We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

A not-quite-scientific test of your TV tastes

The year you were born says a lot about you. It can determine your interests, shape your views and even contribute to your personality.

Your favorite sitcom can also say a lot about you. The situation comedy has been a staple of American television from the very beginning. Since then, there have been enough shows to fit just about every taste.

Which sitcom is your favorite? Select the year you were born and we'll take a guess!

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  1. What year were you born?

We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

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XXcat 2 months ago
My fave was “That Girl.”
Bullitt2019 5 months ago
Liked the Dick Van Dyke show, but The Honeymooners was my favorite, then WKRP.
Snickers 14 months ago
While " The Addams Family" was one 0f my favorites I liked Hogan's Hero's and Green Acres better.
geatornez82 18 months ago
They chose "Full House." While I like "Full House" okay, my favorite sitcom is "The Monkees."
ttenchantr 20 months ago
What year do I have to pick to get "The Bob Newhart Show?"
James9 20 months ago
Not even close. I hate "The Brady Bunch." Didn't watch it as a kid, don't watch it now.
MickeyMentle 20 months ago
While Taxi was a great show in my humble opinion, its not my favorite. Sorry, but Curb Your Enthusiasm takes my #1 spot. Taxi does make the list as does Fawlty Towers, Seinfeld, Green Acres, Adams Family and The Beverly Hillbillies to name a few.
MeanGrinch 20 months ago
WRONG. The result said, 'Mary Tyler Moore,' and I never watch that show. I think I may have seen a total of almost 2-1/2 episodes of scenes from that show. There were many sitcoms that I watch, and I would say, even to this day, that M*A*S*H would be MY favorite, even considering how much I love the ore modern, 'The Big Bang Theory.'
wvpirate 23 months ago
Wrong I watched Gomer Pyle but wasn't a huge fan
Moriyah wvpirate 22 months ago
I'm a huge fan of Gomer Pyle!
Ladytaker53 23 months ago
Wrong. Not really a fan of Taxi.
JeffLove 24 months ago
WRONG!!!! I hated Family Ties
DylanSelf 24 months ago
Whoever designed this quiz is obviously a Baby Boomer. "1980 or later"? "Ah, just assume all them dang-fool 'Millennial' kids like Full House."
KathrynKoe 24 months ago
I don't like fullhouse. Now mash, Adam 12, Hogan's heroes, emergency, dragnet, chips, the musters, petticoat junction Are good . Sorry not fullhouse
ThomasMossman 24 months ago
Full House. Not even remotely close.
RedjacArbez 24 months ago
I got Flintstones..but I like the Jetsons more.
Gary 24 months ago
The Munsters were good but not my favorite. Wrong
CraigGustafson 24 months ago
No. Not "The Flintstones."
"The Phil Silvers Show."
DerekBird 24 months ago
Your favorite sitcom is M*A*S*H

I had to rig this because I hate what I got for 1964. So since I was born on Christmas Day 1964 I decided to cheat by adding a week to my Birth Date making it 1965.
RedjacArbez DerekBird 24 months ago
You did not HAVE to rig anything...You just showed the world how dishonest you are. If you can cheat over this nonsense...I pity your wife or boyfriend.
cmurf1960 24 months ago
I got Beverly Hillbillies. I like it, but my top three are Mary Tyler Moore, Happy Days, and The Golden Girls.
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