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9/12/1959 Ep 1: A Rose for Lotta
The Cartwrights have to protect their land from ruthless mine owners who want the Ponderosa for its timber. They enlist the aid of actress Lotta Crabtree to carry out their plans, but she soon learns that she's getting into more than she bargained for.
9/19/1959 Ep 2: Death on Sun Mountain
The Cartwrights go up against two San Francisco men who plan to get rich by killing off the antelope herds—which the indians rely on for food—and selling the meat to Virginia City's swarms of gold miners.
9/26/1959 Ep 3: The Newcomers
John Pennington and his crew want to mine the Ponderosa land by hydraulic means. Ben is totally against this method and evicts them in short order. Hoss is given the task of telling Pennington's men to leave, but soon has a moral dilemma on his hands.
10/3/1959 Ep 4: The Paiute War
How do you defer responsibility for sexually assaulting someone? If you're an underhanded trader named Mike Wilson, you simply place the blame on Adam Cartwright.
10/10/1959 Ep 5: Enter Mark Twain
Sam Clemens (Mark Twain) arrives in Virginia City and takes up a job as a reporter at the Territorial Enterprise. In order to sell newspapers, Clemens creates a fantastic story about a monster roaming the Ponderosa.
10/17/1959 Ep 6: The Julia Bulette Story
Joe falls for Julia Bulette much to the chagrin of his father and Jean Millain. Millain believes that Julia is his and his alone, making the Cartwrights even more worried about Joe. However, things come to a head when a fever breaks out in Virginia City.
10/24/1959 Ep 7: The Saga of Annie O'Toole
Annie O'Toole and her father head out to the Washoe Diggings after her boyfriend, Swede Lundberg, returns with the deeds to two mines. Soon, O'Toole finds herself struggling to protect the venture from schemers.
10/31/1959 Ep 8: The Philip Diedesheimer Story
Adam and Hoss meet Philip Diedesheimer, a Dutch immigrant who is trying to convince the silver mine owners in Virginia City that his square set mine system works.
11/7/1959 Ep 9: Mr. Henry Comstock
The Cartwrights meet a miner who has been swindled by Henry T.P. Comstock. They then tell the story of how they meet Comstock, how silver was discovered and how Virginia City got its name.
11/14/1959 Ep 10: The Magnificent Adah
Famous actress Adah Isaacs Menken pays a visit to Virginia City. She is an old friend of Ben's and the two begin to renew their friendship much to the chagrin of Adam, Hoss and Joe. Ben's sons believe that Adah has plans to become the next Mrs. Ben Cartwright.
11/21/1959 Ep 11: The Truckee Strip
Luther Bishop and Ben Cartwright have had an ongoing land dispute for a number of years over a small tract called the Truckee Strip. One of Bishop's employee's has a grudge against the Cartwrights and wants to stir up the feud again.
11/28/1959 Ep 12: The Hanging Posse
After a woman is murdered in an attempted rape, a posse is organized in town, led by an old tracker who incites the men for a hanging. He leads the posse out with no intention of bringing the suspects back alive, but Adam and Joe ride along to make sure they do.
12/5/1959 Ep 13: Vendetta
While in the bank arranging for a letter of credit, Ben and Hoss encounter the bank robbing Morgan gang. Both Ben and one of Morgan's men get shot. When Billy Morgan dies, his brothers promise to avenge his death by going after Ben.
12/12/1959 Ep 14: The Sisters
Adam is seeing a young woman, Sue-Ellen Terry. He seems to be serious about her until after a sudden turn of events, he finds himself defending a murder charge.
12/19/1959 Ep 15: The Last Hunt
Hoss and Joe are out on a hunting trip when they come across a pregnant indian woman. Hoss and Joe look after the woman and end up delivering her baby. After deciding to take her back to the ranch house, they soon discover that they are being followed.
1/2/1960 Ep 16: El Toro Grande
Ben sends Hoss and Little Joe down to Mexico to purchase the bull known as El Toro Grande. While down there, Joe gets involved with the beautiful daughter of El Toro's owner and Hoss finds out that the son of one of the ranch hands has formed a very deep attachment to the bull.
1/9/1960 Ep 17: The Outcast
A young woman's life is ruined by her relation to criminals. Only the Cartwrights treat her differently. When she turns to Clay Renton, an ex-con, and Ben must help her out of a bad situation.
1/16/1960 Ep 18: A House Divided
Frederick Kyle arrives in Virginia City on a mission for the Confederacy. Kyle is also looking for Joe Cartwright. After they meet, Joe starts warming to the idea of helping Kyle out, much to the disappointment of his family.
1/23/1960 Ep 19: The Gunmen
Joe and Hoss arrive in the town of Keowa Flats, Texas. They are immediately mistaken for two gunslinging brothers, the Slades. Joe and Hoss soon find themselves involved in a feud, realizing they are the only ones in a position to stop the fighting before it gets any worse.
1/30/1960 Ep 20: The Fear Merchants
The Cartwrights are in Virginia City to celebrate the birthday of Jimmy Chang. The fun quickly vanishes when Jimmy is accused of murder and the Cartwrights have to battle a racist lawyer to prove their friend's innocence.
2/6/1960 Ep 21: The Spanish Grant
When the Cartwrights find out that some of the Ponderosa may be forfeited under the Spanish Land Grant, they decide to take legal action in order to stop it. Adam, however, takes another plan of action, which involves getting to know the beautiful heiress who is claiming the land under the grant.
2/13/1960 Ep 22: Blood on the Land
A sheepherder and his men try to drive their sheep across the Ponderosa. Ben and Adam disagree about how to stop them. Ben wants the Cartwrights to handle their own matters, but Adam wants to call in the law.
2/20/1960 Ep 23: Desert Justice
U.S. Marshal Emmett Dowd arrives at the Ponderosa to take back ranch hand Dave Walker to face trial in Los Angeles. Concerned by the way Dowd treats Walker and believing the man to be innocent, Adam and Hoss go along to make sure Walker reaches Los Angeles alive.
2/27/1960 Ep 24: The Stranger
Ben's past catches up with him when an inspector from New Orleans arrives in Virginia City. It seems Ben is wanted for murder and must go back to face trial.
3/5/1960 Ep 25: Escape to Ponderosa
Adam is bushwhacked by three men, who turn out to be Army deserters. When Ben pursues them, he finds himself hindered by a Captain Bolton, who is also after the three men.
3/19/1960 Ep 26: The Avenger
Ben and Adam are in the Virginia City jail waiting to be hanged. Last minute bids by Joe and Hoss to get them out are hindered by another rancher who wants to see Ben dead.
3/26/1960 Ep 27: The Last Trophy
Lord and Lady Dunsford arrive at the Ponderosa to visit their old friend, Ben. Adam finds himself the object of Lady Dunsford's attentions when she deems him to be a braver man than her husband.
4/2/1960 Ep 28: San Francisco
Ben, Hoss, Joe and Hop-Sing go to San Francisco to sell their cattle. They get shanghaied, but are able to break up the racket with the help of some of Hop-Sing's many cousins.
4/9/1960 Ep 29: Bitter Water
The Cartwrights find themselves resorting to the unthinkable when a neighbor wants to destroy the Ponderosa and will stop at nothing to do so.
4/16/1960 Ep 30: Feet of Clay
The Cartwrights take in young Billy Allen following the death of his mother. Hostile at first, the boy eventually befriends Hoss. When Billy's father breaks out of prison, Hoss knows he must do whatever is necessary to protect the boy.
4/23/1960 Ep 31: Dark Star
Joe is about to shoot what he thinks is a wolf but discovers it is a woman. She turns out to be a gypsy banished by her people because they believe she is possessed by the devil.
4/30/1960 Ep 32: Death at Dawn
When a local merchant is gunned down for refusing to pay off thugs who've taken over town, Farmer Perkins is charged with the crime and sentenced to hang. Ben is taken hostage by Perkins' employer, with threats to hang Ben if Perkins is not released.
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9/10/1960 Ep 33: Showdown
After taking part in robbing the Virginia City bank, Sam Kirby gets hired at the Ponderosa, moonlighting as a farm hand while waiting to hear when the townsfolk have given up searching for the thieves.
9/17/1960 Ep 34: The Mission
Hoss befriends an old drunk named Charlie Trent, who at one time had been the best scout the Army had. When the Army's current scout, Lewt Cutter, refuses to obey Captain Pender's orders, he is fired and replaced by Charlie, whom the captain knew from his earlier days.
9/24/1960 Ep 35: Badge Without Honor
Adam is rescued from an ambush by Gerald Eskith, a lawman who is on a mission to Virginia City. Eskith is looking for a man who happens to be married to a close friend of the Cartwrights. By the time Adam realizes Eskith's real agenda, it may be too late to save someone's life.
10/1/1960 Ep 36: The Mill
Ben's neighbor, Joyce, comes to the Ponderosa asking Ben to help her disabled husband build a mill. She thinks the project will help her husband break free from his depression and the grip of a man named Ezekiel.
10/8/1960 Ep 37: The Hopefuls
While in Virginia City on ranch business, Adam meets up with Sam Board. As they are leaving town, they come across a wagon train and decide to help the settlers out. Adam finds himself falling for the daughter of the group's leader, but soon finds that love doesn't always overcome morals and beliefs.
10/15/1960 Ep 38: Denver McKee
While celebrating the return of his daughter, Connie, former lawman McKee is asked to assist in the capture of an outlaw gang. While Joe is courting Connie, no one realizes that McKee is involved with the outlaws.
10/22/1960 Ep 39: Day of Reckoning
After being injured in a fight, Ben is nursed back to health by Indians Matsou and his wife, Hatoya. In return, Ben gives them land to settle and farm. However, Matsou's brother and a neighbor are set on making sure that he and his wife don't succeed in their new life.
10/29/1960 Ep 40: The Abduction
When Joe brings the daughter of a local tycoon to the carnival, she goes missing. Will they find her before it's too late?
11/5/1960 Ep 41: Breed of Violence
Joe's friend, Dolly Kincaid, is the daughter of the sheriff and always getting caught up with the wrong crowd. When she gets close to Vince Dagen, Joe gets worried and tries to intervene.
11/12/1960 Ep 42: The Last Viking
Gunnar Borgstrom is the leader of a vicious band called the Commancheros. They burn houses, kill people and steal anything of value. When the Commancheros get to Nevada, Gunnar decides to visit his relatives, the Cartwrights.
