believe that Andy and Barney tried too get them to leave town.
snifferdog snifferdog 45 months ago
Season 6 episode 23.
Barney was not in this episode but warren as deputy was.
WilliamLAllen 45 months ago
I saw Jamie Farr on n old episode of Mr Ed once.
stagebandman 45 months ago
Another connection, William Christopher (Father Mulcahy) played a doctor on The Andy Griffith Show.
madmark1 stagebandman 45 months ago
That is true he also played an IRS man when aunt Bea won prizes on a game show
Moverfan madmark1 41 months ago
He's also in a couple episodes of Carol Burnett & Friends. The first time I saw him, Mama Cass Elliott is trying to get Carol to openly buy a copy of The Sensuous Woman when their new parish priest walks into the bookstore--I thought I was seeing things until the future Francis Mulcahy opened his mouth!
madmark1 Moverfan 41 months ago
I never knew William Christopher was on Carol Burnett but that’s interesting. I sure would like to see that episode. Carol Burnett was a good show and William Christopher was a excellent actor he could portray dramatic roles as well as comedic rolls.
Moverfan madmark1 41 months ago
Look for an episode of Carol Burnett & Friends (or The Carol Burnett Show--why this show has two different names, I don't know) where Mama Cass is one of the guests. Then look for the sketch where she and Carol walk into a feminist bookstore--or as it's known today, a bookstore. Apparently William Christopher was an acting student of Harvey Korman's! (And there's a voiceover during the end credits saying that Father So-And-So was played by Bill Christopher.)
MeTvEr 45 months ago
Jamie Farr was on at least 2 Gomer episodes too. Gomer captured him and his platoon while doing manuevers. He also played the prop man when Sgt. Carter kept messing up his line in the Marine movie.
AgingDisgracefully 45 months ago
What about that MASH episode where Frank storms into North Korea shouting, "Citizen's arrest! Citizen's arrest!"? McArthur never forgave him.
pumkinheadfan 45 months ago
The whole set up for No Time For Sergeants is pretty much Gomer Pyle USMC. It's not a bad thing, but a way Ive explained the film to others in the past.
PRLD 45 months ago
The reason "No one noticed" is because "No Time For Sergeants" was nothing like, "MASAH".
And it is an insult to that great move to even suggest such a thing.
AgingDisgracefully PRLD 45 months ago
Harrumph! If only Margaret Dumont were here to echo the haughty disdain. The very IDEA!
Wiseguy PRLD 45 months ago
They're asking if anyone noticed that Jamie Farr was in the movie with Andy Griffith. No one tried to compare "No Time for Sergeants" and "M*A*S*H. Nobody's insulting anybody. Grow up.
DawnGraham 45 months ago
At the time of the movie in 1958, of course we would have not noticed the Mash connection.
WordsmithWorks DawnGraham 45 months ago
Or the Andy Griffith Show connection.
srrainwater 45 months ago
I thought that was a young Jamie Farr. But didn't see his name in the movie credits. Thanks for the info.
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