Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Perry Mason's office

Prove you've been paying attention to every detail on Perry Mason.

A keen eye rewards viewers trying to keep up with episodes of Perry Mason.

If you've spent plenty of time listening to Perry make and break cases in his office at all hours, here's a quiz for you.

Take this tour of Perry Mason's office, and try to pick the correct choice each time to stay within the bounds of his building. One wrong choice, and we're afraid you've left and are guilty of missing a minor detail from the iconic series. Good luck!

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  1. First things first! Pick out Perry Mason's secretary:
  2. Now, pick out Perry Mason's desk:
  3. Find a piece of art from Perry Mason's office:
  4. Pick out the view from Perry Mason's office windows:
  5. Pick a bust you'd find in Perry Mason's office:
  6. Pick a lamp that hangs in Perry Mason's office:
  7. Pick another piece of art that could be found in Perry Mason's office:
  8. Pick an animal statue that could be found in Perry Mason office:
  9. Last question. If you did leave Perry Mason's office, pick out the exterior of the building you'd see:

Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Perry Mason's office

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CaptainDunsel 2 months ago
I guess I just had an eye for the Mason-ry.
IndianaRockz 2 months ago
I always enjoy looking at the backgrounds of the old tv shows noticing the furniture, lighting, clothing, cars, etc
Debbie 22 months ago
9/9. Several I only knew because of the design on the wall in the background.
srrainwater 40 months ago
4/9. The low score doesn’t bother me as much as my wife keeps playing the theme song to run it in!
EllisClevenger 41 months ago
You got 9 out of 9
Way to stick by Perry Mason right through to the end of the day!
PeterRoff 43 months ago
What happened to the fish tank?
lois 43 months ago
I love watching Perry mason !!
Filmnoirfan 43 months ago
8/9 - seen every episode numerous times but some things can remain elusive
leebillyold 60 months ago
Wish the some photo images are lighter.
AgingDisgracefully 60 months ago
This quiz should include a warning: NOT For The Incompetent, Irrelevant or Immaterial.
MissTheOldDays 60 months ago
You got 8 out of 9
Perry Mason's worried about some of your choices.
JeffTanner 60 months ago
''You got 8 out of 9'' ----------------Perry Mason's worried about some of your choices.
60 months ago
9 out of 9! But, I've been watching Mason since 1957!
JeffTanner Pilaf 60 months ago
Then you must be REAL ANCIENT!! Like in your mid to Late SEVENTIES! OR EVEN EIGHTIES!
PINKYLEE JeffTanner 60 months ago
Not so. I'm only 73 & I've been watching Perry Mason since it started on TV.
Jacqueline05478 JeffTanner 59 months ago
That is so RUDE!!!!
cosybully Pilaf 46 months ago
I got all nine too, and I just turned 64. I watched reruns of Perry Mason in the 1960s, but I really got hooked about five years ago on MeTV.
anthony 60 months ago
9/9. I have taken so many PM quizzes that I'm starting to do better then people that actually watched the show. :laughing
MrsPhilHarris 60 months ago
8/9 Somehow I missed the light fixture.
JeffTanner MrsPhilHarris 60 months ago
ME TOO!! That's the one that got me.
KatHat 60 months ago
You got 8 out of 9
Perry Mason's worried about some of your choices. LOL
That paneling was a sure give away - crazy!
WyattJames KatHat 60 months ago
that's exactly how I got a few of them lol
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