Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Christmas Story"

See what you recall from the show's only Christmas episode!


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This quiz is about Season 1, Episode 11: "Christmas Story". See which details you recall, and which you might need a little refresher on. Good luck, have fun, and be sure to share your score (cumulative or otherwise) in the comment section below!

(This quiz has been re-formatted from an older quiz that was posted before the Daily Quizzes began. So, feel free to score better if this is your second attempt!)

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  1. This is one of how many Andy Griffith Show episodes depicting Christmas?
  2. Margaret Kerry, the character model for Tinkerbell in Disney's "Peter Pan" plays which character here?
  3. What's the pet name that Andy calls Barney, the "master electrician?"
  4. That pet name is actually a reference to a card Barney opens earlier in the episode from whom?
  5. Which character is the first to start singing "Away in a Manger?"
  6. Who sends Andy and Barney a Christmas card from upstate prison?
  7. Who gets caught moonshining?
  8. Who snitches on the moonshiner?
  9. What present does Opie get off of newly un-curmudgeonly Ben Weaver?
  10. Who carries Opie off at the end of the episode?

Daily Andy Griffith Quiz: "Christmas Story"

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tanya7100 4 months ago
This is a great episode. I wish they had more holiday episodes. It would have been fun to see Opie dressed up for Halloween when he was little or had Aunt Bee fix a huge Thanksgiving dinner for several different people. It always surprised me to see Barney carry a sleepy Opie in his arms...Opie probably weighed the same as Barney, LOL.
Dysall 4 months ago
9/10 Missed the one about Twinkle Bell (2). It had nothing to do with the episode.
mda 4 months ago
9/10. Missed the one about who carries Opie at the end of the episode.
Dysall mda 4 months ago
I missed the Twinkle Bell question. It had nothing to do with the episode.
WVsassy Dysall 4 months ago
Tinker Bell is used here as a side trivia about the actress who played Bess Muggins. She was the model for Tinker Bell in Disneys “Peter Pan”. She was a dancer. The actual question is about her characters name on the show itself. Mentioning Tinker Bell is just some trivia about her.
ironman2000 5 months ago
6 of 10, I was still in high school when I saw this episode.
Wendy57 5 months ago
I like this episode especially Ellie & Andy’s duet.
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