11/26/1960 Ep 43: The Trail Gang
Ben and Hoss hire a new trail gang to take cattle back to Nevada. They also hire a young drifter named Sam Jackson. Brazis, the leader of the trail gang, recognizes Jackson but keeps it a secret.
12/3/1960 Ep 44: The Savage
After Adam is wounded by Indians and left for dead, a reclusive mountain woman nurses him back to health. She is known to the Indians as While Buffalo Woman, and they believe she possesses magical powers.
12/10/1960 Ep 45: Silent Thunder
Captivated by the pretty, deaf-mute daughter of a reclusive mountain man, Little Joe teaches her sign language. Thrilled with her newfound ability to communicate, Annie mistakes her gratitude to Little Joe for love, much to the chagrin of Albie, who is determined to have her for his own.
12/17/1960 Ep 46: The Ape
Hoss decides to help Arnie, a man who has never learned to control his great strength. Things seem to be working out until Arnie falls for a saloon girl. Hoss realizes that he is facing an uphill battle to help Arnie lead the kind of life that he has always wanted.
12/31/1960 Ep 47: The Blood Line
The son of Luke Grayson wants revenge when he discovers that Ben Cartwright killed his father, even though it was in self-defense. Despite this, Ben and Hoss are determined to help the young man find a new life for himself.
1/7/1961 Ep 48: The Courtship
Hoss finds himself falling in love with widow Helen Layton and intends to marry her, unaware of her true nature.
1/14/1961 Ep 49: The Spitfire
After Joe shoots and kills a man starting a fire on the Ponderosa in self-defense, the Cartwrights have their hands full protecting Joe from the dead man's vengeful clan.
1/21/1961 Ep 50: The Bride
A woman shows up to the Ponderosa claiming to have just married Ben. The problem is, Ben has never seen her before in his life!
1/28/1961 Ep 51: Bank Run
Joe and Hoss get in some trouble when they "rob" the bank.
2/4/1961 Ep 52: The Fugitive
Adam takes a trip to Mexico to collect the body of the son of a former Ponderosa foreman who is too old to make the trip. Believing it to be a simple task, Adam arrives only to find that there is a lot more going on.
2/11/1961 Ep 53: Vengeance
After accidentally killing Willie Twilight, a guilt-stricken Hoss is inconsolable. Meanwhile, Willie's brother, Red, arrives in town intent on exacting revenge.
2/18/1961 Ep 54: The Tax Collector
At the behest of a local bureaucrat, good-for-nothing Jock Henry becomes Virginia City's tax collector. Jock also becomes drunk with power, levying huge, unfair assessments against everybody in the vicinity.
2/25/1961 Ep 55: The Rescue
The boys decide that Ben is getting too old and advise him to take it easy while they go on search for cattle rustlers. Ben reluctantly agrees, but when his sons fail to return he goes out after them.
3/4/1961 Ep 56: The Dark Gate
When a friend of Adam's begins to display erratic, violent behavior, Adam takes it upon himself to learn what is at the root of the problem.
3/11/1961 Ep 57: The Duke
After a cruel prizefighter beats up a man in a bar fight, the Cartwrights challenge him to a bout with John Heenan.
3/18/1961 Ep 58: Cutthroat Junction
Virginia City is about to become a ghost town when the lifeline to the outside world, the stage line, is threatened to be cut off.
4/1/1961 Ep 59: The Gift
Little Joe is on his way back home with a beautiful white stallion, a birthday gift to Ben, when an Indian uprising breaks out, cutting him off from the fort where he is to meet his family.
4/15/1961 Ep 60: The Rival
While visiting a girl he is courting, Hoss helps save the life of a rival suitor when the man is wanted by a lynch mob for the wrongful deaths of a family.
4/22/1961 Ep 61: The Infernal Machine
A conniving city slicker vanishes with the funds collected from townsfolk to finance the manufacture of a horseless carriage.
4/29/1961 Ep 62: The Thunderhead Swindle
Ben Cartwright's suspicions are aroused when scruffy prospectors Cunningham and Furnas arrive in town, claiming to have struck a valuable silver lode at Thunderhead Mine.
5/6/1961 Ep 63: The Secret
Joe is accused of murdering a girl. Her father and brothers want to hang Joe, but the Cartwrights are determined to prove his innocence.
5/20/1961 Ep 64: The Dream Riders
When an old friend of Ben's comes to town testing out hot air baloons, no one knows what he is really up to. Things get even more complicated and confusing when the Major's daughter arrives.
5/27/1961 Ep 65: Elizabeth, My Love
Ben recalls his days at sea and how he met his first wife, Elizabeth, when Adam falls gravely ill.
6/3/1961 Ep 66: Sam Hill
Pressured to give up the land on which his mother is buried, blacksmith Sam Hill (Claude Akins) discovers that he has been sold out by his own father, and that the new owner of the property is a self-styled dictator with a private army.
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9/24/1961 Ep 67: The Smiler
The brother of a man Hoss killed in self-defense says he understands but secretly plans revenge.
10/1/1961 Ep 68: Springtime
A friend of Ben's arrives at the Ponderosa right as the Cartwright boys are fighting in mud. Mr. Milbank, who is injured by a flying log during the fight, gives an assignment to each of the three boys. Can they fulfill the assignments, or has springtime gotten to them all?
10/8/1961 Ep 69: The Honor of Cochise
The Cartwrights and a calvary captain find themselves surrounded by Cochise and out of water. When Adam is injured, Ben decides he must try to barter with the Indians to save all their lives.
10/15/1961 Ep 70: The Lonely House
A wounded bank robber holes up in a widow's house, keeping an eye on both her and Little Joe.
10/22/1961 Ep 71: The Burma Rarity
Widow Hawkins tricks a couple of con men who first try to swindle her with an emerald known as "The Burma Rarity."
10/29/1961 Ep 72: Broken Ballad
The situation goes from bad to worse when Adam tries to smooth things over between a general store owner and the gunfighter who killed the man's son years earlier.
11/5/1961 Ep 73: The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch
Bullethead Burke is looking for a man he says cheated him out of $5,000 dollars. The man's niece tricks Little Joe and Hoss into helping her uncle out. A pickpocket escapes from jail and complicates matters even more.
11/12/1961 Ep 74: The Friendship
Joe befriends and takes responsibility for an ex-convict named Danny. Danny loves horses and is not used to people's ways on the outside of jail. Will his rough jailhouse upbringing mar any hopes of friendship?
11/19/1961 Ep 75: The Countess
Unsettling events that could spell financial ruin for the Ponderosa mysteriously coincide with the arrival of a wealthy countess who seems determined to win the love of Ben Cartwright, the man she spurned 20 years before in New Orleans.
11/26/1961 Ep 76: The Horse Breaker
While working at the Ponderosa, wrangler Johnny Lightly suffers an accident that costs him the use of both legs. Though Dr. Kay theorizes that the injuries may not last, Johnny has given up the will to live.
12/3/1961 Ep 77: Day of the Dragon
Joe wins a card game and an unexpected prize—a young lady. She goes to the Ponderosa and serves them, not wanting to be set free. Meanwhile, an army is looking for her and the Cartwrights.
12/10/1961 Ep 78: The Frenchman
Hoss insults a feisty Frenchman who demands satisfaction with swords, unaware that the little rogue believes himself to be the reincarnation of medieval outlaw poet Francois Villon.
12/17/1961 Ep 79: The Tin Badge
To show up his teasing brothers, Joe Cartwright accepts the position of sheriff in the little town of Rubicon. Little does Joe know that the men behind his nomination, gunslinger Ab Brock and crooked Mayor Goshen, intend to use the youngest Cartwright boy as the fall guy for an elaborate robbery-murder scheme.
12/24/1961 Ep 80: Gabrielle
The Cartwrights find a loving home for Gabrielle, a blind 11-year-old girl whose parents were killed in an overturned wagon; but Gabrielle wants to live with her grandfather, a crusty mountain hermit who wants nothing to do with anyone, including his orphaned granddaughter.
12/31/1961 Ep 81: Land Grab
The Cartwrights play host to an eccentric old soldier friend of Ben's while trying to track down a mysterious swindler named Polk, who is illegally deeding parcels of the Ponderosa to settlers looking for homesteads.
1/7/1962 Ep 82: The Tall Stranger
Hoss plans to marry Margie, a pretty blonde. Margie becomes fascinated with a tall, traveling stranger named Mark Connors. She marries Mark but soon finds it was far from a match made in heaven.
1/14/1962 Ep 83: The Lady from Baltimore
The Cartwrights receive a visit from Deborah Banning and her daughter, Melinda. Deborah is intent on having Melinda marry one of Ben's sons.
1/21/1962 Ep 84: The Ride
Adam witnesses the murder of a station manager while waiting for a stagecoach. The two men who committed the crime were wearing burlap bags over their heads, but Adam is sure that he knows their identities.
1/28/1962 Ep 85: The Storm
While visiting the Ponderosa, Ben's old friend, sea Captain Matthew White, is forced to reveal a terrible secret after Little Joe Cartwright falls in love with and plans to wed the his daughter, Laura, once a freckle-faced playmate from Joe's childhood in New Orleans, now grown into a beautiful woman.
2/4/1962 Ep 86: The Auld Sod
To save town drunk Danny Lynch from a world of embarrassment, the Cartwrights let him pretend to be the owner of the Ponderosa when his mother visits from Ireland.
2/11/1962 Ep 87: Gift of Water
The Cartwrights stand up to vigilantes who are trying to keep families from leaving the flat lands for the high country during a terrible drought.
2/18/1962 Ep 88: The Jackknife
Searching for missing Ponderosa cattle, Adam Cartwright stops to aid injured rancher Matt Grant. What Adam doesn't know is that Grant is part of the very gang of rustlers responsible for the missing cattle.
2/25/1962 Ep 89: The Guilty
A gunman with vengeance on his mind tracks retired Sheriff Lem Partridge to Virginia City and is soon holding Lem's son, Jimmy, and good friend, Ben Cartwright, hostage.
3/4/1962 Ep 90: The Wooing of Abigail Jones
In order to keep peace on the ranch, Hoss and Joe try to help ranch hand Hank Meyers woo the the plain-looking schoolteacher, Abigail Jones. When their first plan backfires, they convince Adam to get involved.
3/11/1962 Ep 91: The Lawmaker
The Cartwrights may have to take the law into their own hands when Virginia City's temporary sheriff uses his new badge as a license to kill.
