Direct a Batman movie and we'll give you a Batman to fight crime with

Holy cast list, Batman!


The Everett Collection

Have you ever finished watching a superhero movie and said to yourself, "I could have done a better job of directing that!" Well, now's your chance!

We're letting you cast a brand new Batman movie, but there's a catch: Each role you cast has to be played by someone who previously performed the role, either as a voice actor or in a live-action television show or film. We'll analyze your answers and once you're done, we'll assign you an emotional support Batman, because who doesn't want their own personal vigilante?

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  1. Please, choose a Batman.
  2. Now cast a Robin.
  3. Cast your Alfred.
  4. Cast a Poison Ivy.
  5. Who's the best Joker?
  6. Who are you casting as Catwoman?
  7. We'll need a Penguin, too.
  8. Who are you casting as Mr. Freeze?
  9. Choose your Riddler.
  10. You can only cast one of these actors as Two-Face. Who's it going to be?

Direct a Batman movie and we'll give you a Batman to fight crime with

Your Result...

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CortneyNicole 23 days ago
Good choice..I'm 100% Michael Keaton!
Tresix 23 days ago
Christian Bale. I can live with him, but was pulling for Val Kilmer.
Jeff_Woo10 25 days ago
Kevin Conroy...which is 1,000% correct for me.
BenSobeleone 25 days ago
Michael Keaton's Batman. Frank Gorshin did an impersonation of Burt Lancaster as Batman and Kirk Douglas as Robin. That was on The Dean Martin Show. It's on youtube.
BorisK 25 days ago
Wow. 100% shameful they left Julie Newmar off the Catwoman list. I thought MeTV was supposed to be loyal to retro. Sad.
SalIanni 26 days ago
I got Christian Bale and I've never heard of him. For my emotional support, I would rather have Batgirl (Yvonne Craig).
327053 27 days ago
Michael Keaton, my favorite Batman!
MikefromJersey 27 days ago
"Your emotional support Batman is Al Lewis's Batman"

Well I did laugh when he changed into a bat on The Munsters and I always liked his sayings:
"Curiosity killed the bat but satisfaction brought him back."
Tresix MikefromJersey 23 days ago
Was it Al Lewis or Lewis Wilson, the very first live-action Batman?
MikefromJersey Tresix 23 days ago
I made up my own answer, I thought Al Lewis's penchant for changing into a bat would
make him an apt candidate for Batman. Just joking around.
MOT1970 27 days ago
Got Michael Keaton Batman. I remember going to the premiere back in 1989.
pizzaberger 27 days ago
I got Christian Bale’s Batman and I didn’t pick a single person from that movie.
Tresix pizzaberger 23 days ago
Speaking of that, I was surprised they didn’t have Heath Ledger as a Joker choice.
Wendy57 27 days ago
I got Michael Keaton’s Batman.
No thanks, Batman will always be Adam West to me !!
graceful1970 28 days ago
Your emotional support Batman is Christian Bale's Batman
I got the same answer. Much as I liked Michael Keaton's Batman (I was in HS then), of the Batman roles that have been filled during my lifetime, I really prefer Christian Bale.
CoreyC 28 days ago
Halle Berry was not Selina Kyle Catwoman. Julie Newmar is always Catwoman.
Bone1969 29 days ago
I got my emotional support Batman is Christian Bale's Batman. Adam West's Batman has always been my favorite. Michael Keaton's Batman was pretty good though but my go to will always be Adam West's Batman.
RazzMatazz71 29 days ago
Cool I got Kevin Conroy...Rest in Peace Dark Knight
Ratt1959 29 days ago
Your emotional support Batman is Christian Bale's Batman. Nope, I grew up with Adam West. I didn't mind Michael Keaton as Batman. But just gave up on all the other Batman's and the changes in the movies. Same with all the newer updates of the superheroes.
BrittReid 29 days ago
Christian Bale. Where's Catwoman Julie?
WordsmithWorks 29 days ago
No Julie Newmar as Catwoman? Far and away my #1.
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