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Every Sunday afternoon you can come by for hand-selected episodes of some of your favorite comedy sitcoms. With a different show each week, there's no telling who will crash the party! Come back to this page weekly to see who’s next on the guest list.

Sunday Block Party

Bugs Bunny's Christmas Carol, Gift Wrapped, Abominable Snow Rabbit, Freeze Frame, Weasel While You Work, The Fright Before Christmas
"When Sam lacks the Christmas spirit, Bugs Bunny makes a plan to change his mind., It's Christmas time and Sylvester tries to switch his present with Granny's present which is Tweety in a birdcage., Bugs and Daffy decide to tunnel underground over to Palm Springs. Wrong directions end them up in the Himalayas where they run into trouble with the Abominable Snowman... , The coyote orders a blizzard machine to cover the entire desert with snow after he finds out that Road Runners are easy to catch in the cold. , During a snow-covered winter, Foghorn Leghorn uses the weasel against the barn's guard dog. , Taz breaks free of his a plane shipping crate and falls from the sky into Santa's laundry. He hijacks Santa's sleigh and ends up in Bugs' house tearing down everything, but Bugs gets wise to the Devil. "
Guess Who's Coming To Christmas (s2, ep11)
Fonzie tells Al the story of the time an unexpected visitor turned Howard Cunningham's plans for a traditional family Christmas upside down.
Richie Branches Out (s4, ep11)
Richie falls in love with a Wisconsin Cola poster girl and poses as a successful hardware businessman in order to meet her.
Christmas Time (s6, ep16)
Fonzie receives a Christmas gift from his father but is reluctant to accept and open it. Meanwhile, Richie and Lori Beth argue about what they've spent on each other's gifts, and Joanie is upset at Howard for getting an artificial tree.
White Christmas (s8, ep6)
On Christmas Eve, a terrible blizzard traps Howard and Joanie at the hardware store and Fonzie, Potsie, Chachi, Jenny and Roger at Arnold's.
Christmas Eve At The Booby Hatch (aka Oh, Hear The Angel Voices) (s2, ep10)
Carmine talks the girls into singing at a Christmas show.
Oh, Come All Ye Bums (s4, ep14)
The gang works to raise money for Frank's annual hobo Christmas dinner.
Santa, Santa, Santa / Another Dog Gone Christmas / Noel's Christmas Carol (s8, ep14)
On a Christmas cruise, three men are scheduled to play one jolly St. Nick; Vicki gives her dog to a lonely comic; a woman asks Ace to pose as her fiancé.