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The Summer of Me welcomes you to the all-new Sunday Block Party! Every Sunday afternoon you can come by for hand-selected episodes of some of your favorite comedy sitcoms. With a different show each week, there's no telling who will crash the party! Come back to this page weekly to see who’s next on the guest list.

Sunday's Block Party

Sunday, July 3
Dear Diary - Et Al.
"Gidget Lawrence, fifteen and a half years old, falls in love with Jeff, a college student, and takes up surfing to be with him."
In God, And Nobody Else, We Trust
"Anne is worried when Gidget asks her husband John to be her date to a luau; John, wanting to fit in with the surfing crowd, tries so hard to be hip that Gidget's friends immediately pin him as a poseur."
My Ever Faithful Friend
"Gidget gives Larue a makeover, but becomes alarmed when she thinks Russ has become attracted to her."
Now There's A Face
"Although annoyed at first, Gidget becomes quite interested when Tom Brighton, aged twenty-four, snaps photos of her at the beach."
I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Think
"With Jeff back at Princeton, Gidget prepares for a lonely existence. Then she becomes attracted to a handsome surfer in his late twenties."
In And Out With The In-laws
"A nervous Gidget has a luncheon date to meet Jeff's parents, but causes confusion when she switches sweaters with friend Della Mae who accompanies her to the meeting."
Take A Lesson
"Following a call from Shirley Marshall, Gidget throws a coat over her pajamas and rushes to her friend's home before Russ can stop her."
Independence: Gidget Style
"Gidget determines to surprise Russ with an expensive camera for his birthday."
A Hard Night's Night
"With Russ on his way to San Francisco, Gidget plans to stay with Larue. Larue asks Gidget's opinion of a mystery story she has written."
I Have This Friend Who
"The father of Gidget's latest boyfriend insists on coming along on their date as a chaperone, so they scheme to find a way to be alone."