Alan Hale Jr. loved doing comedy

The Skipper had no problem scoring some laughs.

When you're the child of a famous actor, fans will often assume that you'll follow in your parent's footsteps and pursue the same sort of material that led them to fame.

But for Alan Hale Jr., whose father tended to gravitate toward more serious roles during his career, he seemed determined to work in the opposite direction and enjoy the ride there. In an interview with The Indianapolis News, the Gilligan's Island star specified that he enjoyed doing comedic work best, and his reasoning for it was incredibly heartfelt.

He said, "People need a laugh when they come home after a day's work. That's what I want to do — give them a laugh." Hale also added in his favorite character, to the absolute surprise of no one. He said, "My favorite has been that of the Skipper in Gilligan's Island."

Not only did Hale cherish the joy he brought to other people, but he also got to experience that joy in person when he met his fans, many of them children. In an interview with The Sun, he recounted that wherever he goes, children will approach him excitedly, usually calling him Skipper. Hale loved the encounters, and explained, "It delights me to know that I will never be alone in the world, and the delight that shows on people's faces is a very gratifying thing."

Hale also seemed to understand the appeal of the show completely. He concluded, "It's an old formula, but it was an escape for people, and they enjoyed it. It was just a lot of plain fun."

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nerstrand 6 months ago
That's funny, because whenever he was on other shows, like Laramie, bat Masterson and gunsmoke, for example, he was always laughing. But on Gilligan's Island he hardly ever laughs. I like him when he laughs!
Runeshaper 6 months ago
Alan Hale Jr. was a GREAT Skipper! I'm glad that he enjoyed making people laugh.
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