3/18/1962 Ep 92: Look to the Stars
A young genius, Albert Michaelson vies for a scholarship. Adam assists Albert in the boy's experiments. Albert only needs the school teacher's approval to be granted a scholarship, which will be very difficult to get considering Albert was expelled from school.
4/1/1962 Ep 93: The Gamble
Little Joe races the clock to prove the innocence of his framed father and brothers, soon to be executed for a murder they did not commit.
4/8/1962 Ep 94: The Crucible
After being robbed in the desert, Adam stumbles onto a seemingly chivalrous prospector named Peter Kane, who offers him a mule and supplies for three days work. However, Kane is a demented madman who is interested in psychological torture, hoping to drive a seemingly rational man like Adam to murder.
4/15/1962 Ep 95: Inger, My Love
Ben indulges in a nostalgic reverie about Hoss's deceased mother. Having worked his way west to Galesburg, Illinois, Ben is befriended by a girl named Inger, the fiancee of the tavern owner who gave him a job.
4/22/1962 Ep 96: Blessed Are They
Ben Cartwright and Virginia City's enigmatic new minister work together to decide which set of feuding grandparents, the Mahans or the Clarkes, will have custody of their recently orphaned twin grandchildren.
4/29/1962 Ep 97: The Dowry
After recovering a stolen dowery, the Cartwright boys begin to grow suspicious when more attempts are made on the loot and the fiancé takes everything in stride.
5/6/1962 Ep 98: The Long Night
When Adam is ambushed by an escaped convict who forces him to swap clothes, it isn't long before a posse is on Adam's trail. To make matters worse, the posse leader knows it is Adam, but wants to see him hang just the same.
5/13/1962 Ep 99: The Mountain Girl
Raised in the hills by her reclusive grandfather, Trudy is left in Joe's care when he dies. Honoring a promise to the girl's late grandfather, Joe is determined to transform the hoydenish Trudy into a "lady."
5/20/1962 Ep 100: The Miracle Maker
Susan Blanchard is injured in a wagon crash. Though there is nothing physically wrong with her, Susan is psychosomatically incapable of leaving her bed. Enter faith healer Garth, who promises to make Susan walk again.
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9/23/1962 Ep 101: The First Born
When a man comes to town claiming to be Marie's son, Joe is not sure what to think. Could this be his brother, or is it all just a big lie?
9/30/1962 Ep 102: The Quest
Wanting to prove his independence and break out of the shadows of his Pa and older brothers, Little Joe sets out to win a lucrative timber contract for the Ponderosa.
10/7/1962 Ep 103: The Artist
Wallowing in self-pity after having gone blind, Matthew Raine begins coming out of his self-imposed exile after befriending Ben's housekeeper, Ann Loring. However, there is someone who doesn't want Matthew to extricate himself from his miserable state.
10/14/1962 Ep 104: A Hot Day for a Hanging
On behalf of his father, Hoss sets out to deliver a large sum of money to the town of Dutchman Flats. Upon his arrival, however, Hoss is arrested by Sheriff Stedman on a charge of bank robbery.
10/21/1962 Ep 105: The Deserter
Sgt. Samuel Bellis is accused of desertion, murder and selling guns to the Indians. Bellis insists that he's innocent, and Candy believes him, but before he can clear Bellis' name, he must elude the Army patrol hot on the fugitive sergeant's heels.
10/29/1962 Ep 106: The Way Station
Adam finds shelter overnight at a stagecoach way station. There he meets others ranging from a beautiful girl to a dangerous outlaw on the run.
11/4/1962 Ep 107: The War Comes to Washoe
Joe and Adam's differences in politics lead to unrest in the house. When Joe is picked to go to a convention on the statehood of Nevada, will his relationship with a admitted Confederate's daughter weigh his decision?
11/18/1962 Ep 108: Knight Errant
Hoss picks up a mail order bride for a friend, but problems arise when the bride decides she has fallen in love with Hoss and has no interest in her husband to be.
11/25/1962 Ep 109: The Beginning
Joe befriends a young man, Billy Horne, a white man captured and raised by the Shoshones. Meanwhile, Milton Tanner goes after a third of the Ponderosa. Seeing that his new friends are in trouble, Billy takes matters into his own hands.
12/2/1962 Ep 110: The Deadly Ones
Mexican freedom fighters loyal to Benito Juárez take over the Ponderosa, gravely wound Little Joe and force Ben to guide them to a wagon train loaded with gold being smuggled to California by Emperor Maximilian.
12/9/1962 Ep 111: Gallagher's Sons
Hoss helps out two young girls, whose father has just died, by taking them on a journey to their Aunt's place. Unbeknownst to Hoss, one of the girls carries a stolen bag of money and he soon finds out that there are others who are interested in both the money and the girls.
12/16/1962 Ep 112: The Decision
Hoss is seriously injured on a cattle drive and Ben takes him to a nearby town in search of a doctor. To his dismay, Ben finds out that the only doctor available is in jail, waiting to be hung for murder.
12/23/1962 Ep 113: The Good Samaritan
Hoss introduces Wade Tyree to Abigail and her daughter, Bonnie, in the hopes that it will stop Wade's constant drinking. After Wade and Abigail get married, Wade goes back to his old ways. It's up to Hoss to bring the broken family back together.
12/30/1962 Ep 114: The Jury
Hoss faces scorn and accusations of bribery when he refuses to vote with his fellow jurors to convict a man for murder based solely on the testimony of the victim's brother, who witnessed the act on a dark night.
1/6/1963 Ep 115: The Colonel
One of Ben Cartwright's old war buddies, who claims to be a business tycoon developing a new territory, woos a wealthy Virginia City widow and jeopardizes a Ponderosa land deal.
1/13/1963 Ep 116: Song in the Dark
When a guitar-strumming "traveling troubadour" is hired on at the Ponderosa, it is up to Adam to prove the minstrel's guilt or innocence when he is accused of a murder, before which a witness overheard singing.
1/20/1963 Ep 117: Elegy for a Hangman
Adam helps an angry young man to confront the "hanging judge" who sentenced his father to death in a high-stakes miscarriage of justice.
1/27/1963 Ep 118: Half a Rogue
Hoss harbors kindred spirit Big Jim Layton on the Ponderosa while trying to clear the wounded mountain man's name from charges of theft and murder.
2/3/1963 Ep 119: The Last Haircut
Little Joe finds himself at the scene of a murder, and befriends the victim's vengeance-minded son.
2/10/1963 Ep 120: Marie, My Love
When Joe sustains a life-threatening injury much like the one that killed his mother, Ben reminisces about meeting his third wife, Marie.
2/17/1963 Ep 121: The Hayburner
After Hoss and Adam purchase a thoroughbred horse, Hoss puts the animal up as security during a poker game—and loses. They hope to get Joe to pay off the horse, but Joe has a plan of his own.
2/24/1963 Ep 122: The Actress
Little Joe falls in love with a beautiful woman who aspires to be an actress.
3/3/1963 Ep 123: A Stranger Passed This Way
Bushwacked and suffering from amnesia, Hoss is found wandering down the road by the Vandervorts, an older couple who are happy to take the gentle giant into their family to replace the son they lost.
3/10/1963 Ep 124: The Way of Aaron
Adam helps a beautiful woman, and her father, a peddler of devout Jewish faith.
3/17/1963 Ep 125: A Woman Lost
An alcoholic saloon girl changes her life with the help of Ben and an ex-prizefighter who falls in love with her.
3/24/1963 Ep 126: Any Friend of Walter's
Attacked by outlaws, Hoss takes cover in a prospector's shack with the old prospector and Walter, the old man's surprisingly communicative dog.
3/31/1963 Ep 127: Mirror of a Man
One of Ben's ranch hands on the Ponderosa finds his past catching up with him when his twin brother murders a man.
4/7/1963 Ep 128: My Brother's Keeper
When Adam and Joe are out hunting a wolf that has been killing cattle, Adam accidentally shoots Joe. With time quickly running out for his brother, Adam makes haste to the Ponderosa.
4/21/1963 Ep 129: Five into the Wind
A stagecoach accident in a windstorm leaves five stranded, after which Little Joe is accused when a man is found murdered with his knife.
4/28/1963 Ep 130: The Saga of Whizzer McGee
Hoss tries to help Whizzer McGee, a man with short height, a short fuse, thin skin and big ideas.
5/5/1963 Ep 131: Thunder Man
Little Joe's 19-year-old girlfriend is killed by a good samaritan, an explosives expert who had stopped to render aid to the woman's uncle after he suffers a stroke.
5/12/1963 Ep 132: Rich Man, Poor Man
A bitter man who finds himself rich over night determines to get even with his adversaries by buying out their mortgages.
5/19/1963 Ep 133: The Boss
Ben confronts a former friend who has become a local strongman after monopolizing the freight business.
5/26/1963 Ep 134: Little Man -Ten Feet Tall
An Italian immigrant and his son come to the Ponderosa. After spending some time with Hoss, the son decides he wants to give up the classical guitar to become a cowboy much to his father's chagrin.
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9/22/1963 Ep 135: She Walks in Beauty
Hoss falls under the spell of a beautiful shady lady from San Francisco and asks her to be his wife, believing his love can change her even after she tries to seduce his brother, Adam.
9/29/1963 Ep 136: A Passion for Justice
Renowned English novelist Charles Dickens comes to Virginia City. In short order, he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. The problem then becomes how to convince the stubborn author to defend himself.
10/6/1963 Ep 137: Rain from Heaven
A drought brings a rainmaker with a very sick daughter to Virginia City.
10/13/1963 Ep 138: Twilight Town
Joe gets bushwhacked while on a trip near a strange town. The people seem nice enough, but what do they really want?
10/20/1963 Ep 139: The Toy Soldier
Adam helps an alcoholic artist married to a lovely Piute woman find a way to help the Piute Indians oppressed by a powerful local rancher.
10/27/1963 Ep 140: A Question of Strength
A stagecoach containing Hoss and two nuns is robbed. Later, one of the badly wounded robbers finds himself in their power.
11/3/1963 Ep 141: Calamity over the Comstock
Joe has a run-in with Calamity Jane, and takes her home with him after promising her dying father to take care of her. At first the Cartwrights (besides Joe) think "Cal" is a boy, but they soon find out differently. Cal begins to fall in love with Joe, but Joe finds her attentions unwanted...especially when Cal's boyfriend, Doc Holliday, has it in for Joe.
