Here's what Ron Howard learned on the set of ''Andy Griffith Show''

Andy Griffith's motto was "I don't want the public to laugh at us; I want them to laugh with us."

Child stars often get a bad rep in show business. Because their adolescence is shaped by Hollywood glamour that many of us can only dream of, it tends to affect younger actors, for better or for worse. Ron Howard is an example of one of the better child actors, forever remembered as sweet Opie and youthful Richie, but perhaps even better celebrated for his work as a director.

It turns out that when making the journey from child star to successful adult with little to no speed bumps, it's helpful to have a role model there to guide you through the change. For Ron, that role model, both on and off the screen, was none other than Andy Griffith. According to an article for The Los Angeles Times, Howard spoke at a Griffith tribute at the Mount Airy Mayberry Days Celebration in a series of pre-recorded statements. Ron Howard stated that Griffith had a lasting impact on him, speaking both personally and professionally.

Howard said, "Andy's impact on my life and my approach to my work really can't be measured." He continued, "The balance that he sustained between focused, creative effort and this overt, playful enjoyment that he got out of working hard with people that he liked, doing a show he loved, was something that I hope I'll always remember and emulate."

Howard also said that Griffith had a motto: "I don't want the public to laugh at us; I want them to laugh with us." Certainly helpful in the moves to get the audience to laugh with the show was the injection of real-life elements into the fictional town of Mayberry, along with original ideas from the cast, including little Ron Howard. Howard claimed that Griffith made him, then a young child on set, "feel safe, comfortable enough to participate and then to be able to witness and learn so much about the collaborative process — the value of originality, the discipline of form and the bursts of individual inspiration that good moments and scenes are built on."

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Runeshaper 7 months ago
So glad that they had a great relationship ❤️
FLETCH 7 months ago
"Hollywood glamour that many of us can only dream of..."

Speak for yourself. I've never dreamed of "Hollywood glamour". Hollywood is fool's gold.

True, successful people working in Hollywood can make a lucrative income but that's it. Fame is fake and fleeting and often comes with a great cost. Many seek out a career in Hollywood striving for that attention because of deep rooted mental issues that they falsely believe Hollywood will cure. Only to find out that it is far from the truth and in many cases make matters worse.
Pacificsun FLETCH 7 months ago
The nice thing about focusing more on the period of classic TV, which the MeTV Staff writers do. Meaning as opposed to contemporary times and the destructive bent of social media. Is that back then, television really was more of an industry. Talented people made their living from it. Look at the candid film of TAGs on location (for example). Hard working professionals, working decades. Not to say that many young hopefuls didn't uproot themselves in search of hollow and transitory fame. But many, many became "working actors" paying their dues over a decade or more. Some, as the other MeTV stories write about too, didn't even get started until the later decades of their lives. The difference really, is in the distorted reputation (attention) "Hollywood" earns from capitalizing on easy headlines and sensationalism. But it's really not fair to the genuine craft-talent (behind the scenes) who make so many others, and particularly specialized effects, look good.
Pacificsun 7 months ago
TAGs is a comfortable, gentle comedy! And Andy Griffith had a wise vision for the Series!
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