Can you guess what these TV characters are holding?

Your best guess is in the palm of their hands.

How well is your memory holding up when it comes to the biggest classic sitcoms?

Today's quiz puts that to the test! Scroll through these iconic scenes below and see if you can remember what these famous characters had in their hands while delivering all those laughs. 

Only fans of classic sitcoms can guess them all. Everyone else will be left holding their breath with each and every guess. Good luck!
  1. In this classic episode of I Love Lucy, do you remember what utensil Lucy's holding in this scene?
  2. At the beginning of The Brady Bunch, an episode centered on Cindy's favorite toy going missing. What's she holding here?
  3. Remember when a lion washed ashore on Gilligan's Island and The Skipper turned up as a clown? What's he juggling with?
  4. Early on in The Andy Griffith Show, we learned not every Aunt Bee recipe was a winner. What food she made are the boys holding here?
  5. In the second episode of Leave It to Beaver, the boys "get tooken" when they buy what exotic disappointment? What's Wally holding?
  6. It was rare we saw Mary Richards looking a hot mess. Can you remember what she's holding?
  7. It was the middle of the night when M*A*S*H's Radar woke up to this call. What's he holding?
  8. The Beverly Hillbillies' Elly May loved all animals, including this unusual friend she's holding here. What's she holding?
  9. On WKRP in Cincinnati, Johnny Fever is rarely seen not holding this item:
  10. The Risky Business dance ALF did played in the opening credits of the show for years. What's he holding as a microphone?

Can you guess what these TV characters are holding?

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