11/10/1963 Ep 142: Journey Remembered
Ben finds an old journal that he kept while in a wagon train travelling from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Ash Hollow. As he is reading it Ben remembers the journey he undertook with his wife, Inger, and a young Adam.
11/17/1963 Ep 143: The Quality of Mercy
Joe struggles to understand whether his friend was right in killing a dying man who pleaded to be put out of his misery.
12/8/1963 Ep 144: The Waiting Game
When Laura's husband, Frank, is killed, she decides not to reveal this tragic fact to her wide-eyed little daughter, Peggy, who is anxiously awaiting her daddy's return. Agreeing to help keep Laura's secret, Adam Cartwright finds himself falling in love with her.
12/15/1963 Ep 145: The Legacy
Adam, Hoss and Joe mistakenly believe their father was murdered. They split into three different directions to confront the supposed killers. In his heart, Ben knows his sons will not act outside the law; but he is not 100% sure that Joe will behave correctly.
12/22/1963 Ep 146: Hoss and the Leprechauns
Hoss goes leprechaun hunting, hoping to find gold.
12/29/1963 Ep 147: The Prime of Life
Ben Cartwright doubts his fitness to run the Ponderosa when his impatience results in a logging camp accident that causes serious injury to himself and an old friend's death.
1/5/1964 Ep 148: The Lila Conrad Story
Joe finds a saloon girl named Lila Conrad in the back of a wagon. Trouble is, she seems to be wanted—for murder. Joe wants to get her back to Virginia City for a fair trial, but it seems that other people have different plans.
1/12/1964 Ep 149: The Ponderosa Matador
Adam, Hoss, and Joe vie for the attention of a pretty young lady named Dolores. Hoss talks Joe into entering a bull fight, but it doesn't work out quite as planned.
1/19/1964 Ep 150: My Son, My Son
Ben's plans to wed widow Katherine Saunders are jeopardized after her son is accused of murder.
1/26/1964 Ep 151: Alias Joe Cartwright
A man who looks similar to Joe uses his name, which eventually lands Joe in front of a firing squad.
2/2/1964 Ep 152: The Gentleman from New Orleans
Hoss meets a flamboyant, sword-brandishing drunk claiming to be none other than the notorious pirate Jean LaFitte.
2/9/1964 Ep 153: The Cheating Game
Kathie Browne returns in the role of Laura Dayton, erstwhile sweetheart of Adam Cartwright. When a stranger arrives in town telling Laura that her late husband willed her a fortune, she finds herself attracted to the man, unaware he is harboring ulterior motives.
2/16/1964 Ep 154: Bullet for a Bride
After accidentally blinding a young girl, Tessa, in a shooting accident, Joe wants to make amends with the girl's family by marrying her. While she accepts, Ben soon learns that Tessa may have a secret.
2/23/1964 Ep 155: King of the Mountain
Hoss finds himself smack dab in the middle of a mountain family feud when he agrees to be the best man at ornery Big Jim Leyton's wedding.
3/1/1964 Ep 156: Love Me Not
While talking with an Indian, Ben is given an unexpected present—a woman. She is a young white woman who has lived with the Indians since she was a little girl and knows nothing of the white man's ways.
3/8/1964 Ep 157: The Pure Truth
When Hoss is set up to take the fall for a bank robbery in another town, the help of an eccentric gold prospector appears to be all that stands between him and the real bandit's bullet.
3/15/1964 Ep 158: No Less a Man
Certain that he is too old to stand against a notorious gang of bank robbers when news arrives that Virginia City will soon be next in a long string of successful raids, the terrified townsfolk demand Sheriff Coffee's resignation to make way for a younger lawman.
3/22/1964 Ep 159: Return to Honor
Ben travels to pay his respects after receiving word that his nephew is dead. At the grave, however, Ben finds his nephew, wounded but alive.
3/29/1964 Ep 160: The Saga of Muley Jones
Bruce Yarnell makes his first appearance as the Cartwrights' cousin, Muley, from Missouri. "Blessed" with a singing voice that can literally shatter glass, Muley manages to make life difficult for his rich relations.
4/5/1964 Ep 161: The Roper
Army soldiers and an outlaw gang have a shootout at the Ponderosa while Will is home alone. To make matters worse, Will realizes that the money in Ben's safe is in jeopardy.
4/12/1964 Ep 162: A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay
A headstrong Chinese girl (Marlo Thomas) visiting the Cartwrights incites labor unrest among local workers.
4/19/1964 Ep 163: The Companeros
Mateo Ibara and his wife, Carla, visit the Ponderosa. Ibara asks Will to return to Mexico with him. Ibara and Will fought together for Juarez's cause and Ibara saved Will's life. For this reason, Will feels obligated to Ibara, but Ben is suspicious of the man's motives.
4/26/1964 Ep 164: Enter Thomas Bowers
After a triumphant tour in Europe, a famous African-American singer encounters racial prejudice in Virginia City when he arrives to perform a concert.
5/3/1964 Ep 165: The Dark Past
The men of the Ponderosa cannot understand why bounty hunter Dev Farnum (Dennis Hopper) is so unfriendly and secretive.
5/10/1964 Ep 166: The Pressure Game
Laura Dayton's Aunt Lil comes to visit and quickly decides it's time she help the hesitant Adam propose to her favorite niece. Her plan is to make Adam jealous by using his cousin, Will, but it doesn't go exactly as planned.
5/17/1964 Ep 167: Triangle
Adam and Laura are finally engaged. Adam is secretly building a house and planning for the future. However, Laura realizes that it's Will she is in love with. But when Adam is confined to a wheelchair after suffering a fall, Laura and Will deny their feelings out of guilt.
5/24/1964 Ep 168: Walter and the Outlaws
Hoss agrees to dog-sit Obie's dog, Walter, while he is away. What Hoss doesn't anticipate is a confrontation with outlaws that turns a simple task into a comic chain of events.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/20/1964 Ep 169: Invention of a Gunfighter
Joe teaches Johnny Chapman how to use a gun for defense. What Joe doesn't see is the deadly consequences that it has in the long run when Johnny becomes a gunfighter.
9/27/1964 Ep 170: The Hostage
Outlaws capture Ben and hide him in an abandoned mine, holding him for a ransom. The boys must come up with a plan to save him before it's too late.
10/4/1964 Ep 171: The Wild One
Lafe Jessup doesn't really want to be married, and now he's about to be a father! The horse wrangler finds a fight with Hoss at his reluctance to perform his duties.
10/11/1964 Ep 172: Thanks for Everything, Friend
After falling into a river, Adam is rescued by Tom Wilson. Wilson has feelings for Sue Miller, which bring him into trouble after her father is killed.
10/18/1964 Ep 173: Logan's Treasure
Sam Logan is released from jail after serving his 20-year sentence for stealing $100,000 worth of gold dust. He is followed by a bounty hunter who believes Sam will lead him to where the gold is buried.
10/25/1964 Ep 174: The Scapegoat
Hoss hires Waldo as a ranch hand after keeping Waldo from killing himself. Hoss soon learns that Waldo is lousy at his job and only causes problems for everyone else because of his clumsiness. Although Hoss is willing to defend him, he soon discovers a secret about Waldo.
11/1/1964 Ep 175: A Dime's Worth of Glory
An author is inspired to write about the heroic Cartwrights after watching first-hand as they fight off an attempted robbery of a stage. As Ben and Adam see no use for the glory of such a novel, they turn the writer down forcing him to turn to the sheriff.
11/8/1964 Ep 176: Square Deal Sam
A conman heads into town and takes advantage of the Cartwrights with a fake land deal. He then ends up staying in Virginia city to run an orphanage.
11/15/1964 Ep 177: Between Heaven and Earth
After becoming paralyzed in fear and losing his rifle while hunting a sheep-killing puma, Little Joe's shame and frustration cause him to behave recklessly.
11/22/1964 Ep 178: Old Sheba
As payment for a performance in a circus, Joe and Hoss are given an elephant. They want to keep it but encounter opposition from Adam and Ben.
12/6/1964 Ep 179: A Man to Admire
Accused of murder, Hoss Cartwright puts his life in the hands of celebrated lawyer Whitney Parker (James Gregory). Unfortunately, Parker's glory days are behind him: more to the point, he is now the town drunk.
12/13/1964 Ep 180: The Underdog
Little Joe convinces Ben to hire half-indian Harry Starr, who is accused by other ranchers of being a chronic horse thief. Joe sets out to prove the others wrong, but is the youngest Cartwright's trust misplaced?
12/20/1964 Ep 181: A Knight to Remember
Two robberies take place on stagecoaches that Adam is traveling on, and both times a knight in shining armor scares the robbers away. No one believes his story and Adam is accused of being a thief.
12/27/1964 Ep 182: The Saga of Squaw Charlie
When a little girl vanishes an old Indian man known as Charlie is accused by self-righteous townsfolk of murdering her.
1/3/1965 Ep 183: The Flapjack Contest
Intending to confront the card-shark who he believes bushwhacked and robbed him, Little Joe instead decides to get his money back by betting the shady gambler that big brother Hoss will win the Founders' Day flapjack eating contest.
1/10/1965 Ep 184: The Far, Far Better Thing
While vying for the affections of the book-smart daughter of an old friend of Ben's, Joe and Tuck find themselves held captive by a group of renegade Indians.
1/17/1965 Ep 185: Woman of Fire
In this Western retelling of 'The Taming of the Shrew,' Adam, against his will, is called upon to teach a beautiful but hot-tempered maiden how to become sweet, mild tempered and gentle so that she can become suitable for marriage.
1/24/1965 Ep 186: The Ballerina
A dancer and her father are taken in as guests in the Cartwright household after Hoss injures the latter, who plays the fiddle for his daughter while she dances. His injury now makes it impossible for either to perform.
1/31/1965 Ep 187: The Flannel-Mouth Gun
After watching cattle disappear, the cattleman's association hires a detective in order to determine who is behind the recent thefts. Adam houses fears that small ranch owners will be wrongly accused.
2/7/1965 Ep 188: The Ponderosa Birdman
Professor Klump and Amanda pull Hoss into their flying machine scheme. The "Hoss-mobile" doesn't seem to be destined for a great take-off.
2/14/1965 Ep 189: The Search
Adam's search for troublesome look-a-like Tom Burns lands him in the Placerville jail for two murders committed by Burns.
