We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

A not-quite-scientific test of your TV tastes


The year you were born says a lot about you. It can determine your interests, shape your views and even contribute to your personality.

Your favorite sitcom can also say a lot about you. The situation comedy has been a staple of American television from the very beginning. Since then, there have been enough shows to fit just about every taste.

Which sitcom is your favorite? Select the year you were born and we'll take a guess!

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  1. What year were you born?

We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

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Thacket 1 month ago
It said Full House, but nah. I much prefer Home Improvement, ALF, Cheers, M*A*S*H and ones like those.
Moverfan 6 months ago
I was born in 1962, so my favorite sitcom is The Brady Bunch?
No, no, no...

I watched The Brady Bunch as a kid, but my favorites would be Hogan's Heroes, The Partridge Family, WKRP In Cincinnati, Happy Days, Out Of Practice (with Henry Winkler), Murphy Brown, Superior Donuts...and these days, Ghosts.
lmahabhashyam 10 months ago
Well I got Mary Tyler Moore, which is so far from reality because for me it’s M*A*S*H.
lavender023 10 months ago
1952 Not the Dick Van Dyke show not that there is any thing wrong with it. But Leave it to Beaver is the best ever
mickeyd53 10 months ago
Well…uh….Hmmmm….NOOOOO…..! It’s actually very very close call between M*A*S*H…and The Andy Griffith Show…of course the original with Barney…! I have the complete DVD sets for them both…!
Chelly11 10 months ago
MASH? No! The Bob Newhart Show and MTM. Why did they quit showing those? They are the best!
drcrumpler 10 months ago
Wrong!! While I like watching Gomer Pyle, it is not my favorite sitcom. I think it would be Gilligan's Island. Never get tired of the show. Met Bob Denver, kissed Dawn Wells, what's not to like? These heroes I've met in real life were gracious, patient, & accommodating, happy to sign an autograph, pose for a picture & relive a moment in childhood growing up. Can't say that about all the TV shows i've loved.
LoveMETV22 drcrumpler 10 months ago
I'm sure you will cherish those moments, and thank you for sharing. As you said they were happy to " pose for a picture", it would be of great interests to other fans if you had a picture and were willing to share with others. It's always fun to see those individuals in moments when they are not on the set filming.
Rob 11 months ago
1969, Laverne and Shirley?! Not even close!
FloridaTopCat 11 months ago
1950 and as a former New Yorker (til 1989) I have always liked the NYC Based Comedies, from the The Honeymooners, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Odd Couple, Seinfeld, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Just Shoot Me, etc. (And I hate "Friends", only 1 person from NYC involved with the show, Horrible).

After That, I Liked the Bob Newhart Shows, MTM, the Wings/Frasier mix. Even Hot in Cleveland. And I don't like anything Norman Lear, the leftist bigot!

Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise) until the end of "Enterprise" in 2005. When they started making new episodes with Kirk/Spock Characters but without Shatner and Nimoy, they lost me. The Stargate franchise, MacGyver, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Columbo, McCloud.

Finally, Not full Comedies, but Monk & Psych from the early 2000's make me laugh.
And I forgot, Toodie and Muldoon, Car 54 Where Are You
Thacket FloridaTopCat 1 month ago
Norman Lear was a pioneering genius, shame on you.
XXcat 14 months ago
My fave was “That Girl.”
Bullitt2019 17 months ago
Liked the Dick Van Dyke show, but The Honeymooners was my favorite, then WKRP.
Snickers 26 months ago
While " The Addams Family" was one 0f my favorites I liked Hogan's Hero's and Green Acres better.
geatornez82 29 months ago
They chose "Full House." While I like "Full House" okay, my favorite sitcom is "The Monkees."
ttenchantr 31 months ago
What year do I have to pick to get "The Bob Newhart Show?"
James9 32 months ago
Not even close. I hate "The Brady Bunch." Didn't watch it as a kid, don't watch it now.
MickeyMentle 32 months ago
While Taxi was a great show in my humble opinion, its not my favorite. Sorry, but Curb Your Enthusiasm takes my #1 spot. Taxi does make the list as does Fawlty Towers, Seinfeld, Green Acres, Adams Family and The Beverly Hillbillies to name a few.
Moverfan MickeyMentle 6 months ago
I watched the first season of Taxi and loved it. Then Randall Carver (John) left before the second season...and so did I.
MeanGrinch 32 months ago
WRONG. The result said, 'Mary Tyler Moore,' and I never watch that show. I think I may have seen a total of almost 2-1/2 episodes of scenes from that show. There were many sitcoms that I watch, and I would say, even to this day, that M*A*S*H would be MY favorite, even considering how much I love the ore modern, 'The Big Bang Theory.'
wvpirate 35 months ago
Wrong I watched Gomer Pyle but wasn't a huge fan
Moriyah wvpirate 34 months ago
I'm a huge fan of Gomer Pyle!
Ladytaker53 35 months ago
Wrong. Not really a fan of Taxi.
JeffLove 35 months ago
WRONG!!!! I hated Family Ties
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