Is this the name of a vintage car or a Muppet?

Hit the road!

If you're a car aficionado, you'll be the first to admit that some cars have some pretty silly names. If you're a Muppets aficionado, you can agree that some Muppets have equally silly names. You'll have to be an expert in either (or both) in this quiz, where we give you a name, and you tell us if it belongs to a car model from the 1970s or a Muppet!

  1. Vega
  2. Behemoth
  3. Dasher
  4. Pacer
  5. Fiama
  6. Lew
  7. Statler
  8. Beauregard
  9. Pinto
  10. LeBaron

Is this the name of a vintage car or a Muppet?

Your Result...

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Dajj 19 days ago
10/10 too easy for a old gearhead like me! Also a muppets fan!!
geatornez82 23 days ago
10/10. I'm a Muppet nut. My aunt used to have a Pinto.
ww245 26 days ago
Finally made a perfect score....yay......
Runeshaper 27 days ago
8/10 Love ❤️ my Muppets!

You were definitely in the driver's seat during this quiz! The Muppets would be proud of you for "Moving Right Along!"
Katzi 28 days ago
Easy! Jim Henson would be proud! ( here's a Kermit arm flail ) YAAAYYY!!! \\\\O////
retro6 28 days ago
9/10z Either me or a family member had a pinto, Lebanon, and pacer!
morticia77 28 days ago
9/10 ... Dasher thinking about a dumb reindeer!
daDoctah 28 days ago
Too bad they didn't include any of the Muppets from "the land of Zortch" in the first couple of seasons of SNL.
120766 29 days ago
Bring back the Muppets Me TV !!
Mommakat 29 days ago
10/10! I aced it! Also I know about cars too! 😊🚘
StrayCat 29 days ago
10/10 - I don't know any Muppets, but I know my cars.
Pastorgman 29 days ago
10/10 - I know my cars and my Muppets!
Wendy57 29 days ago
Where was the Gremlin ????
Rick 29 days ago
She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen,
she's trading her MG for a white Chrysler LeBaron.
LynCarrigan 30 days ago
9/10. Don’t know how I did that. Neither cars nor muppets anywhere on my lifts.
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