Led Zeppelin Quiz: Can you finish the lyrics?

"Stairway to ________"


Whether they're the best to do it is up for argument. But their legacy as an incredibly influential hard rock band is unquestionable.

Together, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, and John Paul Jones created an indelible collection of rock and roll hits.

We want to know how many of the following lyrics you can recall, and whether you can finish the lines. Good luck, rock on, and be sure to share your score in the comments section below!

  1. Stairway to Heaven: "There's a sign on the wall..."
  2. Whole Lotta Love: "All the good times, baby..."
  3. Immigrant Song: "Our only goal will be..."
  4. Black Dog: "A steady rollin' woman..."
  5. Rock and Roll: "I can't count the tears..."
  6. Kashmir: "Talk in song from..."
  7. Dazed and Confused: "Take it easy, baby..."
  8. Ramble On: "Thanks to you I'm much obliged..."
  9. Communication Breakdown: "I'm never gonna let you go..."
  10. Good Times Bad Times: "It only took a couple of days..."

Led Zeppelin Quiz: Can you finish the lyrics?

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trogg888 4 months ago
Big zep fan.i have a 2 octave voice so I could sing their stuff and joplin too
FlaFeral 5 months ago
Whoa! Like..10 for 10..cool!
CouchPotato19 FlaFeral 5 months ago
Congrats! And I thought I would ace this, but then realized that I never could understand what the heck Robert Plant was singing! 🤣
spalding69 5 months ago
1/10 too many drugs in those days.
Crisco 5 months ago
6/10 That's alright. Even at their worst, Zep was still better than most stuff today!
ArchieB Crisco 5 months ago
Same here. Big fan years ago and had all of their albums. Don't care for them anymore though they were good for their time.
CouchPotato19 ArchieB 5 months ago
We get old and it doesn't give us the same feeling anymore. Or it's just been way overheard.
George58 5 months ago
7/10 Know the songs well, but must be getting old.
Dajj 5 months ago
6/10. Great band, and I am glad I saw them live in Chicago.
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I hope all went well with your surgery! Wish the best for you my friend!
See you @ Quiz: The Sounds of '64
Where everyone can take a guess or make comments to other quizzers.
There will be extra bonus movies for just coming by. Including entertainment for all. Feel free to ask questions, copy movie links and just plain join in the fun via communication. The MQ will be up until the movie is guessed and an hour to look over and pick out what you wish. Have fun doing so. There are no wrong answers but the first one to guess the correct movie gets their names put up for getting it correctly.
Good luck and enjoy
Hey there! 👋 I’m alive and doing well. I just got back from the Journey Home visiting my best friends Mom. She was just put on hospice today 😥 Been a long battle and I’ve known her most of my life. That’s why I’ve been missing. But I’m here just in time for the MQ…how bout that?
Thank you, It’s nice to be missed 😉 As I just mentioned to Tex, I’ve had a lot on my plate the past few weeks but at least I made it back home in time for the MQ 😊
BrettLambert 5 months ago
7/10 not to bad. I love music but my ear is focused on the drums.
AgingDisgracefully 5 months ago
True story.
Bozo #1 performance-arts some Air Guitar.
Bozo #2 says, "Jimmy Page."
Bozo #3 adds, "Really."
The '70s!
AgingDisgracefully 5 months ago
Blaming my poor performance on a bustle in the hedgerow.
I always thought they said "Butthole In Your Hedgerow". 🤔 Don't be alarmed, now!
Nobody used that kind of vulgarity in those days, and it wouldn't have been allowed on radio! We were all kids...!😝
Remember Funky Nassau by The Beginning of The End (1971) ?
I could have sworn they were saying...
BenSobeleone 5 months ago
Whenever I listen to Kashmir, I always imagine the four of them dressed as Arab sheiks with beards and riding camels in the desert sands.
IndianaRockz BenSobeleone 5 months ago
🎶Midnight at the oasis....send your camel to bed...🎶
Your Camel cigarette?
Or in "No Quarter" as Longship Viking Warriors With The Old Gods On Their Sides?
jimmyvici 5 months ago
2/10…wowzers. I think I’m dazed and confused. 😵‍💫
FLETCH 5 months ago
6 out of 10

I like Zeppelin but The Who is my band

CouchPotato19 FLETCH 5 months ago
Led Zeppelin took a lot of inspiration from them.
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