Remind Me

Have you ever browsed through MeTV's schedule and saw that one of your favorite classic television episodes was set to air that day or week, only to end up kicking yourself later for forgetting to tune in? Well, MeTV has come up with a simple solution: Remind Me!

This nifty feature allows you to set reminders for tune-in times for episodes of your favorite classic television programs on MeTV.

As you peruse the schedule at, look for the remind me icon:

Click on the bell; the pop-up widget will then allow you to set a reminder in the form of an email, phone call or text message.

Then, 15 minutes before your program is scheduled to air, you will receive a reminder in the format of your choice.

If you no longer wish to receive that specific reminder reply DEACTIVATE to unsubscribe. Reply STOP to block all future messages.  

It's as simple as that!