Can you spot what is wrong in these screen shots from 'The Andy Griffith Show'?

It takes a keen sheriff's eye to catch all the changes we made.

We all adore The Andy Griffith Show. It's one of those classics you can watch over and over again. Each time, you'll probably catch something new. After all, Mayberry might be small, but it's filled with colorful characters and details.

Whether you're a longtime viewer or new fan, we bet you can spot the changes we made in these ten screen shots from the series.
  1. Gotta start with the opening credits. What's wrong here?
  2. Here is the guitar player from the third episode, "The Guitar Player." What's wrong with the picture?
  3. It's a lovely day in Mayberry. But what is wrong with the picture?
  4. Here is a newspaper front page from episode seven, "Andy the Matchmaker." What jumps out at you?
  5. Remember when Bob Denver showed up as Dud Wash in "Divorce Mountain Style"? That was great. But what is wrong with this image?
  6. Fife gets a police dog in "Barney's Bloodhound." What was he holding to demonstrate his control over the pooch?
  7. Hmm… what is wrong here?
  8. Mayberry looks bright and new when the show went color in season six. But what is wrong here?
  9. Ron Howard has said that "The Ball Game" is his favorite episode. He would spot the error in this picture. Can you?
  10. Don Knotts returned in season eight for "Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting." It was the highest rated episode of the entire series. What is wrong with this shot from that famous episode?
Can you spot what is wrong in these screen shots from 'The Andy Griffith Show'?

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