2/21/1965 Ep 190: The Deadliest Game
When the Ponderosa is paid a visit by Guido Borelli (Cesar Romero) and his flamboyant acrobat troupe, Borelli's jealous nature leads to violence when he suspects his girlfriend is interested in another man.
2/28/1965 Ep 191: Once a Doctor
A traveling medicine man, running from his past as a doctor, encounters and befriends Hoss. The doctor must come to terms with what happened on an operating table when an angered widow hunts him down and mistakenly shoots Hoss instead, forcing the man to practice medicine once more.
3/7/1965 Ep 192: Right is the Fourth R
When Barbara, the Virginia City school teacher, is injured Adam fills in for her. He teaches the history of the Nevada territory, and learns an uncomfortable secret in the process.
3/21/1965 Ep 193: Hound Dog
When Muley shows up with a pack of hound dogs, Hoss decides to train them to hunt the coyotes that have been preying on the Ponderosa livestock. However, it isn't long before the dogs' real owner shows up, saying they were stolen.
3/28/1965 Ep 194: The Trap
When her husband is murdered, Hallie Shannon is convinced that her former sweetheart, Joe Cartwright, committed the deed so they could be together again.
4/4/1965 Ep 195: Dead and Gone
Singer Hoyt Axton guest stars as drifter Howard Mead, whose singing skills are matched only by his predilection for running afoul of the law. While trying to straighten Mead out, Adam Cartwright is forced to defend his new friend against a robbery charge.
4/11/1965 Ep 196: A Good Night's Rest
Ben's noisy sons are keeping him from sleeping, prompting a trip to the hotel in town. But rather than finding sanctuary, Ben is bothered by more noise and other irritations that prevent him from a good night's rest.
4/18/1965 Ep 197: To Own the World
A rich tycoon known for destroying anything that stands in his way vows to have the Ponderosa, no matter the cost.
4/25/1965 Ep 198: Lothario Larkin
Ladies' man Lothario Larkin is taken in by Hoss after Sheriff Coffee runs him out of town.
5/2/1965 Ep 199: The Return
After serving his time for robbing the bank, Trace Cordell returns to Virginia City. The townsfolk are not pleased to hear that the ex-con wants to resume running his family's ranch outside of town, especially the man he maimed five years earlier during the robbery.
5/9/1965 Ep 200: The Jonah
The Cartwrights hire a man who has a reputation for being cursed.
5/16/1965 Ep 201: The Spotlight
Viveca Lindfors guest stars as long-retired opera diva Angela Drake. Appointed entertainment committee chairman of the Virginia City anniversary celebration, Ben persuades Angela to come out of retirement for a command performance.
5/23/1965 Ep 202: Patchwork Man
Grant Williams (best known for his star turn in the classic sci-fi film 'The Incredible Shrinking Man') is cast as Albert "Patch" Saunders, a self-deprecating loner living in a ghost town.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/12/1965 Ep 203: The Debt
Wiley and Annie Kane arrive at the Ponderosa to work off their father's debt to Ben. It seems as though the elder Kane once swindled the Cartwright patriarch.
9/19/1965 Ep 204: The Dilemma
Ben helps a convict win a parole only to have the man later become the chief suspect in a bank robbery.
9/26/1965 Ep 205: The Brass Box
Juan Ortega claims he has a land grant which gives him ownership of the entire Nevada Territory.
10/3/1965 Ep 206: The Other Son
A mule skinner and his two sons are hired by Ben to transport nitroglycerin to California.
10/10/1965 Ep 207: The Lonely Runner
Jim Acton owns a prize mare that he's determined to keep--even when a judge awards the animal to another man in settlement of a debt.
10/17/1965 Ep 208: Devil on Her Shoulder
A religious sect, which has suffered through a series of misfortunes, accuses one its members of being possessed by the devil.
10/24/1965 Ep 209: Found Child
The Cartwrights give shelter to the lone survivor of a stagecoach massacre—a young girl whose life is still in danger because the culprits think she can identify them.
10/31/1965 Ep 210: The Meredith Smith
Jake Smith dies and leaves his estate to Meredith Smith. Then several claimants to the estate show up saying they are Meredith. It's up to Ben, the executor of the estate, to determine the true heir.
11/7/1965 Ep 211: Mighty is the Word
A gunfighter gets religion and becomes a preacher only to be confronted by a vengeful man whose brother he once killed.
11/14/1965 Ep 212: The Strange One
The Ponderosa becomes a site of refuge for a woman suspected of being a witch.
11/21/1965 Ep 213: The Reluctant Rebel
When the Cartwrights catch young Billy Penn trying to steal some of their cattle they try to set the young rustler on the straight and narrow.
12/5/1965 Ep 214: Five Sundowns to Sunup
A family embarks upon a kidnapping spree in an attempt to halt an execution.
12/12/1965 Ep 215: A Natural Wizard
A young man loves animals so much that he frees them from traps set by hunters—including his own father's.
12/19/1965 Ep 216: All Ye His Saints
After his father becomes seriously ill, a young boy decides to climb a mountain and seek God's help.
1/2/1966 Ep 217: A Dublin Lad
It's '12 Angry Men' in the Old West when juror Joe becomes the lone hold-out for acquittal in a murder trial.
1/9/1966 Ep 218: To Kill a Buffalo
A badly injured Native American rejects Hoss' attempts at helping him.
1/16/1966 Ep 219: Ride the Wind: Part 1
The Pony Express sets up an office in Virginia City and Joe joins up as a rider.
1/23/1966 Ep 220: Ride the Wind: Part 2
In the second of two parts, the Cartwrights provide much needed aid to the fledgling Pony Express office in Virginia City.
1/30/1966 Ep 221: Destiny's Child
Two strangers help Ben when his wagon gets bogged down in the mud. He later tries to return the favor by helping them find employment.
2/6/1966 Ep 222: Peace Officer
When Sheriff Coffee takes a leave of absence, a ruthless lawman is hired to take his place.
2/13/1966 Ep 223: The Code
Joe finds himself goaded into a duel at which a lot of money is being bet against him.
2/20/1966 Ep 224: Three Brides for Hoss
A woman from Kentucky arrives in Virginia City and announces that she's Hoss Cartwright's mail order bride. Needless to say, Hoss is stunned at this situation.
2/27/1966 Ep 225: The Emperor Norton
A self-styled emperor arrives at the Ponderosa bringing his own private war along with him.
3/6/1966 Ep 226: Her Brother's Keeper
Ben falls for Claire Amory but her invalid brother might end up tossing a monkey wrench into the romance.
3/20/1966 Ep 227: The Trouble with Jamie
A visit by the Cartwrights' spoiled Eastern cousin disrupts life at the Ponderosa.
3/27/1966 Ep 228: Shining in Spain
Joe falls for a girl whose filled with stories of her absent father and his many adventures.
4/3/1966 Ep 229: The Genius
Hoss tries to help an alcoholic poet stay on the wagon.
4/10/1966 Ep 230: The Unwritten Commandment
Ben tries to bring an estranged father and son back together.
4/17/1966 Ep 231: Big Shadow on the Land
Immigrant winemakers decide to plant their grapes on Ponderosa land.
4/24/1966 Ep 232: The Fighters
Hoss befriends a washed-up prizefighter who's having a hard time adjusting to life outside the squared circle.
5/1/1966 Ep 233: Home From the Sea
Gilly Maples arrives at the Ponderosa claiming to be a friend of Adam's but in reality his intentions are to rob a shipment of gold.
5/8/1966 Ep 234: The Last Mission
Ben and an Army colonel undertake a peace mission to the Paiute tribe.
5/15/1966 Ep 235: A Dollar's Worth of Trouble
A fortune teller predicts that two people will soon enter and change Hoss's life: a hot blonde chick and a dangerous gunman.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/11/1966 Ep 236: Something Hurt, Something Wild
The Cartwrights' friendship with a neighboring rancher is threatened when their mentally unstable daughter accuses Joe of attacking her.
9/18/1966 Ep 237: Horse of a Different Hue
One of Ben's oldest friends must make sure Joe loses a horse race in order to protect a family member from being killed.
9/25/1966 Ep 238: A Time to Step Down
When an older cowhand is relieved of his stressful duties for easier jobs, he gets angry and joins a gang as revenge.
10/2/1966 Ep 239: The Pursued: Part 1
The Cartwrights help a family of persecuted Mormons escape with their lives after they are burned our of their home.
10/9/1966 Ep 240: The Pursued: Part 2
The Cartwrights help a family of persecuted Mormons escape with their lives after they are burned our of their home.
10/16/1966 Ep 241: To Bloom for Thee
Hoss is unaware that his fiancée is a troubled woman with a hidden, dark past.
10/23/1966 Ep 242: Credit for a Kill
Joe takes credit for a killing when he learns that the dead man's brother is out for revenge.
10/30/1966 Ep 243: Four Sisters from Boston
When the four Lowell sisters come to claim an estate left by a late relative, everything seems to start going wrong.
11/6/1966 Ep 244: Old Charlie
A boastful teller of tall tales falls prey to the revenge-seeking brothers of a dead outlaw.
11/13/1966 Ep 245: Ballad of the Ponderosa
A young singer returns to Virginia City where he claims that Ben Cartwright is responsible for the death of his father.
11/20/1966 Ep 246: The Oath
When his father is hung, Charlie vows to kill the man he thinks is responsible—Ben. It eventually falls on Joe to dissuade Charlie from his plan of revenge.
11/27/1966 Ep 247: A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
Hoss comes to a small town looking for a robbery suspect with the initials J.R. Problem is, there seems to be two brothers with those initials and they aren't talking.
12/4/1966 Ep 248: The Bridegroom
Joe searches for a groom when a rancher makes plans to marry off his plain-looking daughter.
12/18/1966 Ep 249: Tommy
The father of a deaf-mute boy comes looking for him and his mother, both of whom are being protected by the Cartwrights.
12/25/1966 Ep 250: A Christmas Story
When a young singer agrees to perform at Virginia City's annual orphan's Christmas benefit, his shifty manager demands a cut of the donations.
1/1/1967 Ep 251: Ponderosa Explosion
The Ponderosa is overrun with furry critters when two unscrupulous old men convince Hoss and Joe to raise rabbits.
1/8/1967 Ep 252: Justice
Joe forces the only suspect in the murder of his fiancée to come forward.
1/15/1967 Ep 253: A Bride for Buford
When a woman shows interest in a young prospector, Hoss tries to prove that she is really only interested in the man's fortune.
