Goober, Andy and Howard's wild night out

The men of Mayberry liked a good time.

Celebrity memoirs are a good time. They're always promoted as "tell-all" revelations, even if they more accurately only "tell-some." But whether it's Britney, Prince Harry, or Michelle Obama, fans wishing for a peek behind the curtain will have their chance. Any given New York Times Best Seller List is going to include somebody, somewhere, cashing in on their fame to entice readers with some juicy gossip. The stars of TV's yesteryear were no different. 

Fans of The Andy Griffith Show have had a long time to look at the details surrounding the show. For more than fifty years now, there has been so much writing about Mayberry and its cast of characters. An unbelievable amount has been divulged, and some of it has been straight from the source. That's what made George Lindsey's 1995 bestseller Goober in a Nutshell so compelling. He was there, on the set, witnessing it all, at least for seasons four through eight.

Before we get to the salacious tidbits, it should be noted that George Lindsey got sober in the early eighties. But, before that, the guy liked to have a "good time." A good deal of his memoir is about either drinking or fighting. The man could throw down, whether it was with his fists or with a pint. So, without further ado, here is a very fun story from Goober in a Nutshell.

One night, a distinctly un-Mayberry series of events occurred when Lindsey, Andy Griffith, Jack Dodson, and Mayberry R.F.D's Ken Berry got together for some revelry. Allegedly, according to Lindsey, each man by himself drank an entire quart of whiskey. Then, as one does, they each donned a pair of aviator goggles and caps before piling into a great big white limousine.

The limo escorted the stars to a nearby Merle Haggard concert. While it's easy to picture just about anyone in Mayberry listening to Merle Haggard, the events that follow might seem unlikely to fans, as Griffith, Lindsey, Dodson, and Berry all bounded onstage in the middle of the show. Haggard, who enjoyed a drink himself, let the drunk stars join him for a few songs. 

Imagine being an unsuspecting fan at a Merle Haggard concert when suddenly half of Mayberry is singing along to "I'm Leaving Now." Do not adjust your television set. It's just the boys having fun.

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tootsieg 6 months ago
Sounds like the Mayberry Rat Pack.
harlow1313 6 months ago
I call BS. True fans know this happened at a Darling's show.
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