Pick: Which canceled show do you think deserved more than one season?

Kolchak or Florence? Betty White or Ben Stiller?

Studios are obsessed with reboots lately, and we think it's getting just a little unhealthy. That's why we're here to remind today's viewers of their TV history, when many brilliant dramas, comedies, sci-fi, thrillers and more were abruptly canceled, just because they never got the time to find their audience. 

Why reboot Buffy the Vampire Slayer when you could bring back Kolchak: The Night Stalker? Who wants to watch a new version of The Honeymooners when hit sitcom spin-offs like Checking In, The Ropers and The Tortellis hold so many un-mined laughs?

Whether you would genuinely like to see some of these canceled shows rebooted now or simply wish that they'd been allowed to continue back in the day, now's the time to weigh in and decide: Which nostalgic show is most deserving of a comeback? Pick from the choices below, and if you don't see your pick, let us know in the comments! Every show deserves a chance to shine today.
  1. Pick the TV show below that you think should have lasted longer than one season:
Pick: Which canceled show do you think deserved more than one season?

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Mockschnel 2 months ago
Sadly, Darren McGavin proved to be incredibly difficult for the networks to work with. As he was a partial owner of the show (Francy Productions, as seen in the end credits,) he presumed he'd have a lot more clout, which was not the case. Consequently he made life miserable for the showrunner and when that proved to be a dead end he began to antagonize the network itself which ensured the show would not continue.
Ob 3 months ago
Police Squad was awesome. What was it... six episodes as a summer fill-in? Available on DVD I grabbed it and glad i did. Quality TV. Excellent entertainment thus likely why it was not used more than what it was. It made most of the other offerings look lame in comparison.
mapman1071 Ob 2 months ago
If you watched the Special features on the DVD it explains that ABC cancelled the series after 6 episodes because none of the programming Exec.s understood the humor and the jokes created and/or written by the ZAZ team. In a way the series was continued with the 3 Naked Gun Films
EmBee4Nascar 4 months ago
How can you make a list like this and leave off Battlestar Galactica?
ToddHuber EmBee4Nascar 2 months ago
because it lasted more than one year??
RobBush 7 months ago
I can't decide. There were at least 4 that I think should have lasted longer than 1 season.
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