1/22/1967 Ep 254: Black Friday
John Saxon makes the first of three Bonanza appearances as Steve Friday, a former Ponderosa ranchhand turned gunfighter. Putting his own life on the line, Joe Cartwright tries to save an ailing Friday from a paid assassin, hired by the powerful and revenge-driven Judge Wyllit (Ford Rainey).
1/29/1967 Ep 255: The Unseen Wound
A veteran sheriff driven to insanity by years of senseless killings turns his gun on the people of his town.
2/5/1967 Ep 256: Journey to Terror
During a difficult drought, a friend of Joe's joins an outlaw gang to make ends meet.
2/12/1967 Ep 257: Amigo
While riding posse after a band of vicious marauders, Ben Cartwright captures one of their wounded and must protect the man's life from ranchers, his own gang and an angry Little Joe who lost a friend when his ranch was raided.
2/19/1967 Ep 258: A Woman in the House
Ben discovers that an old friend of the Cartwrights, Mary Wharton, is being abused by her husband when the couple comes to live at the Ponderosa.
2/26/1967 Ep 259: Judgement at Red Creek
Joe Cartwright joins a posse led by Sheriff Rimbau to capture two robbery/murder suspects. For Rimbau it's personal: His brother was killed, and he intends to be judge, jury and executioner.
3/5/1967 Ep 260: Joe Cartwright, Detective
The reading of crime novels has Joe trying to convince Hoss that the bank is about to be robbed.
3/12/1967 Ep 261: Dark Enough to See the Stars
Billy Wilcox wanders onto the Ponderosa sick and hungry, fearing that the new lawman may know he once killed a man in self-defense and then ran away.
3/26/1967 Ep 262: The Deed and the Dilemma
Ben and George Rossi attempt to stop a man from claiming the water from an adjourning ranch.
4/2/1967 Ep 263: The Prince
While staying at the Ponderosa, members of the Russian royalty are targeted by jewel thieves.
4/9/1967 Ep 264: A Man Without Land
When Ben prevents crooked Ponderosa foreman Ed Philips from swindling rancher Matt Jeffers, Philips uses Joe and Jeffers' son as pawns in an elaborate revenge scheme.
4/16/1967 Ep 265: Napoleon's Children
A man who calls himself "Napoleon" and his youth gang terrorize Virginia City stealing horses and money.
4/23/1967 Ep 266: The Wormwood Cup
After killing a man in self-defense, Little Joe deals with the wrath of the dead man's family.
4/30/1967 Ep 267: Clarissa
Clarissa, the Cartwright's cousin from back East, visits the Ponderosa, disrupting the peace and quiet.
5/7/1967 Ep 268: Maestro Hoss
When Hoss takes up learning the violin, the rest of the Cartwrights are driven crazy by the strident sounds coming from the instrument.
5/14/1967 Ep 269: The Greedy Ones
Rumors are flying that old prospector Gus Schultz has struck it rich on the Ponderosa. As a result, Ben contends with a veritable battalion of greedy gold hunters.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/17/1967 Ep 270: Second Chance
When Joe and Hoss are gone from home trying to warn nearby settlers about renegade indians, Joe is shot with an arrow. Hoss desperately tries to find assistance, finding help in an unlikely group of people.
9/24/1967 Ep 271: Sense of Duty
Ben, Hoss and Joe help the Virginia City militia escort a renegade indian, who believes he is the Almighty, through hostile indian territory and on to prison.
10/1/1967 Ep 272: The Conquistadors
A band of Mexicans kidnaps Joe, demanding a $25,000 ransom. And if that's not bad enough, a group of cowboys is planning to rescue Joe, kill him and claim the gold for themselves.
10/8/1967 Ep 273: Judgment at Olympus
Candy stands accused of murder in the town of Olympus. The victim's father is determined to give Candy a fair trial, but then Joe is locked up on suspicion of murder as well. It's up to Hoss to figure out what's going on in Olympus in enough time to save them both.
10/15/1967 Ep 274: Night of Reckoning
An outlaw named Dibbs takes Hoss, Joe and Candy prisoner at the Ponderosa. He wants the $60,000 that the foreman, Donny Buckler, has hidden, and he is determined to get it.
10/22/1967 Ep 275: False Witness
While at the bank in Sand Dust, Joe and the bank's secretary, Valerie Townsend, witness an armed robbery. During the subsequent gunfight, the main culprit, Billy Slater, kills the banker, but is quickly brought to justice. Joe, Hoss and Candy agree to be witnesses but must avoid being killed in the meantime.
10/29/1967 Ep 276: The Gentle Ones
Many people believe Mark Cole to be nothing but a coward, but he proves them wrong when he rescues a horse from his brother, who is treating it cruelly.
11/5/1967 Ep 277: Desperate Passage
The Cartwrights find two survivors in a town after an indian attack. Will they be able to make it through the dangerous territory alive?
11/12/1967 Ep 278: The Sure Thing
Trudy Loughlin loves her horse, a wild stallion. But her father has plans of his own, and they are likely to leave the girl heartbroken.
11/19/1967 Ep 279: Showdown at Tahoe
A career robber claiming to be a lumber man plans to use Ben's new freight paddleboat to haul a $1-million-dollar currency shipment to San Francisco.
11/26/1967 Ep 280: Six Black Horses
An old friend of Ben's comes to Nevada with money to invest. Ben is initially delighted, but then discovers that his friend stole the money from corrupt New York politicians.
12/3/1967 Ep 281: Check Rein
An injured rancher enlists the aid of the Cartwrights to buy back one of his horses after his farm is foreclosed. If that's not bad enough, the rancher must also avoid getting killed by his ruthless uncle, who will stop at nothing to gain full control of the ranch.
12/17/1967 Ep 282: Justice Deferred
An anguished Hoss discovers that his testimony helped hang an innocent man accused of murder. As he struggles to bring the real killer to justice, Hoss must also combat the cowardice of another witness and the jury foreman, an influential banker.
12/24/1967 Ep 283: The Gold Detector
Hoss is sure there's gold in an old mine he wants to buy, and has the gold detector to prove it. However, things are not what they seem.
1/7/1968 Ep 284: The Trackers
A man recently released from prison for bank robbery is accused of robbing the same Virginia City bank and gunning down a teller. The Cartwrights try to protect the accused man from a posse that intends to lynch him before his trial.
1/14/1968 Ep 285: A Girl Named George
Can a photograph lie? The Cartwrights and Candy have to determine this when lawyer Cato Troxell uses a photograph as an alibi to prove that he didn't kill a Virginia City judge.
1/21/1968 Ep 286: The Thirteenth Man
The area ranchers are losing many cattle to rustlers, so they hire Marcus Alley to help discover the thieves' identities. However, his methods raise eyebrows as accused rustlers begin winding up dead instead of in custody.
1/28/1968 Ep 287: The Burning Sky
A sadistic rancher livid over his son's friendship with a Sioux woman goes to vicious extremes to keep the two apart.
2/4/1968 Ep 288: The Price of Salt
When a young woman inherits her late father's salt mine, a greedy rancher wants to buy all the salt for himself. Ben, standing for the smaller ranchers who cannot afford to pay the heiress' prices, bids against the wealthy rancher to get a fair price for all.
2/18/1968 Ep 289: Blood Tie
A band of outlaws enact a scheme to rob the Ponderosa, by tricking Hoss and Joe away from the ranch and leaving a wounded Ben alone at home.
2/25/1968 Ep 290: The Crime of Johnny Mule
Johnny Mule, a somewhat thick-headed ranch hand, stands accused of robbery and murder. Hoss is the lone dissenting voice on the jury. Mule, fearing a lynching, escapes while the jury deliberates, and Hoss takes the blame.
3/3/1968 Ep 291: The Late Ben Cartwright
After an attempt on his life Ben lays low, allowing even his close friends to believe him to be gone in an effort to thwart the plans of a scheming politician.
3/10/1968 Ep 292: Star Crossed
Candy falls in love with Tisha Sterling, a young woman being blackmailed by a man named Passmore, a marshal from another town who pretends to be her cousin.
3/17/1968 Ep 293: Trouble Town
A Cartwright cattle drive stops in the town of River Bend. There they help Lilah Holden, an old friend of Candy's, out of a jam.
4/7/1968 Ep 294: Commitment at Angelus
After Joe's friend, Steve, is killed in an accident, he takes over organizing a strike at the mine that the deceased had begun. As tensions rise, the miners threaten to disrupt the whole enterprise if their demands are not met.
4/14/1968 Ep 295: A Dream to Dream
Bitter, alcoholic Josh Carter makes life miserable for his wife, Sarah, and their children—until Hoss helps him mend his ways.
4/28/1968 Ep 296: In Defense of Honor
When a love triangle involving a Yute ranch hand leads to murder, a treaty between the white man and the Yutes is threatened.
5/5/1968 Ep 297: To Die in Darkness
A man convicted on Ben's testimony seeks revenge, luring Ben and Candy to an abandoned mineshaft and then trapping them there.
5/12/1968 Ep 298: The Bottle Fighter
After Hoss is accused of stabbing a man to death, his hopes for acquittal rest on the skills of Barney Sturgess, a once great lawyer who has crawled inside a bottle.
5/19/1968 Ep 299: The Arrival of Eddie
Hoss finds himself in trouble when he tries to help the son of a criminal he shot and killed years earlier.
5/26/1968 Ep 300: The Stronghold
When the crooked Farrell brothers pay Joe and Candy for a herd with a worthless bank draft, the Cartwrights turn to a bitter enemy of the Farrell's to help get the money owed to them.
6/2/1968 Ep 301: Pride of a Man
When Joe becomes a substitute teacher, he has to deal with a challenging pair of hooligans.
7/7/1968 Ep 302: A Severe Case of Matrimony
Rosalita hopes to win the Cartwrights as patrons of her opera career. There's just one problem with her plan: she lacks the skill to make a career of opera!
7/28/1968 Ep 303: Stage Door Johnnies
Hoss and Little Joe vie for the attention of visiting entertainer Mademoiselle Denise, but she has no time for them.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/15/1968 Ep 304: Different Pines, Same Wind
Joe tries to drive an old woman away from a destructive strip miner, which she mistakes as an attempt to grab up her land.
9/22/1968 Ep 305: Child
Hoss is in line for a hanging when he is accused of murdering a wealthy man. But the town is more concerned over finding the location of the man's fortune than Hoss' punishment.
