We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

A not-quite-scientific test of your TV tastes

The year you were born says a lot about you. It can determine your interests, shape your views and even contribute to your personality.

Your favorite sitcom can also say a lot about you. The situation comedy has been a staple of American television from the very beginning. Since then, there have been enough shows to fit just about every taste.

Which sitcom is your favorite? Select the year you were born and we'll take a guess!

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  1. What year were you born?

We can guess your favorite sitcom based on the year you were born

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TheDavBow3 1 day ago
Born in '64. They said "All In The Family". A great guess. I loved the earlier seasons in particular. My parents liked it. But I tend to like TV shows as if I was 10 years older.
denny 2 days ago
This quiz is just to get your age so they can target ads toward you.
Toady 2 days ago
This quiz was really off, Born ‘55, it said Gilligan. Aaargh. That was for lame brains. Dick Van Dyke was much more sophisticated and funny.
Staceyanne 3 days ago
You failed for me, 1963, Mary Tyler Moore, and my Gene, 1964, All in the Family. Two shows we would never pick first.
ASperos 4 days ago
Noooooo!!! Andy Griffith is my favorite!!!
HARLEMLADY174 4 days ago
The Flintstones is cool but HOGAN'S HERO'S is my jam.
JJPerry 5 days ago
This quiz guessed The Flintstones...based on my birth year (1958)but that's only ONE of my faves...I Love Lucy...MASH...The Brady Bunch...
emergency52 5 days ago
Holy cow was this so wrong, I was born in the 70’s I hated Cheers and loved Mash.
Dario 6 days ago
Happy Days for me! 📺📺📺📺📺 😁😁😁😁😁
Catman 7 days ago
This is so far off that I can't even imagine what bizarre reasoning went into it. Although I might have trouble naming my FAVORITE sitcom, The Monkees wouldn't even make the top 10.
pciconte 8 days ago
They got it wrong happy days is my favorite sit com
BuddyHinton 9 days ago
Well yeah, when I was a wee lad in the 3rd grade I loved The Brady Bunch. But of all time? Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, & Cheers. 👍🏻
Rrene03 10 days ago
I liked Welcome Back Kotter when I was nine years old but I wouldn't say it was my favorite..
MaryO1960 10 days ago
No I think my favorite sitcom is The Andy Griffith show. That's the one I'm hooked on lately.
Joseph 10 days ago
Not even close on the favorite show.
blaireastlandblonde77 11 days ago
Friends... No, but I did watch it... actually around that time my favorite show was 90210
MichaelSamuelJune 13 days ago
While I don't really have a fave sitcom(closest would be 3 stooges if that counts) Different strokes isn't even in the top 20!
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