Plan a classic television Friendsgiving and we'll tell you which Thanksgiving side dish you are

Which annoying television child are you relegating to the kid's table?


Friendsgiving is a more recent holiday that lets people come together with their loved ones and celebrate their friendship the best way possible: With food! In this quiz, we're asking you to plan a Friendsgiving with your favorite classic television characters, and we'll tell you which Thanksgiving side dish you are!

  1. The big question: Who are you entrusting to make the turkey?
  2. Which Brady sibling are you asking to bring the mac and cheese?
  3. Which writer on the Alan Brady Show are you asking to bring the green beans?
  4. Which Western man is bringing the mashed potatoes?
  5. Which animated character is bringing the stuffing?
  6. Which television mom is baking the pumpkin pie?
  7. Which television dad is carving the turkey?
  8. Who is sitting at the kids table?
  9. Which television neighbor is bringing appetizers?
  10. Which part of Thanksgiving dinner is your favorite?

Plan a classic television Friendsgiving and we'll tell you which Thanksgiving side dish you are

Your Result...

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DoctorSavage 3 months ago
I'm mashed potatoes
White and bland????
Moverfan 5 months ago
I'm macaroni and cheese? I don't wanna be macaroni and cheese! I HATE macaroni and cheese! Pass the turkey, the mashed potatoes and the butter (for the potatoes, of course)...and somebody...REMOVE that pan of pasta and dairy product before I drop it out the window...
Moverfan Moverfan 5 months ago
Two days ago (December 2), I took this quiz and got macaroni and cheese (ooh, yuck, icky-poo...I do not like even the smell of that stuff!). Took it again today and got mashed potatoes..much better!
Suzies1952 6 months ago
Yes always made the green jello with bits of cream cheese, cherries, pineapple, cool whip stirred in it and walnuts loved it, thanks for reminding me of it!, haven’t had that in years, we always had it on the holidays
Suzies1952 6 months ago
I took the quiz again!, now I’m mashed potatoes, a lot better than Mac and cheese I got the first time, Mac and cheese does not belong on my thanksgiving table
Suzies1952 6 months ago
Well no mashed potatoes, no stuffing, made myself rock Cornish game hen, potatoes, Carr, cranberry sauce that was my thanksgiving dinner my kitty Dora had more of the chicken than me
Tanisha32 6 months ago
I'm mashed potatoes. I don't any of the Brady kids to bring the mac and cheese. And Tom can not bring the stuffing. He stuffed a live baby duck into a baking dish and put a pastry crust over it.
WilliamJorns 6 months ago
According to my answers, I am stuffing. I don't know whether to be flattered or insulted.
dmgil3579 6 months ago
Mac and cheese? Couldn't I be hot buttered corn or something? Even cranberry sauce?
Ratt1959 6 months ago
You are stuffing! Kind of a fun quiz,
JHP 6 months ago
Yikes - what a strange quiz - kind of fun
for me I got mashed

I would have all T-Day cuisine (my fav is stuffing; wild rice and cranberries); except a flat NO is pumpkin pie and sweet pots
Topher2061 6 months ago
I'm Mac and Cheese. I've never had that on Thanksgiving and I'm not about to start now!
Charlotte 6 months ago
I agree, or bring back Columbo. Anything but the Bunkers. They're all nuts!
Oh, I'm stuffing ;)
George58 6 months ago
I am Stuffing. On a side note. I wouldn't let Edith or Archie bunker even make me a tuna fish sandwich. AITF show Sucks!! Bring back the Perry Mason TV Movies on Sunday night!!!
Deleted 6 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Adamtwelvia 6 months ago
Mashed potatoes was me too. I would have preferred stuffing or cranberries.
Coldnorth 6 months ago
I’m mashed tatoes too although I prefer sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar
ERROL 6 months ago
You are Mac and Cheese!
don't know that came about
ArchieB ERROL 6 months ago
Really, who recently decided that is part of Thanksgiving?
Adamtwelvia ArchieB 6 months ago
My sister-in-law is making some this year.
JHP ArchieB 6 months ago
amen! mac and cheese(!?) I'd like to be at a house that does T-day and someone brings out M and C

Maybe stir fry next?
ArchieB JHP 6 months ago
I guess you don't like traditions. Why not cheese burgers then.
JHP ArchieB 6 months ago
I think my wording misled you ,,,mac and cheese is good for other days not on T-day
JHP ArchieB 6 months ago
and then they make it from a box - with a dry mix and milk and butter (YIKES!)
AgingDisgracefully 6 months ago
I like to consider myself the leftover half-bowl of from-a-can cranberry that drips on the Milwaukee's Best that waits in the refrigerator for guests you hope won't stay for long.
JHP AgingDisgracefully 6 months ago
you deserve a high-10 from me!! :)
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