Carl Weathers had no interest in being the main character of ''In the Heat of the Night''

"This is a tremendous place to be."

Television can be a nasty business, depending on who is involved. Some actors are known for their massive egos, and can often clash with one another in a scramble for the spotlight, leading to spirited arguments and hurt feelings. When actors are fighting for seniority, the determination for a good quality show can fall by the wayside in deference to the chance to call yourself a "star."

Luckily, this wasn't the case for someone like Carl Weathers, who was totally content with not taking on the role of the main character when he joined the cast of In the Heat of the Night. In fact, according to the Sun News, Weathers had previous experience working as a series lead and found he preferred the supporting role of Hampton Forbes in comparison.

"Working 14 and 15 hours a day and being in every scene put tremendous pressure on me." Weathers said of his previous main role in the series Street Justice.

Weathers continued, "Now, I don't have that responsibility. I don't have to be the person carrying the show, especially working with a professional like Carroll O'Connor. This is a tremendous place to be."

Indeed, the energy that O'Connor had cultivated on the set of In the Heat of the Night, both as an actor and producer, allowed for a thriving workplace where good television became a priority. Weathers said, "I just do my job. I just want to work. He [O'Connor] treats everyone with a sense of fair play and dignity whether you have one line or (are) part of the crew. I admire the way he deals with people."

Weathers conceded, "There was a time in my life, as in anyone's, where your ego or your insecurity want some sort of position or face in the world that says who I am and how well I do it. In this series, I am an actor working with another actor whom the show is built around. When I am standing up there with Carroll O'Connor, I don't feel (he's) the star of the show, but another actor, and I have no thought except to be the best I am able."

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Runeshaper 4 months ago
Carl Weathers was The MAN! I need to continue watching In the Heat of the Night to get to the episodes with Weathers in them.
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