Eva Gabor sets the record straight about her feud with Zsa Zsa

Here are the facts on the supposed rivalry.

So, are sibling rivalries healthy, or not? Who knows how much of the world was shaped by one brother trying to outdo the other? How many times has the culture shifted because one sister wasn't content with staying in the shadow of another? It's all much deeper than a regular rivalry, as these opposing forces have been at it since birth. 

But all that contentious competition can ruin relationships! Surely, families have been ripped apart for their ambitions. Just look at how popular Succession is. While the stakes are higher than most of us are bound to experience, the show is grounded in a very believable brand of familiar strife.

Sometimes, though, it's not all that it seems. The media is usually the guilty culprit for pitting people against each other, especially women. Perish the thought that two sisters might exist, pursuing the same goals within the same industry. 

Take, for instance, Green Acres star Eva Gabor. Because of her high-profile family, there was seldom an interview where she was the only topic. Every time a reporter spoke with Gabor, it seemed like she was forced to comment on her sisters as well. In a 1961 interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Eva Gabor spoke bluntly about the rumors that set her and her sister Zsa Zsa as adversaries.

"If there is any feud, I don't know about it. Neither of us seems to have any trouble getting jobs. We aren't rivals. Zsa Zsa does a lot of nightclub work and I don't. I work on the stage and she doesn't.

"Of course, we both show up from time to time on the same TV program, but even then we aren't rivals."

However, Eva also revealed that having similar features was, indeed, a burden.

"We look alike and that's my cross to bear." 

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McGillahooala 5 months ago
The media are the worst. They’ll burn the world down before they’re through.
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