What the heck happened to these television husbands' wives?

It's like Where's Waldo, but with wives.

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We all love a great single dad storyline, but doesn't anybody ever wonder where all these wives have run off to? Well, we did, and now we're making it your problem. We'll give you the name of a single man in a classic television series, and it's your responsibility to tell us what happened to his wife!

  1. Archie Bunker is single for a majority of Archie Bunker's Place. What happened to his wife, Edith?
  2. In The Brady Bunch, where is Mike Brady's first wife?
  3. What happened to the mother in My Three Sons?
  4. In the Leave It To Beaver sequel series, Still the Beaver, where is Beaver's wife?
  5. What happened to Frasier's first wife, Nanny G?
  6. What happened to Andy Taylor's first wife in The Andy Griffith Show?
  7. In Bonanza, Ben Cartwright has three wives, all of them deceased. How did his first wife, Elizabeth, die?
  8. What happened to Mark's mother in The Rifleman?
  9. What happened to Elizabeth Sanford in Sanford and Son?
  10. What happened to Alex Reiger's wife in Taxi?
  11. What happened to Lou Grant's wife in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

What the heck happened to these television husbands' wives?

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STTOS 17 days ago
You got 11 out of 11 - You did such a great job on that quiz that we could ask you to marry us! Fairly easy since there were no divorces depicted in the early years of TV.
bonwil 5 months ago
That was fun.. Most of my answers were guesses
Ratt1959 5 months ago
You got 9 out of 11. Enough dead wives on tv.
Griselda 5 months ago
Billy Mumy wished Andy's wife and all his vanishing girlfriends into the cornfield.
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