What the heck happened to these television husbands' wives?

It's like Where's Waldo, but with wives.

We all love a great single dad storyline, but doesn't anybody ever wonder where all these wives have run off to? Well, we did, and now we're making it your problem. We'll give you the name of a single man in a classic television series, and it's your responsibility to tell us what happened to his wife!

  1. Archie Bunker is single for a majority of Archie Bunker's Place. What happened to his wife, Edith?
  2. In The Brady Bunch, where is Mike Brady's first wife?
  3. What happened to the mother in My Three Sons?
  4. In the Leave It To Beaver sequel series, Still the Beaver, where is Beaver's wife?
  5. What happened to Frasier's first wife, Nanny G?
  6. What happened to Andy Taylor's first wife in The Andy Griffith Show?
  7. In Bonanza, Ben Cartwright has three wives, all of them deceased. How did his first wife, Elizabeth, die?
  8. What happened to Mark's mother in The Rifleman?
  9. What happened to Elizabeth Sanford in Sanford and Son?
  10. What happened to Alex Reiger's wife in Taxi?
  11. What happened to Lou Grant's wife in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?

What the heck happened to these television husbands' wives?

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bonwil 8 days ago
That was fun.. Most of my answers were guesses
Ratt1959 26 days ago
You got 9 out of 11. Enough dead wives on tv.
Griselda 27 days ago
Billy Mumy wished Andy's wife and all his vanishing girlfriends into the cornfield.
trogg888 27 days ago
It would have been fun to find out Andy was a serial killer and had killed them all
trogg888 27 days ago
Guess it's ot too healthy to be married to a sit com husband
Tanisha32 29 days ago
7/11 I didn't realize they were killing off wives like that back then. Did they do the same with the husbands of the single moms? Or were they allowed to cheat and be merry?
daDoctah Tanisha32 29 days ago
There weren't as many, but yes, the same formula was used for husbands. Didn't you ever wonder where the father of all those Partridge kids went?
Avie 30 days ago
People don't "pass away," they DIE.

It's a simple word, with a distinguished pedigree, and conveys the idea far better than "pass away," which no less an authority than Scarlett O'Hara would describe as "mealy-mouthed."
daDoctah Avie 28 days ago
Did you ever work for Dish Network? You sound like the person I got when I tried to cancel my *dead* (since you'd probably also object to "late" on the same grounds) mother's account. Even after telling them that she wasn't going to need the account any more and the reason why, they kept wanting to know if I wanted it moved to her new address.

I swear I came *this* close to reciting the entire Monty Python dead parrot sketch at them to get them to understand. ("Bereft of life, she rests in peace. She's rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. Etc.")
LeeHarper 30 days ago
8/10. So much death.

Wendy57 LeeHarper 29 days ago
Nice photo.
trogg888 LeeHarper 27 days ago
Is that Lincoln's wife?
spalding69 30 days ago
11/11 most of the choices were just plain stupid....trampled by buffaloes my eye.
HGN2001 30 days ago
You forgot some of the drama shows like Barnaby Jones' wife, Richard Kimble's wife, etc.
QazWiz HGN2001 29 days ago
murdered by one armed man.... LOL
cperrynaples HGN2001 28 days ago
Yep, and wasn't Cannon's daughter killed? Going back to Barnaby Jones, I believe Betty lost her husband!
trogg888 HGN2001 27 days ago
Kimble killed his wife,wait I mean "a one armed man killed her" great alibi dick
IndianaRockz 30 days ago

And lead character & suspiciously 'single dad' Sam Jones on Mayberry RFD. Perhaps he got some pointers from fellow suspiciously single dad, Andy Taylor .....
Some backyards might need to be dug up in good ol' Mayberry
Coldnorth IndianaRockz 26 days ago
Now THAT was funny
CouchPotato19 30 days ago
What creative writing. Almost all of the wives passed away. You would almost think it's the men's secret wish.
QazWiz CouchPotato19 29 days ago
era they live in says if died/divorsed... only one that switched is Edith, (which should have been a divorse, promoting the breaking down of the family structure. but instead All in the family did a big CANCER show when real actress Stapleton got Breast Cancer so Edith did too. later, Edith died heart attack because Edith beat cancer, (unlike Jean Stapleton... RIP)
cperrynaples QazWiz 28 days ago
Well, to be fair Stapleton lived 33 years longer than Edith!
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