How keen is your MeTV name and nickname trivia?

A MeTV star by any other name is just as great!


Many of the stars and characters of MeTV go by multiple names. Some have changed them for their careers, others have been given names based on their personalities (or some clever writers). 

We're curious to know if you've picked up on these naming details throughout your fandom of MeTV.

Take this quiz to see how keen you are when it comes to names and nicknames of MeTV. Good luck!

  1. This MeTV star went by the nickname of "Ange" both on screen and off. You've heard it in his TV show!
  2. Loretta Switt played Major Margaret J. Houlihan on M*A*S*H, who also had a popular nickname. Do you remember what it is?
  3. This MeTV star never liked to be called by his first name, Jesse, and instead went by his middle and last name. Do you know who it is?
  4. What name does Wonder Woman use in her day-to-day life?
  5. While the name "Hawkeye Pierce" is certainly a cool name, it is still a nickname on M*A*S*H. What is this character's full name?
  6. Mary Tyler Moore earned a nickname from costar Gavin MacLeod's daughter. Valerie Harper has confirmed that the rest of the cast picked this up as well. What was her nickname?
  7. During his stint as a Canadian broadcaster during World War II, this MeTV star was known as the "Voice of Canada" when delivering good news, and the "Voice of Doom" when delivering bad news. Who is it?
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Howell are lucky to have each other while they are stranded on the island. Mr. Howell has a very sweet pet name for Mrs. Howell; do you remember what it is?
  9. Eric Cartwright, the eldest Cartwright brother, goes by this nickname on Bonanza. What is it?
  10. Eddie Albert uses his first and middle name throughout his career. Do you know his last name?
  11. Captain John Francis Xavier McIntyre earned his nickname on M*A*S*H after getting caught with in a train lavatory. You know the story. What is his common nickname?
  12. You know him as The Skipper, but the character's full name is...
  13. You know the face of Gopher on The Love Boat, but do you remember his character's full name?
  14. Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies goes by more than only "Granny". Do you remember her full name?
  15. Joseph Cartwright, the youngest Cartwright brother, earned his nickname not from being the youngest, but supposedly from his mother's first husband. What is his nickname?

How keen is your MeTV name and nickname trivia?

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60ishchild 27 months ago
I thought 'Lovey' was Mrs. Howell's real name, not a nickname. Am I right?
Lovey’s first name was Eunice. Her maiden name was Wentworth.
micall54 27 months ago
If you had to confirm a Mary Tyler Moore nickname with Valerie Harper, no one knew the answer to that question unless they guessed at it.
kimmer 47 months ago
11/15....Not too bad, but fun trivia!
djw1120 55 months ago
13 out of 15
While I did get # 6 wrong (Mary Tyler Moore), MeTV got # 9 wrong.
The oldest Cartwright brother was actually Adam, not "Hoss".
He was the "middle" brother with "Little Joe" being the youngest.
Thacket djw1120 11 days ago
You are absolutely correct!
dwango77 55 months ago
A lucky guess on number 6, Mary Tyler Moore, gave me 15/15.
EllisClevenger 55 months ago
You got 14 out of 15
You're clearly on a first-nickname basis with these MeTV characters and stars. Nicely done!
Missed #6.
Really, MeTV? Really?
HOW would we know the answer?
SusanWilliams 55 months ago
Hoss was the middle son on Bonanza. Adam was the eldest.
Don't you remember?
Adam went looking for Chuck.
The eldest sons have to stick together.
djw1120 EllisClevenger 55 months ago
SusanWilliams was right.
Adam WAS the oldest and "Hoss" was the "middle" brother with "Little Joe" being the youngest.
I don't know who "Chuck" was.
Westernchick djw1120 31 months ago
Could that be the oldest brother from Happy Days, Chuck? They both got written out.
Difference being that Adam wanted out, and I got the impression Chuck hadn’t planned on it.
rycki1138 Westernchick 27 months ago
The first actor who played Chuck did ask to be let off the show because the character never did anything anyway. They did replace him with another actor, but he only appeared in 2 episodes before the wrote the character out.
MrBill 55 months ago
13/15; missed #6 and #13 - I did not know either of those and guessed wrong.
Lacey 55 months ago
11/15 and I was amazed at how many of the really obscure ones I got right and the "I should have known" ones I got wrong.
MrsP58 Lacey 55 months ago
Same score, same answer.
tecrebs2017 55 months ago
The my TV is on most all of the time is MeTV all my favorite shows and even at my age I'm super excited I get to watch the Flintstones. I wish they would show Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. Scooby Doo would be great as well. Thank you MeTv for helping make TV great again
anthony 55 months ago
Lovin the "Tiny Miley Moore" nickname.👍
lavenderspring83 55 months ago
#9 Adam was the eldest Cartwright brother.
#11 There's a word missing in the question.
Wiseguy lavenderspring83 55 months ago
#11 Perhaps the words "with in" should be "within."
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