Billy Warlock got his role on Happy Days by playing Mork's stunt double

After roller skating for Robin Williams, he became a soap opera regular.

The Everett Collection

For decades, Dick Warlock worked as the stunt double to Kurt Russell on films like Escape from New York, The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China. He also happened to play the slasher Michael Myers in Halloween II (1981). Elsewhere, the man of action even appropriately appeared in the movies Body Double and The Stunt Man. He got his start back in 1968 as a stunt driver in The Love Bug.

Stuntwork ran in the Warlock blood. Dick's son Billy picked up the family trade. With a little help from dad.

In the season-three Mork & Mindy episode "Dueling Skates," Mork challenges "Wheels Simpson" to a roller-skating road race. Billy Warlock picked up his first screen work as the stunt double to Robin Williams in the episode. We are assuming that would be the shots in which we see "Mork" racing down highway hills.

CBS Television DistributionMork zips downhill in ''Dueling Skates,'' an episode featuring Billy Warlock as Mork's stunt double.

As you know, Mork & Mindy was a spin-off of Happy Days, both produced by Garry Marshall. Billy Warlock's stunt-double work put him on the radar of Marshall.

As Happy Days was entering a new decade, the sitcom evolved through casting changes. By season nine, familiar regulars like Ron Howard and Don Most had left the show. Fonzie was teaching high school, seen in blazers as often as leather jackets. The stories shifted focus to characters like Jenny Piccalo (Cathy Silvers) and Roger Philips (Ted McGinley), Marion Cunningham's nephew.

The Everett CollectionWarlock in his 'Happy' days

At the end of season nine, the writer tossed in another nephew, Roger's younger brother, Flip. He made his debt in an episode titled, well, "Hello, Flip." 

Flip was perhaps best remembered for his bare midriff, as he was fond of wearing cut-off tops. According to the book Happier Days: Paramount Television's Classic Sitcoms, 1974-1984, the young Warlock earned his shot at an audition through his prior work on Mork & Mindy.

Warlock made the most of his first recurring television role. He made enough of an impression to forego stuntwork like his pops and stick with acting. By the end of the Eighties, he was a regular on Baywatch. Around the turn of the millennium, Warlock made the jump to daytime, landing gigs on soap operas, appearing in hundreds of episodes of Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Later, he appeared on As the World Turns and One Life to Live. He kept his bellybutton mostly covered and the roller skates in the closet.

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Mark091 43 months ago
Flip Phillips Billy Warlock KC Cunningham Crystal Bernard and
Melvin Belvin Scott Bernstein
All dissapeared from Happy Days
At the end of the tenth season of
Happy Days just like Chuck Cunningham Vanished from Happy Days during season two
Flip Phillips KC Cunningham and
Melvin Belvin were all victims of
Chuck Cunningham Syndrome
Left Happy Days in 1982
Jenny Piccalo Cathy Silvers
Ashley Pfister Linda Purl
Heather Pfister Heather O Rourke
Also left Happy Days after the
Tenth season
Chachi s friends Bobby Melner
(Harris Kal) and Tommy (Kevin Sullivan) were on Happy Days
From 1980-1984
Moose Barry Greenberg Vanished
In 1974 and Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz Vanished in 1977
Mark091 43 months ago
e Happy Days mysteries
Can anyone help solve some of
These mysteries
On the Happy Days episode Guess Who's coming to Visit MOOSE Barry Greenberg is dancing with a girl played by Carey Williams at Arnolds Drive in in the epilogue This happened after Marsha Simms Beatrice Colen said These drag
Races just kill business
In the season 3 episode Fonzie's New Friend Sticks Downey John Anthony Bailey comes to Milwaukee And
Richie tries to get Maralee a date
With Sticks Maralee is played by
An Actress whose name is Carol
Williams.. I've been wondering
If Carey Williams and Carol Williams
Are the same Actress or are Carey Williams and Carol Williams two
Different persons. Carey Williams and Carol Williams look a lot alike
Maybe Carey Williams changed her
Name to Carol Williams
I couldn't find any other acting
Credits for Carey Williams
Also in the same Happy Days
Episode Guess who's coming to Visit
In the

