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The Summer of Me welcomes you to the all-new Sunday Block Party! Every Sunday afternoon you can come by for hand-selected episodes of some of your favorite comedy sitcoms. With a different show each week, there's no telling who will crash the party! Come back to this page weekly to see who’s next on the guest list.

Sunday's Block Party

Sunday, August 14
The Flying Nun
"Arriving in wind-swept San Juan to enter the Convent San Tanco, Sister Bertrille , a novice from the U.S., discovers that she can fly."
The Convert
"Disobeying orders, Sister Bertrille flies for the good of the convent."
The Big Game
"Sister Bertrille manages the ball team to a great moral victory."
Tonio's Mother
"A little boy believes Sister Bertrille is his mother returning from heaven."
A Convent Full Of Miracles
"Miraculous gifts appear after the convent hires an old handyman."
Two Bad Eggs
"Seeing Sister Bertrille fly, a tourist thinks she is an invader from outer space."
The Reconversion Of Sister Shapiro
"A little Jewish girl decides to become a nun -- just like Sister Bertrille."
Song Of Bertrille
"Sister Bertrille writes a song to raise money for the convent."
Old Cars For New
"Sister Bertrille and Carlos turn the tables on a used car dealer."