Were you freaked out by these family-friendly frights?

Did these scenes scare you growing up?


Fear we face as children can stick with us forever. Rarely, if ever, are we as scared as we were as kids. It's one of the most vulnerable stages in life, and it's when our imaginations are most powerful. 

That's why things can be legitimately terrifying to children even when they're not meant to be.

So, let's take a look back at these supposedly "family-friendly" pieces of media that nonetheless scared our pants off as kids. Let us know which ones had you shaking in your Keds. Be sure to drop a comment about your favorites that we missed!

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  1. Wizard of Oz—The witch, the flying monkeys, the scary trees!
  2. Willy Wonka—The tunnel scene, Wonka's weird tone, the Oompa Loompas
  3. Snow White—The evil queen, the scary forest, the wicked old hag
  4. Pee Wee's Big Adventure—Two words for ya: Large Marge
  5. Return to Oz—The Sanitarium, the Wheelers, Headless Mombi
  6. The Witches—The Grand High Witch, the promise of being turned into a mouse
  7. Bad Ronald—Lurking in the walls, the psychotic break, the obsession
  8. The Neverending Story—The death of Artax
  9. Superman III—The scary robot lady
  10. Watership Down—The hawk, the dogs, the death
  11. The Wiz—The subway scene, the Wicked Witch

Were you freaked out by these family-friendly frights?

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Robertp 7 months ago
Those things used to scare me, but now I’ve met my wife’s family and nothing scares me anymore.
Amalthea 8 months ago
I couldn't continue the quiz because I never saw 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. The only thing that freaked me out about "The Wizard of Oz" was the extreme closeup of the witch in the crystal ball and the feet curling up under the house. I thought the monkeys were cute. I didn't like the boat scene in "Willy Wonka". Nothing freaked me out from "Snow White", "Superman III" or "The Wiz". Watership Down was just all-around freaky.
pdbronco 8 months ago
If anything scared me about The Wiz, it was how it completely ruined a fantastic Broadway musical.
KaterTot 8 months ago
I guess y'all have never seen Return to Oz because that movie was freaky!
Zip 8 months ago
100% Similar.
The scariest one on there(of the movies there that I saw) was The Wizard of Oz, but even that one didn't scare me as a kid.
Coldnorth Zip 8 months ago
The flying monkeys scared me so bad. Still do
RedSamRackham Coldnorth 8 months ago
* B-b-but when those men thanked Dorothy for killing the witch I thought they were flying monkeys turned back into humans!
Coldnorth RedSamRackham 8 months ago
That makes me feel better. Thankx
Bret 8 months ago
100% similar
I haven't seen half of these, I just choose "didn't phase" for all
LynCarrigan 8 months ago
Too rooted in the knowledge that these were stories so no fear in the reality of watching.
trogg888 8 months ago
Some of those i saw as a real small child and those flying monkeys creeped me outas did the melting witch
MikefromJersey 8 months ago
"100% similar to the most popular responses"

First time that ever happened, I am gobsmacked.
cperrynaples 8 months ago
This was intended to be family friendly, but I believe the image on the front page is from Halloween 3, a film NOT meant for kids!
KJExpress cperrynaples 8 months ago
I still get chills hearing the Silver Shamrock jingle! 😱
texasluva 8 months ago
100% similar to the most popular responses. None of them phased me much.
Bapa1 8 months ago
72%, some of these I have never seen. Watership Down? Great book, good movie.
MrsPhilHarris 8 months ago
81% similar although I have not seen some of them.
jvf 8 months ago
Never saw #7, #8, nor #10.
KawiVulc 8 months ago
After #4 had to select never phased me because I've never seen them! Well... maybe Watership Downs... don't exactly remember. And - Large Marge? Large Marge was hysterical! Then again, I was in my 20s when Big Adventure was in theaters.
Runeshaper 8 months ago
81% similar

Most these really didn't scare me, but definitely encouraged my imagination (-:
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