9/29/1968 Ep 306: Salute to Yesterday
Candy gets a blast from the past when he runs into old friends from his days in the Army. Add gunfights, old flames, true love and the Cartwrights to the mix, and it spins an exciting tale!
10/6/1968 Ep 307: The Real People of Muddy Creek
Ben gets virtually no help from a town filled with cowards when he is put in charge of a vicious criminal.
10/13/1968 Ep 308: The Passing of a King
The Cartwrights step in when a fight breaks out between a rancher and his headstrong son.
10/20/1968 Ep 309: The Last Vote
Hoss and Joe's bickering leads them into taking opposite sides in the Virginia City mayoral race. Their zealous actions divide Virginia City's citizens into two factions, causing nothing but arguments, fights and havoc in town.
10/27/1968 Ep 310: Catch as Catch Can
When residents of Tin Bucket claim the Cartwrights and Candy are dealing in stolen cattle hides, Ben is determined to discover who is actually responsible for the hide thefts.
11/3/1968 Ep 311: Little Girl Lost
A young brat and distant relative of the Cartwrights annoys everyone when he comes for a visit to the Ponderosa.
11/10/1968 Ep 312: The Survivors
A man is reunited with his wife after she was abducted years earlier by the Paiutes Indians—discovering that she now has a half-Indian baby.
11/17/1968 Ep 313: Sound of Drums
Georgio Rossi is at a loss as to why he is not allowed to have Indians living on his land.
12/1/1968 Ep 314: Queen High
Joe and Candy haven't a clue of what to do with a stamping mill they won in a poker game.
12/8/1968 Ep 315: Yonder Man
Ben is asked by an old friend, once an Army scout, to open a cattle ranch in Mira Flores, Mexico.
12/15/1968 Ep 316: Mark of Guilt
Hop Sing tries to prove Joe is innocent of a murder by teaching Hoss and Candy the ancient Chinese art of finger printing.
12/22/1968 Ep 317: A World Full of Cannibals
Ben agrees to hide a government witness in a land fraud case at the Ponderosa as part of the witness protection program. However, the witness—who along with eight men committed various crimes in connection with the case—is in constant danger.
1/5/1969 Ep 318: Sweet Annie Laurie
Hoss offers to help Annie Laurie run away from her abusive husband, a career criminal who is determined to keep his wife under his control.
1/12/1969 Ep 319: My Friend, My Enemy
Candy stands accused of murder, and the only person who can clear his name is an Indian wanted for horse theft.
1/19/1969 Ep 320: Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds
When an elderly British woman's jewels are stolen, Candy takes it upon himself to retrieve them from the thieves.
1/26/1969 Ep 321: Erin
When Ben allows the Paiutes to camp on Ponderosa land, a neighbor threatens Hoss' fiancée, Erin, a beautiful young woman who was raised by Indians.
2/2/1969 Ep 322: Company of Forgotten Men
A retired Army sergeant, bitter that he never received his pension from the government, kidnaps one-time friend Candy, forcing him to help in a plan to blow up the U.S. mint in Carson City and hold the gold and silver for ransom.
2/9/1969 Ep 323: The Clarion
Ben helps an old friend having trouble keeping her newspaper business afloat.
2/23/1969 Ep 324: The Lady and the Mountain Lion
A shady magician and his identical twin daughters create confusion in Virginia City.
3/2/1969 Ep 325: Five Candles
Ben and three others are trapped when the floor of the courthouse collapses—and one of the men may be a murderer.
3/9/1969 Ep 326: The Wish
Hoss gets a taste of racism when he helps a black family get their farm in working order.
3/16/1969 Ep 327: The Deserter
Candy comes across a man who is running from the Army, charged with desertion. The two team up with Joe to stop the trading of illegal arms to Indians.
3/23/1969 Ep 328: Emily
Joe is caught in a love triangle when he meets up with an old girlfriend, Emily, a woman he had planned to marry.
3/30/1969 Ep 329: The Running Man
When Candy receives an urgent letter from an old flame requesting his help in the town of Butlerville, he and Joe ride out and find that an old friend is part of the problem.
4/6/1969 Ep 330: The Unwanted
Lorrie Mansfield runs away with ranch hand Rick Miller, much to the ire of her marshal father.
4/20/1969 Ep 331: Speak No Evil
When Coley Clayborn's estranged mother returns to Virginia City, he believes she has come back to claim his father's gold mine.
4/27/1969 Ep 332: The Fence
While Ben and Hoss visit an old friend to negotiate the purchase of a mine, former Confederate soldiers arrive wanting to exact revenge on the Cartwrights' friend for starving POWs during the Civil War.
5/11/1969 Ep 333: A Ride in the Sun
When Tobias, April Horn and a former Army scout pull off a daring robbery, injuring Ben in the process, Hoss and Joe join the search posse, bent on catching the thieves.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/14/1969 Ep 334: Another Windmill to Go
An eccentric who calls himself Don Q. Hought arrives in Virginia City and has a series of misadventures.
9/21/1969 Ep 335: The Witness
The Cartwrights protect a witness involved with a recent stagecoach robbery. However, they are unaware that she is a compulsive liar.
9/28/1969 Ep 336: The Silence at Stillwater
In the town of Stillwater, Candy is a victim of mistaken identity and finds himself jailed.
10/5/1969 Ep 337: A Lawman's Lot is Not a Happy One
When Roy is called out of town to testify in a case, Hoss is appointed temporary sheriff and soon finds himself handling a number of bizarre problems.
10/12/1969 Ep 338: Anatomy of a Lynching
Will Griner is acquitted of a murder after two key witnesses disappear before the trial. When a bloodthirsty lynch mob comes after him, thinking that he silenced the witnesses, Griner goes to the Cartwrights for help.
10/19/1969 Ep 339: To Stop a War
Dan Logan is hired as a range detective to stop a cattle rustling outbreak, but when he is framed for murder he needs the help his old friends, the Cartwrights.
10/26/1969 Ep 340: The Medal
When Matthew Rush runs afoul the embittered Nagle clan, he and his love, Susan, the Nagle's daughter, fear for their lives and turn to the Cartwrights for help.
11/2/1969 Ep 341: The Stalker
After he shoots and kills an armed robber, Candy helps the man's widow and young son run their farm—while the widow plans her revenge.
11/16/1969 Ep 342: Meena
Joe and Candy help a timid young woman stand up to her domineering father.
11/23/1969 Ep 343: A Darker Shadow
Joe's friend, Wade Turner, is struck a devastating blow when he develops a brain tumor that afflicts him a paralyzing sensitivity to bright light and will soon render him blind.
12/7/1969 Ep 344: Dead Wrong
While in Sunville on business, Hoss and Candy are mistaken as outlaws by the town's eccentric storyteller. Meanwhile, the real outlaws use the distraction as an opportunity to rob the bank.
12/14/1969 Ep 345: Old Friends
Two men whom Ben once worked with during a gold claim arrive in Virigina City on opposite sides of the law. Naturally, Ben is caught in the middle.
12/21/1969 Ep 346: Abner Willoughby's Return
Former miner Abner Willoughby returns to Virginia City in search of money he buried somewhere in the area years ago.
1/4/1970 Ep 347: It's a Small World
When a banker discriminates against midget George Marshall by denying him a job, Marshall, desperate to support his infant daughter, decides to rob the bank.
1/11/1970 Ep 348: Danger Road
Ben is forced to confront a former gunnery officer.
1/18/1970 Ep 349: The Big Jackpot
Candy faces unexpected troubles when he's left a great deal of money by an old friend.
1/25/1970 Ep 350: The Trouble with Amy
Ben comes to the aid of Amy Wilder, an eccentric animal lover whose mental competency is questioned when a neighbor declares an interest in her land for mining.
2/1/1970 Ep 351: The Lady and the Mark
It seems as though everyone wants a piece of a ranch hand who makes a gold strike—including a beautiful woman who may have ulterior motives.
2/8/1970 Ep 352: Is There Any Man Here...?
A woman walks out of her wedding with the intention of marrying another man—Ben Cartwright.
2/15/1970 Ep 353: The Law and Billy Burgess
The widow of a teacher demands immediate punishment of the student she blames for her husband's death.
2/22/1970 Ep 354: Long Way to Ogden
Ben and a fellow cattleman set out to foil the scheme of a meat packer trying to make them sell their herds at rock bottom prices.
3/1/1970 Ep 355: Return Engagement
Smitten with a beautiful actress, Hoss is the prime suspect when her jealous leading man is found murdered.
3/8/1970 Ep 356: The Gold Mine
Two shady drifters target a friend of Joe's who has just struck gold.
3/22/1970 Ep 357: Decision at Los Robles
After Ben is forced to kill a corrupt town boss, the man's son vows revenge.
3/29/1970 Ep 358: Caution: Easter Bunny Crossing
Dressed as an Easter Bunny and on his way to entertain children at an orphanage, Hoss must first grapple with a gang of inept outlaws.
4/5/1970 Ep 359: The Horse Traders
When Hoss and Joe attempt to make a quick buck selling horses, the enterprise doesn't go exactly as planned.
4/12/1970 Ep 360: What are Pardners For?
Hoss tries to prevent two men he meets on the trail from committing a bank robbery.
4/19/1970 Ep 361: A Matter of Circumstance
After the other Cartwrights leave on a cattle drive, Joe stays behind to tend to the Ponderosa and gets seriously injured by a berserk horse.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/13/1970 Ep 362: The Night Virginia City Died
Roy Coffey and Clem search for an arsonist torching ranches around Virginia City. Clem is devastated to discover that his fiancée, Janie, is a prime suspect.
9/20/1970 Ep 363: A Matter of Faith
The Cartwrights discover that their friend, Dusty Rhoades, has taken in a young boy whose father was a slain rainmaker.
9/27/1970 Ep 364: The Weary Willies
The Cartwrights discover the trouble Civil War veterans are having trying to resume their former lives.
10/4/1970 Ep 365: The Wagon
After he is arrested by a sheriff for no reason, Hoss escapes from a prison wagon along with a woman whom he believes to be innocent, too.
10/11/1970 Ep 366: The Power of Life and Death
Ben and Joe play a game of cat and mouse when they chase a man who shot a colonel through the desert.
10/18/1970 Ep 367: Gideon the Good
Joe's life is in danger after he witnesses the wife of a sheriff committing murder.