In oooo
Mark091 43 months ago
EUGENE BELVIN Denis Mandel was a friend of Chachi ARCOLA Scott Baio
And EUGENE BELVIN liked Jenny Piccalo Cathy Silvers
Melvin Belvin Scott Bernstein was the
Melvin Belvin liked KC Cunningham Crystal Bernard
MOOSE Barry Greenberg was the
Heavyset guy who hung out at Arnolds Drive in
In the episode of Happy Days called
Guess who's coming to Visit MOOSE
And a girl played by Carey Williams
Are seen dancing at Arnold's Drive in
In the epilogue
Chuck Cunningham Gavan O Herlihy and Randolph Roberts was Richies older brother Chuck Cunningham
Liked to play basketball and he was going to college
Roger Phillips Ted McGinley became
The new basketball coach at Jefferson High school
I also wonder why BAG ZOMBROSKI Neil J Schwartz played the drums in Richie's band on season one and two and why Sticks Downey John Anthony Bailey replaced BAG ZOMBROSKI
As the new person to play the drums in Richie's band
I also wonder why Neil J Schwartz
Quit playing Bag Zombroski after I
Season four episode The Book
Of Records????
Mark091 Mark091 43 months ago
When Roger Phillips Ted McGinley became the new basketball coach at Jefferson
High The writers of.. Happy Days
Could have made Chuck Cunningham Randolph Roberts
The new assistant basketball coach at Jefferson High
Would have made a good
Steady boyfriend of Jenny
Piccalo Cathy Silvers
Mark091 43 months ago
I'm a fan of Happy Days and these characters on Happy Days:
Bag Zombroski Neil J Schwartz
Moose Barry Greenberg
Melvin Belvin Scott Bernstein
Chuck Cunningham Gavan O Herlihy and Randolph Roberts
Roger Phillips Ted McGinley
I would like to suggest spotlighting
These characters on Happy Days
With a week of shows featuring
These characters. :
The Best of BAG Zombroski
The Best of Moose and Melvin Belvin
The Best of Chuck Cunningham
The Best of Roger Phillips
Bag was a friend of friend of friend of
FONZIE Richie Potsie and Ralph
Bag also played the drums in Richie's band and Bag liked to play Practical jokes on Richie Potsie and Ralph
Bag was a member of the Demoms
cousin1980 43 months ago
Billy looks like "Dirk Diggler" back then. Guess I must be the only one who remembers having a crush on both Roger (Ted McGinley) and Flip (Warlock). Everyone else here is so hateful toward the show. It wasn't that bad considering how unwatchable all the "new" PC shows are today!
Krn 43 months ago
I was curious what he’s doing today. Apparently he’s a ski school supervisor.
RB 43 months ago
Happy Days no more depicted life in its supposed setting than That 70's Show did. Happy Days was full of characters from the 70's-80's pretending it was the 1950's. That 70's Show was full of characters from the 90's-00's pretending it was the 1970's. Funny how it works like that.
Pacificsun RB 43 months ago

And because the writers who actually lived through the 50's & 60's were no longer relevant to Network executives who were always messing with television shows. It would also cost more (wardrobe, furnishings hair & makeup) to completely replicate the appearances & feeling of the older generations, because it would include other settings, even extras and backdrops)!

Always a method to their madness, not always successful!
Pacificsun RB 43 months ago
I didn't watch HD's in that later version, but from what's described in the article, it sounds terrible. Why didn't they just start new shows!
Barry22 43 months ago
His character was terrible on Happy Days.
cperrynaples 43 months ago
Really, no straight guy wears cut-offs, especially in the '60's when the show was at the end!
Pacificsun cperrynaples 43 months ago
I don't think (raggedy) cutoffs & bare bellies were "in" in the 60's except "maybe" with the last of the Beat generation or on Calif. surfer beaches!! In fact if we had a hole in our jeans we were very busily patching them up!! LOL!
MrsPhilHarris 43 months ago
I don’t remember him on Happy Days but I think I had stopped watching by then. On another note what year was this season supposed to be? Those hairstyles are not late 50s or early 60s.
Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 43 months ago

I think one of the shows that represented the golden years "look" the best was on Perry Mason. It was interesting to watch Della Street's hairstyles evolve from the earlier years to as contemporary as they ever got. Same with June Cleaver. There was a way of doing hair back then that (my guess is) more modern stylists on these shows now being mentioned, either couldn't do well, or didn't have time for it! 😉

Back then I remember how dated some of that stuff looked. But now it seems like very classic fashion and designs. Tailored and flattering.
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 43 months ago
I completely agree. I too remember (when I was young) thinking that Della looked old fashioned. Now I think wow she looks great! Funny how time makes you appreciate class and style over teenaged trends.
Mark091 MrsPhilHarris 43 months ago
Barbara Hale AKA Della Street
Was a very talented actress
Not only did Barbara Hale do
An excellent job of playing Della
Street she also was a movie
Actress and appeared in several
Movies over the years
texasluva 43 months ago
I do not remember him nor watched anything else he was in including the Bomb Mr. Payback.: Interactive movie.
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