10/25/1970 Ep 368: The Trouble with Trouble
Hoss has his hands full when he volunteers to be the acting sheriff for a town named Trouble—and ends up arresting the whole town.
11/1/1970 Ep 369: Thornton's Account
Joe frantically searches for help when Ben injures his back after his new horse throws him down a steep hill.
11/8/1970 Ep 370: The Love Child
A father rejects his dying daughter and the son she had out of wedlock.
11/15/1970 Ep 371: El Jefe
When a greedy mine owner in the town of Prince River forces Mexican farmers off their land, Hoss and Joe come to the rescue.
11/22/1970 Ep 372: The Luck of Pepper Shannon
Ben gives a job at the Ponderosa to Pepper Shannon, a one-time hero and outlaw made famous in dime novels, on the condition he stays away from Jamie, an admirer of his.
12/13/1970 Ep 373: The Impostors
Hoss and Joe pretend to be part of a gang that robbed a stage coach, but their plan is in danger when the wife of one of the thieves shows up.
12/20/1970 Ep 374: Honest John
Jamie befriends an old man known as Honest John, urging him to rebuild an old wagon so he can leave the Ponderosa.
12/27/1970 Ep 375: For a Young Lady
The aunt and uncle of a young girl want to gain custody of her because they believe she holds the rights to a gold mine.
1/3/1971 Ep 376: A Single Pilgrim
When Hoss is accidentally shot, two settlers from Virginia argue over what to do with him.
1/10/1971 Ep 377: The Gold-Plated Rifle
Jamie runs off after getting in trouble for breaking a special rifle that Ben told him never to touch.
1/17/1971 Ep 378: Top Hand
A trail boss battle ensues when the Cartwrights pick Kelly, a former ranch hand on the Ponderosa, but Mr. Weatherby knows that Kelly was fired on a previous cattle drive for drinking.
1/31/1971 Ep 379: A Deck of Aces
Confusion ensues when Bradley Meredith, a Ben Cartwright look-a-like, accepts a land deal with the railroad as Ben.
2/7/1971 Ep 380: The Desperado
A fugitive black man holds Hoss hostage—and has no problems killing a white man.
2/14/1971 Ep 381: The Reluctant American
When the property of an English holding group shows little profit, the owners come from England to Nevada to see exactly why.
2/21/1971 Ep 382: Shadow of a Hero
Ben discovers that an Army general whom he supports as the next governor is all for killing Indians.
2/28/1971 Ep 383: The Silent Killer
When an influenza epidemic hits the Ponderosa, the wife of a doctor feels she knows what to do. But Doc Martin insists that the doctor is merely a fraud.
3/7/1971 Ep 384: Terror at 2:00
Three men, posing as newspaper reporters, plan on shooting down the whole town with a Gatling gun stolen from the Army.
3/14/1971 Ep 385: The Stillness Within
Having been blinded in an explosion, an inconsolable Joe encounters a woman who tries to teach him how to survive without sight.
3/21/1971 Ep 386: A Time to Die
Ben helps an old friend, April Christopher, and her daughter when April is bitten by a rabid wolf while visiting the Ponderosa.
3/28/1971 Ep 387: Winter Kill
When a prized steer belonging to the Cartwrights is killed by the foreman of a neighboring ranch, the man's scheming boss plans to take unfair advantage of the mistake.
4/4/1971 Ep 388: Kingdom of Fear
The Cartwrights and Candy are captured by a man known as "The Judge," who turns them into slaves, forcing them to work in his gold mine.
4/11/1971 Ep 389: An Earthquake Called Callahan
Joe searches for a professional fighter who can clear the name of an incarcerated Dusty Rhoades.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/19/1971 Ep 390: The Grand Swing
Ben takes Jake on an extended tour of the Ponderosa to teach him a lesson after his recklessness destroys a wagon, killing a horse.
9/26/1971 Ep 391: Fallen Woman
After Hoss helps send a man to prison, his wife insists that Hoss should be made responsible for their son.
10/3/1971 Ep 392: Bushwhacked!
Joe is found shot in the back and delirious by a pair of cowboys roaming the prairie.
10/10/1971 Ep 393: Rock-a-Bye Hoss
Hoss is reluctantly made to judge a contest for the most beautiful baby in Virginia City.
10/17/1971 Ep 394: The Prisoners
While helping to escort an old outlaw to jail, things take a turn for the worse when the prisoner murders the lawman and puts a bullet in Joe.
10/24/1971 Ep 395: Cassie
Hoss creates a "fixed" horse race in order to help a lazy dreamer and his family.
10/31/1971 Ep 396: Don't Cry, My Son
When the infant son of a Virginia City doctor dies in childbirth, his wife leaves him and the grieving doctor abducts another baby to have for his own.
11/14/1971 Ep 397: Face of Fear
A classmate of Jamie witnesses a brutal murder, but is too terrified to recount what has happened.
11/21/1971 Ep 398: Blind Hunch
A blinded veteran of the Civil War returns to Virginia City to find the killer of his brother.
11/28/1971 Ep 399: The Iron Butterfly
When a former actress kills her former boyfriend, Hoss takes the blame and the dead man's senator father vows to have his revenge by taking down the Cartwrights.
12/5/1971 Ep 400: The Rattlesnake Brigade
When the Doyle gang escapes while being transferred to a prison in Virginia City, they take Jamie and three others hostage.
12/12/1971 Ep 401: Easy Come, Easy Go
The peace of the Ponderosa is disrupted when a gambler arrives for a stay after losing all his money in a stock scheme.
12/19/1971 Ep 402: A Home for Jamie
Jamie's grandfather comes to claim him just as Ben is arranging for his adoption.
12/26/1971 Ep 403: Warbonnet
After his horse breaks a leg, Joe is left stranded and exhausted in the desert—finding himself at the mercy of a tribe of Indians who discover him.
1/2/1972 Ep 404: The Lonely Man
Hop Sing falls in love with a young woman, but his heart is broken when a judge confirms that the law prohibits interracial marriage.
1/9/1972 Ep 405: Second Sight
When Jamie goes missing, the Cartwrights enlist the help of a reluctant clairvoyant to locate the youngster.
1/16/1972 Ep 406: The Saddle Stiff
Ben is challenged by a former employee to get himself hired elsewhere as a ranch hand, thus proving that his aging body can handle the intense physical labor of the job.
1/30/1972 Ep 407: Frenzy
The husband of Ben's friend, Anna Kosovo, suddenly becomes a raging lunatic, barricading himself and Anna inside their home, threatening to kill anyone who tries to intervene.
2/6/1972 Ep 408: The Customs of the Country
Joe and Hoss enter a new world when they arrive in Agua Santos, Mexico. Joe breaks a law by removing his hat in church and Hoss encounters more oddities when trying to gain his release.
2/13/1972 Ep 409: Shanklin
When a rogue ex-Confederate soldier critically wounds Hoss in a robbery attempt, Ben learns that the very man who shot Hoss may be the only one in town able to perform a life-saving surgery.
2/20/1972 Ep 410: Search in Limbo
Ben is accused of murdering a corrupt real estate broker, and, due to a concussion, cannot remember where he was on the day of the murder.
3/5/1972 Ep 411: He Was Only Seven
When a young boy is killed during a bank robbery in Virginia City, Ben and Jamie are determined to hunt down his murderers.
3/12/1972 Ep 412: The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother
Ben and Joe are jailed as part of the Younger clan after arriving in town to free Hoss, who also was mistaken as a Younger brother.
3/19/1972 Ep 413: A Place to Hide
Major Donahue is in pursuit of Confederate officer Cody Ransom and his men despite Ben's attempt to arrange a surrender.
3/26/1972 Ep 414: A Visit to Upright
Complications arise when the Cartwrights purchase a broken-down saloon in Upright, Nevada, which they believe contains a fortune in hidden gold.
4/2/1972 Ep 415: One Ace Too Many
Ben's evil twin, Bradley Meredith, begins to liquidate the Ponderosa assets while Ben is away on a vacation.
Season: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
9/12/1972 Ep 417: Forever: Part 2
After Joe marries Alice Harper, trouble follows when a couple of men show up looking for money owed to them by Alice's brother.
9/12/1972 Ep 416: Forever: Part 1
After Joe marries Alice Harper, trouble follows when a couple of men show up looking for money owed to them by Alice's brother.
9/19/1972 Ep 418: Heritage of Anger
When Ben helps out ex-con John Dundee readjust to the world, the matter becomes complicated by broken promises of the man who framed him.
9/26/1972 Ep 419: The Initiation
A boy is accidentally killed while performing the initiation for a secret club, and one of Jamie's friends is blamed for the death.
10/3/1972 Ep 420: Riot
Ben is taken as a hostage while inspecting conditions at a Nevada State Prison.
10/10/1972 Ep 421: New Man
Ben brings parolee Griff King to the Ponderosa to work, but the newly freed man has a hard time adjusting to life outside of prison.
10/24/1972 Ep 422: Ambush at Rio Lobo
Outlaws lie in wait, ready to waylay a stagecoach carrying Ben and a young pregnant woman.
10/31/1972 Ep 423: The Twenty-Sixth Grave
When Samuel Clemens (a.k.a. Mark Twain) comes nosing around town investigating the mysterious death of miners, he starts an uprising with accusations of claim jumping and murder.
11/14/1972 Ep 424: Stallion
Trouble follows when Ben purchases a beautiful black stallion for Joe's birthday gift.
11/28/1972 Ep 425: The Hidden Enemy
A new doctor in Virginia City is secretly fighting the demons of a morphine addiction.
12/5/1972 Ep 426: The Sound of Sadness
A lonely old man wants to adopt a pair of orphans, but he will need to get past bureaucratic red tape first.
12/19/1972 Ep 427: The Bucket Dog
Jamie falls in love with an unwanted Irish Setter, but he may not be able to save the animal's life because its rightful owner believes that the runt of the litter should always be destroyed.
12/26/1972 Ep 428: First Love
Jamie falls in love with the abused wife of an unpopular Virginia City schoolmaster.
1/2/1973 Ep 429: The Witness
When Candy is framed for robbery and manslaughter, his fate rests in the hands of a confident yet inexperienced attorney.
1/9/1973 Ep 430: The Marriage of Theodora Duffy
Griff poses as Theodora Duffy, the "wife" of a government agent in order to nab a group of war criminals.
1/16/1973 Ep 431: The Hunter
A game of cat and mouse ensues when outlaw Bill Tanner steals the goods Joe is transporting on his wagon.